The top NFL head coaching candidates in 2022

There are some juicy job openings in the NFL after a number of teams fired their HCs. We see roughly 1/3 of the league doing that each year and this season is no different. There are plenty of interesting spots but there are even more interesting coaching candidates. Not everyone will get a new job, but we will now highlight the names that we think are most interesting to watch.

top NFL head coaching candidates

Brian Flores – ex Miami Dolphins HC

So, the Dolphins went 1-7 in the first 8 games of the season, and everyone thought Brian Flores was on the hot seat. Then the team went on a tear winning 8 out of 9 to close out the regular season and everyone thought Flores was a Coach of the year candidate.

To everyone’s surprise, Flores got fired but sources claimed that the reasons lay outside of football matters. Now, Brian Flores is the top head coaching candidate on the market.

Doug Pederson – former Eagles HC

Pederson is hailed by many as the first truly ‘’analytics head coach’’ to have won a Super Bowl ring. He is got sacked two seasons after he won a ring and is now looking to come back. Pederson already held interviews with the Chicago Bears, and we shouldn’t be surprised if we see him coaching Justin Fields next year. The Chicago job pretty much ranks 1st among all job openings in the NFL right now.

Jim Harbaugh – Michigan head coach

The last time a big name from the NCAA came to coach in the NFL it didn’t end well. It is still unclear exactly how serious Harbaugh is about making a return to the NFL. Of course, Harbaugh led the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl in 2012 which he lost. Can he adapt to the new challenges in the NFL? We might just find out.

Byron Leftwich – OC, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Here we have a Super Bowl-winning offensive coordinator. Not only that but he did so in his first year working with Tom Brady which definitely allows him to rank a few notches higher than other head coaching candidates. Leading a franchise is a big job and we aren’t sure how prepared Leftwich is but he may be right there already.

Todd Bowles – DC, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bowles already has experience as a head coach because the led the New York Jets for 4 seasons. It wasn’t an ideal position for him, and the Jets’ bad results may not be due to him. Why? Because as a defensive coordinator of the Bucs, he’s been leading the best rush defense in the league since the year 2019.

Don Martindale – DC, Baltimore Ravens

We were expecting Martindale to transition to a head coaching position last season, but it didn’t happen. This time around, there are fewer rumors but we still cannot discount Wink. He is known for his blitzing schemes and aggressive defensive style. Plenty of teams could benefit from having him on board.

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