Brandon Miller Parents, Nationality, and Family Background

The 2023 NBA Draft is shaping up to be an exciting one with the entire league on a hype alert as the French prodigy Victor Wembanyama is about to enter the league. He is by far not the only talented youngster that will land in the NBA this season though. Brandon Miller is destined to be a top 3 pick in the coming 2023 NBA Draft and below we look at who shaped this young man to become the basketball star he is today. Here is more about Brandon Miller’s parents, siblings and upbringing.

Brandon Miller Parents
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Brandon Miller’s Parents

Brandon Miller is the third child of Roger and Angela Miller. He was born on 22nd November 2002, in St. Louis Missouri. However, his parents live and raised him in Antioch, Tennessee. Both his parents are Afro-Americans, both close tied to the State of Tennessee where they too have been born and raised.

Brandon’s mum Angela Miller was a successful track runner in her youth. She still holds several 400m records at Mizzou where she was part of the running team all throughout her college education. Once she got pregnant with her first child Angela abandoned her athletic career and ever since then, she has been a dedicated mum and mentor to all of her 3 kids.

Brandon’s father Roger Miller is also an ex-athlete. Roger used to play American Football also for Mizzou, this is where he met his life Angela at a very young age. Roger then went to play a tight end for Alabama, the college where Brandon launched his basketball career. After failing to make the NFL and playing American Football abroad for a few years Roger retired only aged 26 and started his own online trading company. According, to the most recent tax returns Roger’s business is now worth $1.5 million.

Brandon Miller’s Siblings

Brandon Miller has 2 older siblings. The oldest of the Miller siblings is his brother Darrell Jr. He also played basketball at Frisk University. However, Darrell never developed into a great athlete and instead, he decided to pursue a career in media and communication. He is a year away from finishing his Masters degree.

Brandon’s other sibling is his older sister Ava Miller. She’s currently studying at Cumberland University. There she is also part of the track team, following the footsteps of her mother, and also a member of the University’s basketball team.

Brandon Miller’s Upbringing

Brandon Miller was born in St. Louis but he spent his entire childhood in Antioch, Tennessee where his parents own a spacious 3-floor house. Miller went to Cane Ridge High School, the same school his 2 older siblings also attended.

Once graduating from high school Miller entered Alabama’s basketball program in 2022. He won a multitude of awards as a Freshman at Alabama and after a stellar season Brandon Miller declared himself for the 2023 NBA Draft and all indications are that he is about to enter the league as one of the first 3 picks.

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