Amen and Ausar Thompson: How high will the twins go in 2023 draft?

The 2023 NBA Draft is nearly upon us. Naturally, all the hype is around the number 1 pick with which the Spurs will select the generational talent that is the French prodigy Victor Wembanyama. However, the 2023 NBA Draft could be unique for another reason. The twin brothers Amen and Ausar Thompson are projected to make NBA History by becoming the first siblings to get selected as top 10 picks. Here is a bit more about the two electric twins.

Thompson Twins
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Amen Thompson Draft Profile

Position: point guard Height: 6’7″ (2.01 m) Wingspan: 6’11” (2.11 m) Team: City Reapers from the Overtime Elite League Amen Thompson 2022-23 stats: 16.3 points; 6.4 rebounds; 6.2 assists; 2.4 steals in 28.2 minutes

Amen Thompson is arguably the most explosive athlete out there among the 2023 class. His ability to attack the rim on transition and his electric first step make him very hard to contain when he is going downhill. His size and good passing skills make him a very good teammate for spot shooters.

Amen Thompson still needs to develop though as his shooting remains a major issue. He’s been inconsistent both from mid-range and the three-pointers. He shot just 23% from behind the arc this season. He also shot only 54% from the free-throw line.

Ausar Thompson Draft Profile

Position: shooting guard Height: 6’7″ (2.01 m) Wingspan: 6’11” (2.11 m) Team: City Reapers from the Overtime Elite League Ausar Thompson 2022-23 stats: 16.3 points; 6.9 rebounds; 6.1 assists; 2.7 steals in 28.2 minutes

Ausar Thompson is as athletic as his older, by a-minute, twin Amen is. A skilled ball-handler with amazing vertical and lateral speed Ausar is hard to stop when he attacks the rim. He’s a hell of a defender too and in back-to-back years was voted the Finals MVP in the Overtime Elite League. This last season he led the entire league for steals per game with 2.7. Ausar is a sky-walker and his athleticism is simply off the charts.

Just like his brother, he has issues shooting the ball from a distance though. Ausar averaged only 30% from beyond the arc and only 67% from the free-throw line in 2022-23.

NBA Draft Projection for Amen and Ausar Thompson

We believe that despite his poor shooting stats Amen Thompson will likely be selected by the Houston Rockets with the 4th pick of the 2023 NBA Draft. It seems there is much more appetite for Amen being a point guard, so all projections and mock drafts out there have him selected within the opening 6 picks.

Ausar Thompson is likely to be selected a few picks behind his older brother. However, we still believe he will be selected early. This will make NBA History as no other siblings before had been selected both as top 10 picks. Ausar’s draft projections see him selected somewhere between 5-11. We don’t think he will drop to the 11th pick though as if doesn’t get grabbed before that the Utah Jazz already declared major interest in adding him to their roster with their 9th pick.

No matter what happens on Draft night Amen and Ausar Thompson are entering the NBA and the fans better be prepared for some electric plays from both of them as the two ultra-athletic twins look like young Russel Westbrook on steroids when they attack the rim in transition.

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