Scoot Henderson Parents, Nationality, and Family Background

The 2023 NBA Draft is only hours away. With this article, we offer you a background overlook of one of the projected top 3 picks of the draft the highly talented 19-year-old point guard Sterling “Scoot” Henderson. We look at Scoot’s parents, siblings, and upbringing. Also, we’ll reveal below who and why gave Sterling Henderson his nickname “Scoot”, a nickname that has become his trademark name already.

Scoot Henderson
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Scoot Henderson’s Parents

Scoot Henderson is the second youngest of seven siblings to the parents Chris and Crystal Henderson. This large and vibrant family originally comes from Hempstead, New York. This is where the first five of Chris and Crystal’s kids were born and raised. However, shortly before welcoming Scoot into this world, the family moved to Marietta, Georgia. This is where they still reside up to this day and where Scoot was born and raised.

Scoot’s father Chris Henderson is a licensed basketball coach and trainer. He had various jobs at different high school basketball programs and some college programs. However, in late 2003 the move to Georgia was so he and his wife Crystal could open their own training facility called Next Play 360, located in Marietta.

Scoot’s mother Crystal Henderson is a healthcare administrator and she co-owns the Next Play 360 training facility together with her husband. The family’s involvement in the game of basketball meant that all of their 7 children were exposed to the game from a very young age and 4 of the 7 kids developed to be notable basketball talents in their own right.

Scoot Henderson’s Siblings

Scoot is the 6th child of 7, with 4 of the siblings being girls and 3 boys. Scoot’s two oldest brothers are CJ and Jade Henderson. CJ, the oldest of the seven, had a notable basketball career of his own at Kells High School. However, he didn’t pursue this path after that. Instead, CJ found his passion in the real estate industry. He is currently a highly successful real estate agent.

Jade, the other brother, was a talented American football player during his high school and college days. He failed to get drafted into the NFL though and not much is known as to what he is doing since graduating from college.

Scoot’s only younger sibling is his fiery sister Crystal Henderson. Crystal is an excellent basketball player in her own right and she broke all kinds of records for scoring both at high school and college levels. The other 3 Henderson sisters also played basketball up to the NCAA Division I level. All 3 of them, Onyx, China and Diamond are their names, continue to pursue development in the sport. Onyx and China only recently earned their basketball coaching licenses and they began helping the parents in the Next Play 360 training facility.

Scoot Henderson’s Nickname

Born Sterling Henderson, the 6th child of Chris and Crystal was soon to be known to all simply as “Scoot”, or “Scoota”. This nickname was given to Scoot Henderson by his father only age 2 after seeing him how he scoots across the basketball court in the family’s training facility.

Is Scoot ready to scoot his way to a top 3 NBA Draft pick? We firmly believe so!

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