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Dennis Schroder parents, siblings, and family: How Axel Schroder inspired his son to become an NBA star?

Dennis Schroder just become the stuff of legends when it comes to German basketball. The Toronto Raptors point guard led Germany to their first-ever FIBA World Cup title in the Philippines. Schroder led Germany both in scoring and assists per game. The 10-year NBA veteran has become one of Germany’s best basketball players since the legendary Dirk Nowitzki.

Have you ever wondered where Dennis Schroder’s love for basketball comes from? Where he is born? Who are his parents? Well, here we give you all that information and more.

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Who are Dennis Schroder’s parents?

Dennis Schroder was born on September 15, 1993, in Braunschweig, Germany. His father is the Braunschweig native Axel Schroder. His mother comes from the Gambia and her name is Fatou Schroder.

Axel Schroder

Dennis’ father Axel Schroder has been a major influence in his son’s life. Axel was a professional basketball player himself and he represented Germany a few decades before his son took them to the World Title.

Axel met his wife Fatou while playing professional basketball in the Gambian league. Once back home he brought her over and married her.

After retiring from basketball Axel has tried several business ventures with various success. He nurtured his son’s love for the sport and played one-on-one with him on many occasions.

Unfortunately, Axel Schroder had heart problems all his life and he died in 2009 of heart failure, failing to see his son drafted to the NBA. Still, his impact on Dennis was massive and even Dennis himself has said numerous times that it was his father’s death that focused Dennis and made him want to become a famous basketball player more than anything.

Dennis still cites his father as the person who turned him into a professional basketball player.

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Fatou Schroder

Fatou Schroder is from the Gambia. She is from a Muslim family and continues to follow those beliefs. She married her husband and received German citizenship, which allowed her to settle in Braunschweig where she continues to live a simple and modest life.

Fatou is a homemaker and for many years all her energy had been channelled into raising her kids as a single mother.

Dennis recognised his mother as the rock that has helped him through some tough times on numerous occasions. It seems Fatou has specialised in being the confidant and soft shoulder for her children over the years and she has always been there for them.

Who are Dennis Schroder’s siblings?

Dennis Schroder is the middle child of 5. He has two older brothers – Cheyassin Schroder and Bakary Schroder. Cheyassin has played a key role in Dennis’ life as Ellen Ziolos, the woman Dennis fell in love with and married, was originally in Cheyassin’s class in school and that’s how the happy couple first met.

Dennis also has two younger sisters – Aminata Schroder and Awa Schroder. Dennis and Awa have a very close relationship and when they were young they used the skateboard together for hours.

The Schroder family is united and they always look after each other, with Axel’s influence still felt strong even though he has been gone from their lives for some time now.

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