Tennis predictions today: Our best bets for 29/02/2024

Day after day, there are tennis duels in different categories, from Grand Slam, Masters 1000, the lower-ranked ATP and WTA tournaments, and even many Challengers.

So, if you’re a tennis fan and a bettor, check our top tennis prediction today to get the best betting tips and place your bets quickly.

Tennis predictions today
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We usually cover the best tournaments of the moment, as well as the most interesting duels. We also keep track of the performance of the best tennis players in the world. Here you will see what the best tennis odds are and we will help you choose the right tennis tips today.

The best tennis predictions today

Daniil Medvedev vs Lorenzo Sonego: 2-0 @ 2/5 (1.40)

After his loss in the Australian Open final, Daniil Medvedev took a bit of a break and only returned now, for the first round of the Dubai Open, in which he beat Alexander Shevchenko in straight sets. Meanwhile, Sonego has struggled this season, losing six of his eight matches in 2024 before his win in Dubai opener against Sumit Nagal.

On top of that, Medvedev beat Sonego in both of their H2H duels so far, so we expect to see the same in this match and we don’t even see Sonego taking a set.

  • Odds: Daniil Medvedev @ 1/10 (1.10) – Max Purcell 24/5 (5.80)
  • The match is scheduled to start at 16:00.

Katie Boulter vs Beatriz Haddad Maia: Haddad Maia to win @ 13/20 (1.65)

The highest-rated UK female tennis player (49th) will have a tough task in the second round of the San Diego Open. Boulter already did well to eliminate Tsurenko in the first round, but Brazilian Beatriz Haddad Maia is an even tougher opponent since she’s currently ranked 13th in the WTA rankings and the second seed of the tournament.

That being said, Haddad Maia lost three matches in a row, so she’s far from her best form. Still, she is the better player than Boulter and we can see her proving it in this match.

  • Odds: Katie Boulter 11/10 (2.10) – Beatriz Haddad Maia 13/20 (1.65)
  • The match is scheduled to start at 19:00.
These odds were correct at the time of writing. We recommend checking with the bookmaker before placing the bet.

Our tennis predictions – what we cover

We did say that we’d be getting specific! So now, while you can see a bunch of free tennis betting tips already, let us break down the events covered and what markets you can expect to find.

For starters, we should mention that we cover both the WTA and ATP Tour-level events. And as you may be aware, there are sanctioned events taking place all over the world on almost a weekly basis. However, to give you a precise insight, let us provide an overview of each tournament level so you know what to keep an eye on:

Grand Slams

As the highest level of competition on both the ATP and WTA Tour, this is where our tennis predictions tend to go into overdrive. There are four slams every year, starting with the Australian Open in January. This is followed by the French Open, Wimbledon, and finally, the US Open in September.

Tennis tips today
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Masters 1000

Compared with the four Grand Slam events mentioned above, the Masters 1000 events are far more frequent. As you may have guessed, this is the next level down from the slams in terms of prestige. And they are still huge events that tend to attract all of the top players in the world. The ATP Tour has nine of these events each year, whereas the WTA Tour has ten.

500 Events

Dropping a little further down the ladder now we have 500 events. Much like the top two tiers, these are played all around the globe. There are a total of 13 500-level events for the men’s tour, and more than 10 on the WTA Tour (subject to change). So of course, this means that you can expect plenty of tennis predictions today when these events are held.

250 Events

There are close to 40 ATP 250 events held on an annual basis, and 40+ WTA 250 events. How about that for frequency? Of course, we cover key matches from these events constantly.

Top betting markets for tennis predictions today

Remember what we said about the best value not always being found in the main markets? Well, we weren’t kidding around. And that’s why you’ll notice that many of our tips don’t always focus on the individual match winner. However, there are key markets that we tend to focus on more than others:

Tournament outright

If a major event is approaching, you may find that we have a selection of tournament outright options. These are markets that focus on the winner of the event. And you usually get great odds (even for the favourite) for Grand Slams and Masters – hence why we cover this angle.

Set betting

There are two ways that we make predictions based on set betting. The first is to bet on the outcome of a match in terms of sets. For example, we might bet on a game to end 2-0 or 3-0 in favour of one player. And secondly, we sometimes whip up tips on handicap set betting. This angle looks at betting on an over/under basis for the number of sets in total.

Individual match winner

We know – we said that this market doesn’t always have the best odds. But that doesn’t mean that it never has appealing odds! And with tennis only having two possible outcomes, it’s a market that cannot be ignored.

Number of games

In tennis, the scoring system itself makes the ‘number of games’ market pretty appealing. Again, this is usually done on an under/over basis. And the reason we look at this market is that you can usually get great odds. This is the case because it’s a tougher market to predict correctly compared with individual winners.

Tennis betting tips – how we create them

Finally, we wish to give you an insight into how we come up with our various tennis predictions today. After all, anyone could take a glance at some bookmaker options and publish them as ‘tips’. However, this wouldn’t make them trustworthy or valuable for the reader. So let us give you a behind-the-curtain view:


Like most sports, you have to look at form as a primary indicator for which way a match might swing. This is all the more important for an individual sport like tennis, as confidence plays a key role in a players’ performance.

Head to head

Because there are many different playing styles in tennis, the head-to-head record is important. This can sometimes reveal that a low-ranked player has a good record against a higher-ranked opponent purely because of playing style. At the same time, a dominant head-to-head record could indicate the potential outcome of a game

Surface suitability

Tennis is one of the few sports that is played on multiple surfaces. And again, this must be looked at when creating predictions. A key example would be Rafael Nadal on clay. Because of his style, he is always a heavy favourite, even if he isn’t in great form.

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