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Belmont Stakes Odds – Who Are the Main Favourites to Win in 2023

Ready for the final leg of the 2023 Triple Crown? The Belmont Stakes is taking place today, and it will no doubt be a spectacular event. As you may be aware, the first two legs of the Triple Crown have already been held. These involved the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes promises to be just as exciting. And if you’ve come here looking for the Belmont Stakes odds for the main contenders, you’re in luck.

Belmont Stakes Odds

Within the information shared below, I will be running through the race favourites, their respective odds, and why they are down as the favourites too. Of course, you can use this information to determine what wagers you wish to make for the 2023 Belmont Stakes. Anyway, let’s now get right into the main information as the build-up continues for this huge race.

Belmont Stakes Favourites 2023

For the 2023 Belmont Stakes race, a total of 9 horses are set to be running. However, it goes without saying that not all of these horses would be classified as Belmont Stakes favourites. In fact, this only really applies to a handful of horses that are in the lineup. Adding to that, the favourites are essentially determined by the Belmont Stakes odds that the bookmakers assign to each horse. Of course, this kind of information is critical when looking into this subject and it can affect our Belmont Stakes predictions too.

So without further ado, let me discuss the three main Belmont Stakes favourites for the race today.


Of the entire 9-horse field for the 2023 Belmont Stakes, Forte is leading the pack. If you look back through his results, it’s obvious that he is a serial winner of some huge races too. In fact, he has won 4 of his last 4 starts, and these results include three G1 races. This has helped him to climb the ladder in terms of the Belmont Stakes odds and it puts him as the outright favourite to win. 

Tapit Trice

Tapit Trice is following Forte closely in the current standings for the main favourites. This horse did compete in the Kentucky Derby, which not many others in the lineup today can say. However, it didn’t quite go as expected, as Tapit Trice finished 7th from a field of 18 horses. Then again, prior to the Kentucky Derby, he had four wins in a row, and many punters clearly feel he can do it again in the Belmont Stakes.

Angel Of Empire

Angel Of Empire is the only one of these three Belmont Stakes favourites that has achieved a top-three finish in one of the previous two Triple Crown legs. This came at the Kentucky Derby when Angel Of Empire finished 3rd behind the ultimate winner, Mage. Yet much like the previous two horses mentioned here, Angel Of Empire had previously produced a string of big wins. He had 3 wins from 5 going into the Kentucky Derby, and he is now back for another bite of the cherry in the Belmont Stakes.

Belmont Stakes Odds for the Main Favourites

Now that I’ve given you a rundown of the Belmont Stakes favourites for today, it’s time to take a closer look at their respective odds. In fact, to give you an even wider net when it comes to researching this event, I’ve provided the latest odds for the top five horses below:

  • Forte – 2/1 Odds
  • Tapit Trice – 10/3 Odds
  • Angel Of Empire – 7/2 Odds
  • National Treasure – 13/2 Odds
  • Hit Show – 9/1 Odds

Once you move beyond Hit Show, who is the 5th favourite to win the Belmont Stakes according to the odds, the prices drop off quite sharply. So strictly speaking, these are the five horses that are receiving the most attention from punters right now. But with these odds on show, there is still a burning question that needs to be answered. Of the Belmont Stakes favourites I’ve highlighted here, which ones show the best value?

Which Belmont Stakes Favourites to Consider Backing

Keeping the focus on these top contenders, it’s fair to say that they all have a realistic shot of winning the Belmont Stakes. Yet there can only be one winner. And from a betting perspective, it’s always a good idea to check out some justified tips before placing your wagers. Therefore, I’ve given you a couple of ideas based on the Belmont Stakes odds for these top contenders.

Forte to Win

I think most punters would agree with me on this one. Forte is the obvious choice to win from the 2023 Belmont Stakes lineup. Sure, he hasn’t yet taken place in any of the Triple Crown races for 2023, but he was down to race in the Preakness Stakes before withdrawing. For me, this means that he will be completely fresh and ready to give it his all today. At the same time, you just cannot argue with the track record of this horse.

He has been simply flawless for the better part of 9 months now, winning every race that he’s been involved in. 

Angel Of Empire To Show

Angel Of Empire is an interesting one. He is the only horse that has performed in the biggest events of the Triple Crown this season. And if it wasn’t for a sensational run by Mage in the Kentucky Derby, he would have placed if not won the entire thing. This shows that he has the legs over this distance, yet I’m not entirely sure that he could beat Forte. Therefore, you could take on the competitive Belmont Stakes odds in the ‘show’ market for Angel Of Empire.

Belmont Stakes Odds – FAQs

Are the Belmont Stakes odds you’ve provided accurate?

Yes – the odds we’ve shown here are the most recent odds provided. 

Is it likely that these Belmont Stakes odds will shift prior to the race?

Yes. As punters pour money into the various Belmont Stakes favourites, the odds will inevitably jump around before things begin.

Is it a guarantee that one of the Belmont Stakes favourites will win the race?

Not at all. However, it’s obviously a ‘less risky’ play to wager on the favourites compared to choosing a huge underdog. 

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