Latest Ben Simmons Trade Rumors – 76ers Progress In Trade Talks

More than a third of the regular NBA season is gone and Ben Simmons is still sitting out the games. So, it’s obvious by now that his time in the City of Brotherly Love has come to an end, but we still don’t know where his future lies.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at how this situation is developing and what are the latest news regarding Ben Simmons and his potential trade.

What’s the Current Situation with Ben Simmons and 76ers?

The latest information is coming from one of the NBA’s most reliable insiders Adrian Wojnarowski, who claims that the Sixers are finally progressing in their trade talks with other teams:

At the moment, Simmons is still missing the games because he doesn’t feel mentally ready to play and he is sticking to his guns despite 76ers finning him for every match that he misses.

So, Ben Simmons is still sitting out the matches, but at least it seems that the Sixers are moving forward with potential trade scenarios.

Where Will Ben Simmons End Up?

We don’t know yet which teams are involved in trade talks with Philadelphia, but we have some idea of it. Here are some potential trade destinations for Ben Simmons:

  • Portland Trail Blazers – It’s been a tough season for the Blazers so far and the team has been stuck in mediocrity for a while now, so a change would probably do them good. Also, Dame Lillard would reportedly like to team up with Ben Simmons.
  • Indiana Pacers – The reports from Indiana say that the Pacers are ready to trade some of their most valuable assets, like Caris LaVert or Myles Turner, or even Domantas Sabonis. So, the Pacers sound like a logical trade partner for 76ers.
  • Brooklyn Nets – The Nets have their own problems similar to those of 76ers since one of their main starts Kyrie Irving is not playing or even practicing with the team, due to his refusal to get vaccinated, which is a mandate in the state. So, a trade for Ben Simmons would solve the problems of both teams in one swift move.
  • San Antonio Spurs – Greg Popovich has been a vocal fan of Simmons for a while now and the Spurs have been mentioned in trade rumours as they lurk from the back and wait for the situation to develop further.

Ben Simmons

Of course, it’s possible that we will see a three-team trade or some other creative solution, but the main question is how much is Philadelphia ready to give up on their demands. According to their officials, 76ers are still looking for a hefty return in the potential trade – a player they deem worthy of Top 25 in the entire league.

Whether they can get that value back or not remains to be seen, but Simmons has a long-term contract and the 76ers can afford to wait a while longer.

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