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Belmont Stakes Horses 2023: The Complete Field and Lineup

Belmont Stakes Horses 2023: The Complete Field and Lineup
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The anticipation for the 155th Belmont Stakes is reaching its peak as the lineup for the prestigious race has been finalized. Scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 10, the Belmont Stakes promises to be a thrilling contest as some of the finest thoroughbred horses compete in the longest race of the Triple Crown season.

Let’s look at this year’s editions of Belmont Stakes horses and the complete field and lineup for the race.

2023 Belmont Stakes Horses – The Full Lineup



Tapit Shoes



Tapit Trice






National Treasure



Il Miracolo






Hit Show



Angel of Empire



Red Route One


Forte Leads the Pack

Despite winning the Preakness Stakes at 5-1 odds, National Treasure is not the favorite in the 12-furlong marathon. That distinction goes to Forte, who sits atop the morning line at 5-2 odds at Belmont Stakes. With an impressive pedigree and strong performances leading up to the race, Forte is expected to be a formidable contender in the Belmont Stakes.

Tapit Trice: In Pursuit of Redemption

Another horse to watch out for is Tapit Trice, considered one of the favorites for the Kentucky Derby. However, a disappointing seventh-place finish in the Derby has dropped his status, not his potential. With four consecutive victories prior to the Derby, Tapit Trice is listed as the 3-1 second choice in the Belmont Stakes, aiming to redeem himself on the grand stage.

Remembering Secretariat: The Story of Tapit Shoes

Adding a touch of nostalgia to this year’s race, Tapit Shoes will break from the rail, just as the legendary Big Red, Secretariat, did 50 years ago at Belmont Park. This makes for an intriguing parallel, and fans of racing history will surely appreciate this symbolic connection. Trained by Brad Cox, Tapit Shoes is projected at a price of 20-1, providing a compelling long-shot possibility.

An Open Field: The Impact of Absentee Winner

However, it’s worth noting that the Kentucky Derby winner, Mage, will not be participating in the final race of the Triple Crown. This absence creates an even playing field for the remaining contenders, intensifying the competition and increasing the chances of an upset.

Betting at Belmont: Enhancing the Thrill of the Race

Horse betting offers a thrilling opportunity for those who want to add excitement to the Belmont Stakes. With the ability to place wagers on your favorite horses, you can immerse yourself in the race, cheering on your picks and experiencing the exhilaration of victory firsthand. To help with this, we have prepared some Belmont Stakes predictions and betting tips for you.

Belmont Stakes Horses 2023: The Complete Field and Lineup

Belmont Stakes: The Decider of the Triple Crown

The Belmont Stakes is a key event in the horse racing calendar, alongside the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, forming the esteemed Triple Crown. Each race showcases the finest thoroughbreds, jockeys, and trainers vying for the ultimate glory in horse racing.

The Belmont Stakes, in particular, stands out as the ultimate test of stamina, as it covers a grueling 12 furlongs, demanding both speed and endurance from the competing horses.

Final Thoughts: Anticipating a Spectacle

As the 155th Belmont Stakes draws near, horse racing enthusiasts eagerly await the spectacle unfolding on the track. The complete field and lineup offer diverse talent and potential, setting the stage for an unforgettable contest.

With favorites like Forte and Tapit Trice and the underdog appeal of Tapit Shoes, this year’s Belmont Stakes promises to be a captivating race, sure to be etched in the annals of horse racing history.

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