Victor Wembanyama: The Greatest Prospect In NBA History

The 7-foot-4 19-year-old Frenchman Victor Wembanyama has been exciting NBA fans all around the world for a good year now and he is yet to be drafted. This will finally happen on June 22nd when Wemby as he is most called will be picked by the San Antonio Spurs as the number 1 overall pick.

Wembanyama is a generational talent that has excited all specialists and analysts to the brink of hysteria. Even some of the more level-headed NBA insiders see the Frenchman as a player ready to take the NBA to the next level.

“This is the most highly-anticipated player to ever enter the NBA,” ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said of Wembanyama. “This is, maybe not only the greatest prospect in the NBA’s history, maybe the greatest prospect in the history of team sports.”

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Victor Wembanyama Bio and other stats?

Victor Wembanyama is born on 4 January 2004 in Le Chesnay, France. His father is of Congolese descent, while his mother is a professional basketball coach and this is where Wemby got his love for the sport from.

His first steps as a professional basketball player were in 2019 when he joined Nanterre 92 for 2 seasons. Then in 2021-22, he played for the ex-Spurs legend Tony Parker’s team ASVEL. Last year Wemby decided to move to Metropolitans 92 so he could work with the hugely popular coach Vincent Collet.

In October 2022, Victor made his debut on American soil when in 2 televised exhibition games in Las Vegas against the G-League Ignite he scored 37 and 36 points, averaged 10 rebounds and 4 blocks. This was when the Wembanyama craze properly started and since those games in Vegas, the NBA even offered through its app live streaming for all Metropolitans 92 matches. Slowly but surely since then, the buzz surrounding Wemby has reached a crescendo unheard since the 2003 draft when none other than LeBron James was causing a lot of noise.

Is Victor Wembanyama the most highly-anticipated player to ever enter the NBA?

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It seems Victor Wembanyama is seen as something far more than just a generational talent. At 7-foot-4 and still growing this young man with an 8-foot wing span can protect the rim like not many others can but he is also so fast and such a sharpshooter from a distance that even the greatest players of today struggle to comprehend how he could do all he does.

In a very short space of time, LeBron James described Wemby as “an alien”, Steph Curry deemed him a “cheat code” and Giannis Antetokounmpo said about him “I have never seen this before in my life”.

The best way to describe Wemby’s talent is a unique combination between Kevin Durant’s jumpers and Giannis’ ability to get to the rim. He’s undoubtedly a franchise-altering prospect and if all is true that has been said about him he might as well be the greatest prospect ever to enter the NBA.

Which team will Wembanyama play for in his first season?

Wemby is destined to be selected as the number 1 pick so he will be joining the legendary coach Greg Popovich in San Antonio in an attempt to restore the Spurs to their former glory days. So, expect a lot more noise and highlights coming from San Antonio next year.

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