Steph Curry Overtakes Rey Allen for Most 3-Pointers In NBA History

The moment that we all knew was coming finally arrived – Steph Curry is now officially the best three-point shooter in NBA history.

The Golden Boy surpassed Rey Allen on the list of most 3-pointers made ever in a game against the Knicks, reaching the number of 2,974 threes in just 789 NBA Games.

Is Curry the Best Three-Point Shooter In History?

Whether Curry is your favorite three-points shooter ever or not, it’s tough to argue against him when he broke so many shooting records during his illustrious career. For example, Curry also broke the record for most shots made from downtown in a single game, twice, before he was eventually surpassed by the other Splash Brother and his teammate, Klay Thompson.

The two-time MVP is not only the best shooter in NBA history, he is also one of the best players overall. After all, he was included in the NBA 75t Anniversary team earlier this year.

Steph Curry

If we take a look at the list of players with most 3-pointers in NBA history, we will see some great and familiar names, like Rey Allen, Reggie Miller, James Harden, Kyle Korver, etc. However, the thing that makes Curry’s record even more impressive is the fact that he needed fewer than 800 games to reach it. Clearly, Curry will soon become the first player in history with 3,000 made threes and only time will tell how many three-pointers will he end up scoring.

Why Is Curry a Unique 3-Point Shooter?

Obviously, Stephen Curry has immaculate shot and limitless range, but his efficiency is the most impressive feat of all. Along with this, the fact that he can shoot the ball from any given situation makes him a danger at any point, whether he has the ball or not. Curry is fantastic as a catch-and-shoot player, off-the-dribble shooter, and his movement in fighting against screens can be regarded as poetry of motion.

Given his ability to score from anywhere and in any way, Curry is not just a shooter, but a consistent threat. Add his amazing ball control and crossover skills to the mix, along with his good playmaking abilities, and it’s clear that Curry can make any teammate better in an instant.

After all, we have seen how good peak Curry is during his two MVP campaigns, but we are also seeing his greatness this season as well. Curry is leading the Warriors, who are still without Klay Thompson, to the second seed in the Western Conference at the moment and he is generally seen as one of the main candidates for the MVP award.

How Many Made Threes Will Curry Reach?

We already said that this is impossible to predict, but let’s do a little thought experiment:

Curry averaged 3.8 three-pointers per game during his career. Since he is turning 34 in March, he doesn’t have that many seasons left in his tank. Let’s be conservative and say that he will play four more season after this one. Along with the rest of the 2021-2022 season, that’s around 350 games more, if we say that he’s bound to miss some of the games. At his current career average, that comes to a total of 1.330 more threes until the end of his career, so Curry could become the first-ever player to make 4,000 three-pointers, after he becomes the first one to reach 3,000 soon enough.

Whatever his final tally turns out to be, Curry is without a doubt one of the best shooters of all time and a joy to watch. For the end, we leave you with some of the best 3-pointers from Steph Curry’s career.

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