NFL MVP ranking: Who will win the race in the 2021/2022 season?

We were just thinking that it is finally time for the league to award the MVP accolades to a running back and Derrick Henry injured his foot going out for the rest regular season. King Henry had such a great year that it took Jonathan Taylor 3 weeks to catch up to his rushing yards stats.

In any case, we are stuck with another quarterback MVP race and we got no other option but to analyze the chances of each one of the top candidates to win the award.


Josh Allen – QB, Buffalo Bills

Allen is the frontrunner to win the MVP award. He ranks 5th in passing yards (2602 yards) and 3rd in rushing yards among QBs at 322 yards. The Bills are currently first in the AFC East at 6-3 but after a silly loss to the Jaguars, they are no longer firmly in the lead. The Patriots might sneak up on them and steal away the division title. Still, Allen can be the savior of the Bills if he manages to win both games against New England in the remaining 7 weeks.

Tom Brady – QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The greatest quarterback of all time was the favorite to win the MVP award until 2 weeks ago. The 44-year-old ageless superstar is having an outstanding statistical season. He is 3rd in passing yards (2870), 1st in passing TDs (27), 1st in pass attempts per game (318.9), and currently ranks 4th in air yards.

However, The Buccaneers lost 2 games in a row with a bye week sandwiched in between. This is a big deal when you are looking to defend a title and therefore Brady deservedly slid back to 2nd in the MVP race.

Dak Prescott – QB, Dallas Cowboys

Prescott missed 1 game this season and he is still 4th in passing touchdowns at 20. His efficiency is also evident by the fact that he is 5th in passing yards per game – 292.6. It appears that Dallas has a firm grip on the NFC East sitting at 7-2. Philadelphia is second with a record of 4-6 which shouldn’t threaten the Cowboys division title at all.

The Cowboys will be facing the Chiefs, the Raiders, the Cardinals and will play twice against the Washington Football team in the remaining weeks. If they win all these games, Prescott will have a strong case for MVP.

Matthew Stafford – QB, LA Rams

Stafford is in a similar situation as Tom Brady. His talent is obvious but due to the change of scenery, his 1st year with a new team is sometimes turbulent. The Rams lost some games that we thought they would win.

Many experts argue that Stafford’s presence actually made the team softer because they count on him too much. LA has to win out if we want to consider Stafford a legit MVP candidate.

Honorable mentions:

  1. Aaron Rodgers – he may be a dark horse MVP candidate with GB currently sitting at 8-2.
  2. Lamar Jackson – if it wasn’t for some silly losses, Jackson would have been higher on the list.
  3. Kyle Murray – missing games due to injuries will never help your case. Especially with your team winning without you.

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