Is Ja Morant In Serious Trouble: “Significant” Suspension Heading His Way?

The 2023 NBA Playoffs were yet another crushing disappointment for the impressive all regular season Memphis Grizzlies. Despite being the number 2 seed the Grizzlies lost in round 1 2-4 against the 7th seed Lakers. Ja Morant has been showing ill-discipline, poor judgment, sloppy trash talk and more all season. However, fresh from being suspended for 8 games for being filmed on social media holding a gun Morant has just been shown on an Instagram video doing exactly the same thing yet again. The noise now is very loud and it seems Memphis Grizzlies might have to do without their best player for a significant period of time at the start of the 2023-24 NBA season.

“I think Ja Morant is facing a lengthy, a significant suspension to start next season, if indeed that was a firearm in his hand in that video,” Wojnarowski said on ESPN’s Get Up. “There’s going to be some pressure even from other teams around the NBA that this isn’t just harmful to the Memphis Grizzlies, but this is harmful on a league level. I don’t think Adam Silver is going to take this one lightly.”

Ja Morant
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Ja Morant caught in a second gun incident in a matter of months

It was only March when a video emerged showing Ja Morant holding a gun in a Colorado nightclub. For that, he got away with only an 8-game suspension and many thought this was only due to the fact that the league wanted one of their franchise superstars to be back on time for the playoffs.

Morant seems to have not learnt his lesson though and now much tougher sanctions might be heading his way. An Instagram Live Video circulated online on Saturday with Ja Morant and friends in a car. As the camera moved on Ja it appeared as if he is holding a gun in his hand. See if you can spot it:

Literally an hour after this video emerged the Memphis Grizzlies suspended Ja Morant from all team activities and launched their internal investigation. However, what Ja needs to worry much more is the larger-scale investigation that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver ordered.

What possible suspension Ja Morant faces?

There is no doubt that if it is proven that Ja is holding a gun he will face a much tougher and lengthier suspension than the 8-game one earlier this season. So far, the only comments made by NBA officials are that the sanctions will be “significant”.

An NBA insider thinks that Ja Morant might be suspended for the entire first half of the new season, Memphis’ opening 42 games. This seems plausible punishment. In any case, we think Ja is facing at least 2-3 months without any action at the start of the new season.

Could Memphis consider trading Morant this summer?

Some rumours immediately circulated that the Grizzlies might trade Ja Morant away. We don’t think this is very likely just yet. For a starter, Memphis can’t get proper value for a player that is fresh off a major scandal and is also set to be suspended for a significant period no matter what colour uniform he will wear.

Also, despite all his antics Ja remains Memphis’ best player and the franchise still think they can win a title with him as a leader. Due to all that we don’t think the Grizzlies will be waving Ja goodbye just yet. They are surely going to spend a lot of money on counselling for their young star in the coming months though.

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