Could Dillon Brooks Be Joining The Lakers This Summer?

The 2023 NBA Playoffs had been a roller-coaster ride for many teams already and numerous high-profile coaches lost their jobs too. However, one player that seems to be making the headlines every week, despite his team the Memphis Grizzlies being eliminated in round 1, is Dillon Brooks.

All season Dillon Brooks had been making the storylines for all the wrong reasons but things got a bit out of hand in the round 1 series between his Grizzlies and the Lakers. In numerous media appearances, Brooks called LeBron James “too old”. However, this only ignited the Lakers and they beat the Grizzlies 4-2 in the end with Brooks having an awful series on the court where he averaged just 10 points per game and shot 23% from 3.

The desperate Memphis needed a scapegoat after this humiliation and despite that, there were many other reasons for them losing this series the Grizzlies decided to punish Brooks and immediately after the end of the season, they announced that they won’t be resigning him.

Why did Dillon Brooks got kicked out on the curb by the Grizzlies?

Many believe that Dillon’s dirty plays during the regular season, lots of trash talk and the big mistake to call LeBron “old” were good enough reasons for the Grizzlies to kick Brooks out on the curb. However, a closer look reveals that Dillon Brooks was not doing that many different things compared to his teammates Ja Morant and Jarren Jackson Jr. Yet, their mistakes and faults were ignored by the organisation.

Understandably Morant and Jackson Jr are far more important players so moving them on would have been a bad move. At the same time after losing in round 1 for the second year running the Grizzlies needed a scapegoat and Dillon Brooks was the perfect one. Earlier in the season Brooks refused a proposed extension to his expiring contract as he was trying to agree better terms and more money. This made it very easy for the Grizzlies to simply wave him goodbye.

Are the Lakers really a strong fit for Dillon Brooks?

Lakers - Brooks
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Numerous reports emerged recently that none other but the Lakers and LeBron James himself could be making a move to sign Dillon Brooks this summer.

“Brooks is a strong defender who can help out on the perimeter, combining with Rui Hachimura (presuming he’s re-signed) and Jarred Vanderbilt to lessen the load for James on that end of the floor. On the offensive end, James can open up the floor for Brooks in ways not even Ja Morant could. Brooks wouldn’t be the first or last player to have his best shooting season playing with one of the greatest passers and gravitational forces basketball has ever seen.”

(Via Bleacher Report)

Despite all his antics, Brooks remains a very good 3&D player that is also only 27-years-old, so just about to enter his prime. Also, on all his roughness many teams prefer somebody like Brooks as a teammate that can take onto himself all the negative attention and at the same time still play tough.

It won’t be that strange for LeBron to endorse such a move as he has proven in the past that he doesn’t mind teaming up with his “hecklers”. He didn’t mind adding Pat Beverly to the Lakers just last summer and before that Lance Stephenson. Also, if Brooks was right about one thing is that LeBron is “old” now. Come next December he will be 39 and in his 21st season. The King is smart enough that he will need help on the defensive end and Brooks can provide it.

What other teams could try and sign Dillon Brooks?

Despite his chippy character Dillon Brooks comes at a minimum wage option and there are plenty of other teams that look like potential candidates to sign him. The Miami Heat, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Phoenix Suns can all benefit from adding Brooks to their roster. They all have declared interest too.

Undoubtedly, Dillon Brooks will continue making the headlines in the weeks to come. Who knows one day we might wake up to the news that LeBron and Dillon have shaken hands and are ready to roll together. Won’t that be something to look forward to in 2023-24?

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