Gradey Dick Suit – Does It Join the Hall of Fame of Worst NBA Draft Suits

The 2023 NBA Draft is expectedly a spectacle for all the young athletes that are about to realise their dreams by becoming members of an NBA team. Naturally, some players have much flashier personalities and every year some of them go for really awful suits. The Class of 2023 seems to have a clear champion regarding the prospect with the most awful suit. His name is the 13th pick for the Toronto Raptors Gradey Dick. Dick’s NBA career is yet to start and yet we think he already has joined a Hall of Fame – The Hall of Fame of Worst NBA Draft Suits with his ruby  ‘Wizard of Oz’ inspired outfit.

Gradey Dick‘s Draft Night Suit

Gradey Dick certainly showed character and bravery with this suit. He also sent Twitter into stitches but maybe for the wrong reasons. Dick was certainly shining on Draft Night and he joined a solid team that won the NBA title not that long ago. However, what most people will remember Dick for in his first appearance as an NBA player would be his bizarre sparkling bright red Santa-like suit.

Some people on Twitter simply couldn’t hold it. Here are some of the comments posted regarding Gradey Dick’s suit:

“This looks like an SNL sketch. It’s time to ban suits at the Draft. Everyone wear your old uniform until your new one is announced,” one fan wrote about Dick’s suit.

“Thought this was Justin Bieber for a second.” Another fan joked.

“Elton, is that you?” Another fan had a laugh comparing Dick’s suit to something Elton John would wear.

Other Outrageous NBA Draft Suits

The NBA Draft is a dream come true for many talented players. For some unknown reason, some think that dressing up like clowns helps them to get selected. Every year has its own unique and over-the-top outfits but below we list the ones we think had become the most memorable over recent decades. After all the fashion to dress up for the NBA Draft with something more than a standard suit started in the 90s. The “honourable” list of the Most Outrageous NBA Draft Suits stretched from Larry Johnson’s 1991 short-sleeved shirt that looked like an artist’s mixing colour board, through Erik Dampier’s 1996 strange outfit choice that left him looking like an oversized flamingo and finish of course, with our new worst suit ever worn at an NBA Draft by the new Toronto shooting guard Gradey Dick. Let’s remind ourselves one last time what Dick had put on during the 2023 NBA Draft:

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