NFL player props today – best betting tips for 25/09/2023

The 2023 NFL season is underway, with every team playing 17 games in the regular season, and we will follow every step of it. This is the space where we will provide NFL prop predictions for every gameday of the season. The NFL player prop betting is something that adds more excitement in following games, and in this article, you will be able to read our NFL player prop tips of the day with odds, stats, and everything you need to know.

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NFL player props – 25/09/2023

Tutu Atwell receiving yards over 56.5 @ -110 (1.90)

Tutu Atwell will be the go-to guy for the Rams in this game, especially if Puca Nacua is not ready to play. The 2021 second-round draft pick has a solid start to the season, receiving 119 yards in the season-opener win over the Seahawks and 77 last week in the loss to the 49ers. The line for the game against the Bengals is set on 56.5 on Atwell, and that is something that he will need to cover to give the Rams a standing chance in Cincinnati. He went over that in both games this season.

NFL player props explained – How does it work?

NFL player prop tips are wagers on aspects of the games that go beyond the traditional full-game moneyline, point spread, and total points scored. The NFL player props focus on a specific performance of a given player in the game. These props have made the games much more interesting to follow and place wagers since the bettors are no longer limited to betting on the eventual outcome of the game, as the player props allow them to bet on so many different areas of a game and also have the potential to be lucrative.

Types of NFL player props

The NFL player props offer betting on any of the most common player stats. The most popular among them is the number of touchdowns a player will score in a given game. It also includes whether a player will score a touchdown in the game and it goes even deeper offering odds for whether a player will score the first or the last touchdown in the game.

Players passing yards is another option that many bettors enjoy placing a wager on. The quarterbacks are the ones who make the difference most of the time, so there are passing yards lines on any of them and you can bet on over or under. When it comes to the passing yards, there is also an option to bet on given milestones and whether a certain player will reach that milestone or not. Of course, the odds are different based on the given milestone which makes this option even more fun to follow. Just like the passing yards, there is an option to bet on the number of passing attempts as well as passing touchdowns.

Similarly like the passing yards, there are options for the receiving and rushing yards as well. The main difference between these two compared to the passing yards is that here you can bet on more players than just the quarterbacks. If this does not sound exciting enough for you, then you can try placing a wager on the combined total of any of these options, for example, the total of player’s receiving and rushing yards.

Interceptions, receptions, tackles, and assists are also on the daily menu of every NFL gameday.

How do NFL player props odds work?

NFL prop bets are commonly displayed as over/under bets. Just like the point spreads or the game totals, the bookmakers set player prop betting lines trying to make the over and under options with the same probability. For example, if you want to bet on Ravens’ Lamar Jackson passing yards, the line would probably look like over/under 220.5 yards with equal odds for both ways.

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