Jonquel Jones contract, salary, net worth – the girl from the Bahamas that plays for Bosnia

The 2021 WNBA MVP Jonquel Jones enters the 2023 WNBA Finals as the player many expect to be crucial if the Liberty want to cause an upset and steal the title from the defending champions from Las Vegas. Jonquel Jones is one of the most gifted bigs in women’s basketball. She has won numerous individual and team WNBA awards over the years, and has been a hugely successful player abroad in the offseason too. So what is Jonquel Jones’ salary and what is Jones’ net worth right now?

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Jonquel Jones’s salary and her current contract details

The 6 foot 6 Jones was born in the Bahamas and she entered the WNBA back in 2016 when she was drafted as the number six overall pick by the Connecticut Sun. Jones played her first 6 years for the Sun before in January 2023 she was traded to the New York Liberty. So, what contract she is on now?

Current contract’s full breakdown

Back in January 2022 Jonquel Jones’s salary increased significantly after she signed a 2-year contract extension with the Sun worth $416,150 for the entire duration of the contract. This extension was granted to Jones shortly after she was crowned the 2021 WNBA MVP Award. The Sun ran the first year of the contract but in January 2023 they traded Jones to the New York Liberty to free cap space.

Now in her final year of her current contract, Jonquel Jones earns $211,150 playing for the Liberty. This is her highest wage as a WNBA player thus far.

Contract extension details

Jonquel Jones’ contract runs out at the end of 2023. There are no indications that she has even started talks with the Liberty about a contract extension, so she will become an unrestricted free agent next year if this doesn’t change in the coming months.

How much money Jonquel Jones’ contracts had made her so far?

Jonquel Jones’s salary as a WNBA player is negligent compared to what she has made overseas. Jones has earned just shy of $900,000 from her 7 years in the WNBA. For her stints abroad in 5 of the last 6 offseasons, she is estimated to have earned over $3 million. Jonquel Jones has had lucrative contracts in China, Russia and South Korea, while this offseason she will play in Turkey.

Other sources of income for Jonquel Jones

Jonquel Jones has made around $600,000 from advertising and endorsement deals. She is believed to be also paid good money for agreeing to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina on the international stage.

Jonquel Jones’s net worth

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Jonquel Jones’ net worth as of March 2023 is around $5 million.

She has earned more than 70% of her net worth playing overseas. According, to Jones, her monthly wage while playing in Russia was the same as her yearly income as a WNBA player. The league continues to struggle to match the money thrown to the male NBA and as long as this continues the biggest WNBA stars will have to continue going overseas in the offseason. Jones has already signed a contract this offseason to play for a Turkish team.

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