All you need to know about Anne Shirley, Bills owner Terry Pegula’s first wife

The famous owner of the NFL team Buffalo Bills Terry Pegula has his marriage with his current wife Kim Pegula well popularised. However, not many know that this is Terry Pegula’s second marriage. So, who was Terry Pegula’s first wife? How and when did they meet? Did they have children together? What influence she had on her husband? We try to answer those questions below.

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Was Terry Pegula married before he met his current wife Kim Pegula?

Terry and Kim Pegula have been happily married for 30 years, they wed back in 1993. This was not Terry’s first wedding ceremony though. Back in 1977 Terry, then age 26, married for the first time. He tied the knot with his childhood love long before he made his money and name, so many would say that it was true love that united Terry Pegula and his first wife Anne Shirley.

Who was Terry Pegula’s first wife Anne Shirley?

Anne Shirley was born in Buffalo in 1955. She is 4 years Terry’s junior and it is believed the two met while both studying at Penn University. Terry Pegula’s first wife knew the man who is now a renowned billionaire long before he made his fortune.

Their love was a love of passion and they got married in 1977, with their marriage enduring for 16 years up until 1991. Terry Pegula didn’t become a rich man until the mid-80s so the early years of his first marriage were based on pure passion and mutual adoration. The result of all that were Terry and Anne’s two children born in 1978 and 1980.

Terry Pegula and Anne Shirley’s children – the accomplishments of a childhood love

Terry Pegula’s first wife gave birth twice. Anne Shirley’s first pregnancy in 1978 brought into this world Matthew Pegula. Only two years later she gave birth again, this time a baby girl was born – Laura Pegula.

Both Matthew and Laura were very close to their mother and after the divorce, they both opted to live with her. Anne Shirley was a dedicated mentor and a friend to both of them and she certainly shaped them as they grew up to become strong and independent individuals.

Anne was also an inspirational stepmother to the three kids Terry and Kim Pegula had together. Always, staying in touch with her husband Anne Shirley played a key role in shaping the Pegula family as it looks today.

Anne Shirley – her influence still stays with us even after her passing

Sadly Terry Pegula’s first wife Anne Shirley is no longer with us. She passed away back in 2015. Yet, her accomplishments during a rich and inspiring life are still with us. Her early dedication to the man who later in life became a billionaire, her great self-sacrifice in raising her two children, and her ability to inspire all those around her. Those are just some of the influences Anne Shirley still casts on those who knew her and the entire Pegula family.

Through her children’s successes and Terry Pegula’s continued accomplishments, Anne’s legacy endures as a source of inspiration and strength for the entire Pegula family.

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