Jason Garrett is gone but that doesn’t solve any of the New York Giants’ problems

So, the New York Football Giants won against division rival Philadelphia Eagles in week 12 and everything’s good, right? Not really. The game ended with a score of 13-7 and it could have gone either way. Also, that competition was simply not fun to watch.

Why was Giants’ offensive coordinator Jason Garrett fired by Joe Judge?

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was fired last week by head coach Joe Judge, and this was a move that was a long time coming. The relationship between the two coaches resembled an arranged marriage. Judge did not hire Garrett although on paper he did. It was the Mara family who liked Garrett so much that they pretty much forced him onto Judge.

The signs of a bad relationship were all there, however. Jason Garrett brought two assistants with him – Marc Colombo (offensive line coach) and Stephen Brown (running back coach). The former was fired last year by the head coach and the latter was not brought back after his contract had expired in the offseason.

Since the NY Giants were ranked in the bottom quarter of each major offensive stat category, it was inevitable for Jason Garrett to get booted. The Giants are ranked 26th in points per game at 18.4, 24th in yards per game at 317.5, and 24th in yards per play at 5.2.

Is the New York Giants’ offense already improving?

The problem is, after that match against the Eagles we don’t see a lot changing anytime soon. All the stars were there and present. The offensive woes of the club continued. Freddie Kitchens got the nod to call plays on offense after performing the role of a tight end coach this season.

The Giants’ offense got out of the game with a total of 264 yards, 13 points, and 1 TD. Quarterback Daniel Jones threw for 194 yards and got a QBR of 47.2. Superstar Saquon Barkley ran for a total of 40 yards and averaged 3.1 yards per carry.

None of that is impressive and the game came down to the last possession. Even though the Eagles had allowed 3 interceptions and 1 fumble, the Giants failed to capitalize.

Joe Judge fires Jason Garrett

What does this mean for the NY Giants and who will be fired next?

All of this means that now other people are going to be under the microscope in this organization. The first one to likely go after the season ends is general manager Dave Gettleman. The Giants are 18-40 since Gettleman became general manager and word is that ownership is simply not happy with his drafting.

Head Coach Joe Judge has a relatively long leash for now. He won’t be fired at the end of the season but next year he will need to deliver results. Coaches coming from the Bill Belichick coaching tree are often regarded as a hot commodity but unfortunately, few of them can boast great achievements as head coaches.

  • Matt Patricia had a 13-29-1 record in Detroit and got fired.
  • Bill O’Brien had a relatively good stint with the Houston Texans until he assumed the general manager role and did some poor moves that cost him the job.
  • Brian Flores being touted as a great defensive coach has only a 20-24 record with the Miami Dolphins and was 1-7 at one point this season.

Judge needs to hire some good assistants on that staff, but the team may also be on the lookout for a new quarterback. Yes, Daniel Jones may get ‘’fired’’ too.

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