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The Dallas Cowboys have a Jerry Jones problem

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones knows how to make money. He bought the franchise for $150 million in 1989 and built it into the world’s most valuable sports team, valued at $8 billion. But when it comes to football acumen and morality, the billionaire has proved time and time again that he lacks both.

Even though the Cowboys are hugely successful off the field, the team has been an utter failure on the astroturf. And the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the worst general manager in NFL history – Jones. His football decisions are the most significant reason Dallas fans have forgotten how it feels to root for a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Dallas has one of the league’s top running backs, Tony Pollard, who has been regulated to backup duty behind Ezekiel Elliott the past few seasons. Elliott’s best days are in the past, but nothing else matters since he is one of the bombastic billionaire’s favorite players.

However, his inability to make unbiased football decisions is not his only flaw. The man, at his core, is an arrogant SOB who is a loose cannon after ingesting a few glasses of top-shelf liquor: nothing but the best for good old Jerry.

Here are just a few of the scandals involving Jones that have made national headlines:

Jimmy Johnson Debacle

The Cowboys dynasty ended at an NFL party at Universal Studios when a drunken Jones told a group of sportswriters that there were 500 coaches who could have won the Super Bowl with the Dallas squad that had just won another NFL title. When Johnson heard the comment the following morning, he confronted Jones, who admitted he had too much to drink. But it was too late. The trajectory of the Cowboys franchise was changed forever, and not in a good way.

Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones problem

NFL Snub

Jones rattled the NFL in 1995 when the Cowboys negotiated a stadium advertising contract with PepsiCo, while the league had a sponsorship deal with the Coca-Cola Co. The league’s business and marketing arm, NFL Properties, filed a $300 million lawsuit against Jones. But the Cowboys filed a $700 million lawsuit two months later, citing antitrust laws violations. The marketing dispute settlement allowed Jones and any other NFL team or stadium owner the right to negotiate their stadium sponsorship agreements, reducing the funds available for the league’s revenue-sharing pool that benefits franchises in smaller markets.

Roger Goodell Revenge

Jones was upset in 2017 when Goodell suspended Elliott, his star running back, for six games due to domestic violence allegations. “I’m gonna come after you with everything I have,” Jones said. The angry owner then mentioned Deflategate. “If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a p—y compared to what I’m going to do.” The commissioner survived Jones’s wrath, but the two have had an icy relationship ever since.

Scandalous Photos

Jones has been at the center of numerous scandals involving infidelity. Still, in 2014 a former exotic dancer sued him for sexual assault and accused the franchise of covering up his misdeeds. Although the suit was dismissed, the Cowboys owners’ problems did not. This year, another woman filed a lawsuit claiming Jones was her biological father and had paid her mother to keep silent about his illegitimate daughter.

The Peeping P.R. Guy

The Cowboys’ longtime public relations executive Rich Dalrymple was accused of filming a group of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in 2015 while changing clothes. That same year, Dalrymple was accused of taking “upskirt” photos of Charlotte Jones Anderson, a senior vice president and the daughter of Jones, in the Cowboys’ war room during the 2015 NFL Draft. The Cowboys paid each cheerleader $399,523.27 after the incident that allegedly took place at AT&T Stadium. Dalrymple kept his job until he retired in 2021.

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