We spoil the outcome of every NFL NFC Division: See our picks

Week 11 is upon us but this year we are going to go all the way to week 18 in the regular season after the latest schedule change. So even though we are a little bit past the mid-point of the football season, it is still pretty vague who will be winning each NFC division. Yet, some divisions are pretty much decided but others are still up in the air. Our crew is going to predict who will win each NFC division based mostly on their strength of schedule and our own NFL rankings.

NFC East

This one looks all wrapped up. In fact, many of us expect the Cowboys to also attack the 1st seed in the NFC. If they get past the Chiefs in week 11, the Dallas Cowboys will have to face the Raiders and the Cardinals as the only two teams above .500.

Dallas is currently 7-2 and the second team in the division, Philadelphia is 4-6. It would take a monumental failure on part of the Cowboys to let his one slip.

Predicted NFC East winner: Dallas Cowboys

NFC North

This division also doesn’t look like the 1st seed will be disputed any time soon. The Green Bay Packers are firmly at the helm sitting at 8-2. The Vikings are a distant second at 4-5 and we also got the Chicago Bears way back at 3-6. It’s probably not even worth mentioning the winless Detroit Lions who just managed to pull off a tie against the Steelers in order to go 0-8-1.

It is true that Aaron Jones will likely miss a couple of weeks with an MCL sprain but the more important Aaron (Rodgers) is back under center after missing a week due to illness. It is true that the Packers will have to face Baltimore and the LA Rams in the remaining 7 weeks but other than that, their schedule isn’t too hard and they also have a bye in week 13.

Predicted NFC North winner: Green Bay Packers

NFL NFC Winner

NFC South

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just lost 2 in a row but the more interesting fact is that this happened on both sides of their bye week. Still, the 6-3 Super Bowl Champions are in 1st place followed by the New Orleans Saints, and we think that at the end of the day, there won’t be any surprises here.

On paper, any of the 4 teams can fight for the 1st seed in the division but Tampa is definitely the deepest of them all. Add to that the fact that the most challenging opponents for the Buccaneers until the end of the year are going to be the Colts and the Bills and this pushes us to believe that Tampa is taking home the division title this year.

Predicted NFC South winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC West

This one is between the Cardinals and the Rams. The 49ers and the Seahawks are pretty much out of contention. It appears that the Rams have lost some of their toughness, though, and this will likely play a role down the stretch. The match we are circling on our calendars is the one between Arizona and LA on December 13th. This one may very well decide who finishes in the top 4 in the NFC.

Predicted NFC West winner: Arizona Cardinals

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