Victor Wembanyama Height, Shoe Size, and French team – Key info about the Future NBA Star

Every year ahead of the NBA draft, some prospects are touted and hyped as the new basketball superstars, promising to deliver the teams that draft them to great heights. While some of them pan out and prove their worth, others don’t end up as good as advertised. Not since when LeBron James was drafted as the new face of the NBA have any been as hyped as Victor Wembanyama.

Victor Wembanyama
Photo by Daniel Derajinski/Icon Sport

Now that the NBA lottery has gone and the NBA draft lies ahead in which “Wemby” will almost certainly be taken first, let’s take a closer look at the French teenager who is expected to be one of the best players in the history of the league, if he can reach his projected potential.

Where Does Victor Wembanyama Play?

After starting out with the Entente du Chesnay Versailles in the Yvelines, it was very quickly that Nanterre found the French giant, a club with which he will live his first minutes as a professional during the 2020-2021 season at only 16 years old. A year later, it was at ASVEL, one of the biggest clubs in France, that the young Wemby settled down. After a sluggish season during which he was nevertheless voted Betclic Elite’s best hope, Wembanyama decided to move to Metropolitans 92, a team also known as Boulogne-Levallois.

He arrived here at the start of the season in a choice described by some as surprising since he left a team that was playing in Euroleague. However, Victor chose Metropolitans because he knew he will be the key player for the team and get plenty of minutes to develop ahead of moving to NBA next season, which was always his plan.

Right now, Victor is still playing for Metropolitans 92 as they are fighting in the playoffs of French Pro A league. In fact, Wembanyama led his team to second place in regular season, only behind Monaco, and he was awarded the MVP trophy for his contributions in the regular season.

How Tall Is Victor Wembanyama?

First measured at 2.19m (7.18 feet) upon his arrival at the Mets, the latest measurements of Victor Wembanyama’s height have revealed growth that does not appear to be complete yet, but is nonetheless quite impressive and only adds to the appeal that the young Frenchman has ahead of his NBA career.

Right now, Wembanyama is measured at 2.24m (7.35 feet), which would make him the tallest NBA player once he gets to the league, ahead of the current tallest players Boban Marjanovic and Kristaps Porzingis. With the extra room for growth for 19-year-old, it is clear why the NBA executives are salivating over the prospect of drafting Wemby in the upcoming draft.

To make matters more impressive, Wembanyama has a wingspan estimated at 2.43m (8 feet), according to French site WeSport, which makes his shot-blocking ability and overall rim protection potential as great as it can be.

Wembanyama Height Shoe Size
Photo by Herve Bellenger/Icon Sport

What Is Victor Wembanyama’s Shoe Size?

Given his height and build, one would expect Wemby to have a massive shoe size as well and if you expect that, you are right. At the moment, Wembanyama is wearing a shoe size of 55 (20.5 American size), which would put him at the very top in the NBA in this category, ahead of Lopez brothers and only behind Tacko Fall.

Who Will Draft Victor Wembanyama?

The NBA Draft 2023 will be held on June 22nd, which is the date when we will find out the name of Wembanyama’s new team and where he will play as an NBA rookie.

However, it has been expected for the Frenchman to be the first pick in the draft regardless of the team that gets the top pick and that’s been the case for over a year now, so we can expect Wembanyama to play for San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs got the number one pick in the recently-held NBA lottery, for the first time since drafting Tim Duncan from that position. Will Wembanyama bring back prosperity to San Antonio just like Duncan? That remains to be seen, but the Texas team still has Greg Popovich as their coach, which will be huge for the development of their presumed new star.

Furthermore, San Antonio has a lot of experience with developing foreign NBA players, with such legends like Manu Ginobili or Tony Parker getting their chance to play in the NBA with the Spurs.

However, in the unlikely even that San Antonio passes on Wembanyama, Victor could end up with the Charlotte Hornets or Portland Trail Blazers, but again, that is highly unlikely.

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