The open head coaching jobs in the NFL: which ones are the best?

Typically, a third of the teams in the NFL fire their coaches at the end of each season. Some teams have good rosters that just need a good HC to make a big leap. Others are not so good and the coach is often not the biggest problem.

There are examples of both in the list below so let’s see which are the most talked-about coaching openings in the NFL in 2022.

Open head coaching positions NFL

Minnesota Vikings: tougher than you think

On paper, the Vikings are a very good spot for a number of coaches, offensive and defensive alike. In reality, though, the cap space situation of the team is bad, and we pretty much got only ex-general manager Rick Spielman to blame.

They do have a star wider receiver in Justin Jefferson on a rookie contract, but the team will owe quarterback Kirk Cousins $35 million next season and that money is guaranteed. Both the offensive and defensive lines need improvement but that costs even more money.

New York Giants: are they the worst?

The Giants got one thing going for them for next season. They got a ton of draft picks but we all know that these are not guaranteed hits. Joe Schoen was just hired to be the next GM of the team and this immediately led to rumors about the possible hiring of Brian Daboll as the next head coach.

Shoen was second in charge in Buffalo for 5 years and knows OC Brian Daboll very well.

Denver Broncos: high draft pick and good cap space

The Broncos are the only team in the last 28 years to not make the playoffs with a top 5 defense. The team is great at almost every unit except one – the quarterback position. The upcoming draft will not be the best when it comes to good quarterbacks but signing a free agent is always on the table.

Plenty of big names may go there but if that doesn’t happen, the new HC may not achieve much in year one.

Chicago Bears: You got a QB, but what else?

Whoever gets hired as the new head coach of the Bears will have a young QB to re-evaluate hoping that he is indeed the real deal. The situation is not ideal because you get to work with a supposed future franchise quarterback that was not drafted by you.

Furthermore, the Bears will not have a 1st round pick in this year’s draft. At least on defense, the team feels okay and the cap space situation isn’t terrible.

Miami Dolphins: why are they even on the list?

Few people expected Brian Flores to get the boot after nearly making the playoffs and winning 8 straight games in the second part of the season. Rumors are that he wore people down and was pretty hard to negotiate with. Whatever the case, that’s one good coach looking for a job now.

The new HC will have to address the Tua situation because the QB was exposed to have many flaws in 2021. Jaylen Waddle though is a breath of fresh air and something to build upon.

Jacksonville Jaguars: can they turn it around?

We aren’t going to say much here. Trevor Lawrence needs to be coached to play better and needs a better O-line. The Jags got the money and the draft picks to sort it. Can they?

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