Who will sign Odell Beckham Jr. after this season?

It took Odell Beckham a lot of effort to finally make his way out of Cleveland as it did to leave New York in the first place. Can we be sure that he has found his new home and is going to stay in LA for good?

In order to answer this question, we will have to look at some key aspects of Beckham’s career at its current state:

  • Contract
  • Stats in LA compared to previous stats
  • Future plans of the LA Rams

Who will sign OBJ


What is OBJ’s current contract with the Rams?

After his release by the Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham could have been signed by absolutely any team in the league. That was because his cap hit was minimal. Teams could have offered OBJ the veteran minimum which is $1.075 million per season.

However, since half of his salary had already been paid by the Browns, the cap hit for his new employer would have been only around $500,000 for the remainder of the season.

Needless to say, Odell wanted to sign a slightly larger contract and he did. The Rams gave the wide receiver $750,000 in base salary accompanied by a $500,000 signing bonus. OBJ can also get another $3 million in incentives. All of that rounds up a $4.25 million contract.

It doesn’t look much but it actually is. Let’s not forget that this is the contract for half a season. This means that the Rams value Odell’s abilities at roughly $8.5 million.

How has Odell Beckham Jr. played in LA so far?

Has OBJ played well? That’s debatable although the WR already has 2 touchdowns. He needed 18 total targets and 127 yards in three games to do so. The 2 TDs are nice but 18 targets for 127 yards in 3 games give OBJ a very low ranking in the WRs’ hierarchy.

This can obviously be attributed to the fact that he is still fitting in Sean McVay’s system and can also be credited to the chemistry or lack thereof with QB Matthew Stafford.

The true test for OBJ will come next Sunday when the Rams face the Arizona Cardinals and then the other big test will come in the playoffs. The Rams have sold out and are in ‘’win now’’ mode. If the saying is true, winning heals everything but that also means that losing leads to huge problems.

If the Rams fail to achieve anything this year (they are even currently second in the NFC West) then there’s a good chance we will see some stars depart the team.

Do the LA Rams have OBJ in their future plans?

It’s hard to say for certain. Odell is only 29 years old, and many people act like his career is over. According to our team of experts, we indeed see OBJ signing somewhere else after this season. The only thing that will make the team want him is if they win the Super Bowl and if he still agrees to a pay cut.

Knowing Odell Beckham Jr’s attitude, though, he will likely see a bigger contract elsewhere if he proves he’s still a number 1 receiver in the league.

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