Terry Pegula wife and children – all about Bills owner’s family

The American billionaire Terry Pegula is known as the owner of several sports teams, the most famous of which are the NFL giants Buffalo Bills. We’ve already discussed in other articles Terry Pegula’s net worth and his money. Here we’ll look at Terry Pegula’s family. Who is his wife? Who are his children? What do they do outside of owning sports teams? To find out that and much more read on.

Terry Pegula
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Who is Terry Pegula married to and is this his first wife?

For the past 30 years, since 1993, Terry Pegula has been happily married to Kim, known as Kim Kerr before marriage. The couple’s relationship and how they met are discussed in detail in our Terry and Kim article. Here we want to dedicate the space to Kim Pegula’s other role. By the admission of Terry himself, his wife is his safe harbour no matter how harsh a storm he has to face.

The couple clearly have each other’s ultimate trust as ever since 2010 they run together the Pegula Sports and Entertainment (PSE) company that owns multiple sports teams. Kim Pegula is the official President of the company too.

Terry and Kim Pegula are also known for their philanthropy, supporting causes such as cancer research, and youth sports programs. They have donated millions to various educational institutions for the construction of sports facilities.

The couple were also blessed with 3 children, which makes Terry Pegula’s kids up to 5. Yes, before he met his current wife Terry was married to his childhood sweetheart Ann Shirley and he had two kids with her before they divorced.

How many kids Terry Pegula have – do they all have the same mother?

Terry and Kim Pegula have three children together – Jessica Pegula, Kelly Pegula and Matthew Pegula.

Terry Pegula had two more kids prior he met Kim from his first marriage. Michale Pegula is his eldest one, with his sister Laura Pegula also born to Terry’s first wife.

Michael Pegula

Terry’s oldest son Michael is not very close to his father. The two rarely meet with Michael said to be blaming his father for the early divorce between him and Michael’s mum Annie. Still, the pair have been photographed together and they share holiday dinners from time to time, so their relationship is believed to be amicable.

Michael has a family of his own and kids, Terry’s grandkids, with a successful independent business to support himself.

Laura Pegula

Not much is known about Terry’s oldest daughter Laura Pegula. She used to be involved with Terry’s oil and gas business in previous decades but it seems she has taken a step back into the shadows over the last 15 years or so.

Jessica Pegula

Probably the most famous of Terry’s kids is his first daughter from his relationship with Kim. Jessica Pegula was born on February 24, 1994. She is a professional tennis player and one of the best female tennis players America has right now. She’s been part of the world’s top 10 for a few years now.

Kelly Pegula

Kelly Pegula was born 5 years later on September 13th 1999. She refuses to be connected to her father’s wealth for her own benefit and is known to be a workaholic. Kelly has built herself a very vibrant career as a fashion designer in New York and she’s going from strength to strength right now.

Matthew Pegula

Matthew Pegula is the youngest of the five kids. He is still studying and seems to resemble his mother Kim Pegula most. Matthew is very close with his father and the two are often seen attending Buffalo Bills’ matches together.

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