Who is Kelsey Plum’s husband – all you need to know about Darren Waller

One of the most efficient guards in women’s basketball Kelsey Plum is destined to be a star during the 2023 WNBA Finals. Plum is an enigmatic figure and often appears in the media but so does Kelsey Plum’s husband. So, who has Kelsey Plum married and what is his occupation?

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Who is Kelsey Plum’s husband Darren Waller and what is his occupation?

Kelsey Plum’s husband is none other than the famous NFL tight end Darren Waller. The 31-year-old American football player was born in Landover, Maryland and for the majority of his career, he has played for the Las Vegas Raiders.

The 2020 Pro Bowler Waller played his first 3 years in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens before signing with the Las Vegas Raiders. Considering that Kelsey Plum’s team are the Las Vegas Aces it is widely believed that the two met and started dating at some point after 2020.

Kelsey Plum’s relationship with Darren Waller: timeline and how it all became public?

Kelsey Plum’s husband is a very private person and rarely reveals information about his life outside football. The couple tried to be as secretive as possible regarding their relationship. Their first public appearance together was in early 2022 at a wrestling event:

In the months after that Plum and Waller attended several other public events but there was no indication that they were anything more than friends. The rumours about a potential romantic relationship between them became louder around October 2022 when the couple attended a San Diego Padres game together. Plum threw the first ball in this match for her hometown baseball team.


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Darren Waller’s coach wedding gaff

The couple managed to keep their romantic relationship a secret and they were going to wed with only close friends and relatives knowing about that. That was before Las Vegas Raiders’ head coach Josh McDaniels spilled the beans in a press conference that his tight end Darren Waller was getting married to the Aces star point guard Kelsey Plum.

Only three days after this mishap from Waller’s manager Plum and Waller said “I do” and still refused to allow journalists to attend the event.

Kelsey Plum’s wedding day and the life after

Kelsey Plum’s wedding took place in March 2023 in the idyllic, woodsy setting of GreenGale Farms in Las Vegas. The couple had a stylish ceremony and a wild after-party before enjoying a short honeymoon in the Caribbeans.


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It was all set to be a great Las Vegas romance between two of the biggest stars of the two main sports franchises in the city. However, only 10 days after the wedding day and while Kelsey Plum and her husband were enjoying their honeymoon the Raiders traded Darren Waller to the New York Giants. So, just like that the newlywed couple found that they would be playing at two different coasts.

Luckily between them Kelsey Plum and her husband have a net worth of millions, Darren Waller remains one of the best-paid tight ends in the NFL, and they can fly to spend time with each other whenever they want. Still, right now Kelsey Plum’s husband remains stationed in New York while Kelsey herself continues to shine brightly in Las Vegas uniform.

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