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Belmont Stakes 2023 Betting Tips and Predictions

In the world of horse racing betting, there’s always a buzz around prestigious races. Of course, the Belmont Stakes is certainly one that fits into this category. As the third and final leg of the Triple Crown, horse racing fans and punters alike are all excited about this one. But who will ultimately win the race and take the glory? Well, that’s where my Belmont Stakes betting tips enter the picture.

Belmont Stakes Predictions

I’ve looked at the full lineup for the race today, identified the form for individual horses, and cross-referenced this with the current odds. This research has enabled me to produce some quality Belmont Stakes tips for this enormous horse race. So if you’ve been eagerly searching for reliable tips that are backed up by reliable information, you’re in the right place.

Check out my Belmont Stakes predictions throughout the following sections for a full breakdown.

Belmont Stakes Betting Tips 2023 – Main Markets

As you might be aware, with the Belmont Stakes being such a large race, there are all kinds of markets you can back. However, in order to provide the most suitable tips possible, I’ve focused on the primary markets, first and foremost. These are the markets that relate to the most important outcomes in the event such as who will win, place, or show. 

So naturally, I’ve shared my Belmont Stakes predictions for each of these three markets ahead of this event.

Moneyline – Forte – 2/1 Odds

Although the lineup for the 2023 Belmont Stakes is pretty strong, I believe that Forte is the horse that will get the job done. He is a prolific winner, as proven since he has won all of his outings since September 2022. This included 4 wins, 3 of which were Grade One races. Needless to say, not many horses have such a track record, and it shows that when he participates in these bigger races, he always brings his A-game. 

To Show – Angel Of Empire – 10/3 Odds

At this point in the Triple Crown, many punters like to pay special attention to horses that have competed in the previous ‘legs’ of the crown. Angel Of Empire is one of these horses, and this horse achieved a 3rd place finish in the Kentucky Derby just 4/5 weeks ago. This was the last race that Angel Of Empire has competed in too, so he should be feeling fresh heading into the Belmont Stakes. 

Then again, I don’t believe he has what is required to beat the likes of Forte or National Treasure (my pick for the next market). So the best play for this market is to pick him to show.

To Place – National Treasure – 11/2 Odds

Personally, I find it interesting that the odds are so long on National Treasure going into the Belmont Stakes. It seems that punters are forgetting that this horse won the Preakness Stakes just a few weeks back. So naturally, he has shown that he is capable of winning the biggest races in North America. Furthermore, if you look at the horses that are ahead of National Treasure according to the odds, he isn’t all that far off in terms of overall form.

Based on this, and since he is the only horse in the lineup that has won a leg of the Triple Crown in 2023, there is huge value in picking National Treasure to place.

Belmont Stakes Tips – Extra Markets

It goes without saying that the main markets are usually the preferred choice for punters in this sport. Yet for those who are feeling adventurous, or for those who are more experienced in horse racing betting, I’ve got a couple of extra Belmont Stakes predictions for you right here.

Possible Underdog – Red Route One – 12/1 Odds

If you’re not too concerned about backing one of the favourites, Red Route One is a solid choice as a potential underdog winner. You could even back this horse along with one of the previous tips shown for the main markets above. In doing so, you could still come away with a decent return if the selections pulled through. Anyway – why Red Route One?

Well, this horse put in a great performance in the Preakness Stakes a few weeks ago. He finished 4th at a starting price of 8/1, so he was just out of the ‘show’ positions. With that said, he finished narrowly behind Mage, the Kentucky Derby winner. So this demonstrates that he can hang with the big guns, and if he gets out of the gates quickly, he can certainly challenge for the win.

Trifecta – Forte, National Treasure, Angel Of Empire

To clarify, trifecta betting markets are incredibly difficult to predict. Then again, that’s why you can land such sky-high odds if you take a punt on them. For this market, you must predict the top three finishers in the exact order for your bet to win. And after weighing up all of the factors that went into the research for these Belmont Stakes betting tips, I’m going for the following:

  • 1st – Forte
  • 2nd – National Treasure
  • 3rd – Angel Of Empire

Belmont Stakes Predictions – FAQs

How long have I got to follow up on these Belmont Stakes tips?

Well, you can place a wager on the markets mentioned here right the way up until the race begins. However, some significant price movements might be witnessed later in the day.

Is it better to back these Belmont Stakes predictions sooner rather than later?

Yes. If you place a wager on any of the tips displayed here as soon as you get done reading through this information, you’ll be able to lock in the odds shown (or close enough). But if you leave it until later, the same value might not be available.

What are the chances that the mentioned odds will change?

As touched upon above, it is very likely that the odds mentioned for these Belmont Stakes tips will move as the day progresses. 

Are there other betting markets I can explore for the Belmont Stakes?

Absolutely. I’ve provided Belmont Stakes predictions for some of the most popular markets for this race. But if you wish to explore others, just pick this race at your chosen bookmaker and you’ll unearth plenty more.

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