Who will win the 2021 NFL regular season MVP: It’s between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

It feels like we are in 2014 debating who the MVP between Brady and Rodgers should be. The two superstar quarterbacks have been around for some time (especially Brady) and in 2021/2022 they have again been the best players in the league.

Yes, we need to also mention Jonathan Taylor and Cooper Kupp, but let’s face it – a non-QB isn’t winning the MVP, at least not this season.

So since it has come down to two names, we will take a look at reasons for each to be or not to be the league’s MVP this year.

Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers MVP

Why should Tom Brady be the MVP of the NFL’s regular season?

What we don’t like about this debate is that it really comes down to the numbers. And once we start taking a look at the numbers, fans of the opposing quarterback say that the numbers don’t matter. This puts us in a circle, chasing our tails. The important thing, in the end, is how the 50 media members will vote.

With Brady, the mere fact that he is still in the league and playing at such a level at age 44 is fascinating by itself. However, the guy threw for 5,316 yards in the regular season this year which, and pay close attention, is the highest in his 21-year career.

He also has 43 passing TDs with 12 interceptions and his team won the NFC South handily. The Bucs are also the second seed in the NFC. And because very often the narrative is that Brady is a check-down passer, we would like to share that he is 1st in passes for 20+ yards in 2021.

Should Aaron Rodgers win regular season MVP in 2021/2022?

Rodgers has been absolutely outstanding since week 11. In that span, he has thrown 0 interceptions with 20 touchdowns. His QBR for that span is 124.4 which is first in the league by far. He also led his team, the Green Bay Packers to a 13-4 record and the number one seed in the NFC.

His touchdown to interception ratio for the year is better than Brady’s – 2.2 TD to 0.2 INT. Hadn’t Rodgers missed one game with an illness and hadn’t he had a stinker in the opening game versus the Saints, there probably wouldn’t be any MVP race at all.

Should the NFL MVP voting procedure change?

Currently, there are 50 media members voting for the league MVP and this is not necessarily a bad idea. These journalists, however, sometimes openly discuss which way they lean.

What’s more, the regular-season MVP voting isn’t held until a few postseason games are played. This means that the votes are somewhat affected by the performance of the candidates in the playoffs as well.

And lastly, the all-pro votes for the season are also held before the MVP voting and it’s the very same media members selecting the NFL 1st offensive and defensive teams. And guess what – they usually vote similarly when it’s time to select an MVP.

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