Who will sign Odell Beckham Jr. after his release from the Cleveland Browns?

Where will OBJ go? This is the question of the day!

It became clear at the trade deadline that OBJ will likely no longer be part of the Browns one way or another. Turns out, it was ‘’another’’. The Cleveland team couldn’t find a trade partner and thus had to release the wide receiver.

How did it all go down?

It took them a couple of days in talks and legal details so that the contract of the player could be restructured. The majority of his salary was converted into a bonus thus allowing the Browns to take a smaller cap hit.

Odell Beckham Jr. will have to clear waivers and will then be free to sign with any team in the league. Since his base salary, this year is around $15,000,000, we expect that none of the remaining 31 teams will agree to pick it up.

This is also because after OBJ clears waivers, the minimum at which he can be signed is $1.07 million for the full season. Since there are 9 weeks out of 18 left in the season, he could be signed for as low as $537.500. The fun part is that every team in the league has this cap space currently so on paper, Beckham Jr. can go to absolutely any franchise as long as he agrees to get the veteran minimum.

Where will OBJ go

Where do we think OBJ signs next?

There were rumors circulating that Odell had always wanted to play for Belichick and with Tom Brady in New England. This is no longer possible so we are currently uncertain whether he would like to play for Bill Belichick or if his desire to be side by side with the GOAT is greater.

Whatever the case, we are penciling down the Patriots and Tampa Bay as two of the likely candidates for the signature of Odell Beckham Jr. It also makes sense for the Patriots to seek his services as their wide receiver corps can truly use a boost.

Chicago is another destination that would welcome the speedy receiver, but we doubt that at this point OBJ would be tempted to go there. The situation with the team is not all roses and everyone expects a coaching change at the end of the year. Also, in Chicago, OBJ would have to play with a rookie quarterback who is yet to come into his own.

The next team on our ranking ‘’To sign OBJ’’ are the Saints. It was reported that New Orleans was in actual talks with the Browns for an eventual trade. This didn’t come to fruition but it also doesn’t mean that Odell wants to go there. The quarterback situation in NOLA is also problematic.

A team with a good QB situation is the Green Bay Packers. If Aaron Rodgers comes back from his absence without any fine or suspension, then this would likely be a very good combo.

Other interesting options are Baltimore and Buffalo because we know that OBJ is in ‘’win now’’ mode.

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