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Lucky 15 tips for today’s racing 13/06/2024

Are you a fan of horse racing? Do you love taking the odd punt or two on the races on a fairly regular basis? If so, you will find plenty of value in the information pertaining to Lucky 15 racing tips that we’ve got for you right here. Furthermore, with so many races taking place each day around the world, we are thrilled to announce that you can find Lucky 15 tips for today and other upcoming racedays on this very page.

Lucky 15 Tips Today

With this said, we’ve also got standard horse racing tips today if that’s of interest. So as you can see, when it comes to tips on all of the top horse races, we take things seriously. On that note, let us highlight our main Lucky 15 tips today right now before diving into other areas surrounding this exciting form of betting.

Our Lucky 15 tips today

Ready to find out what our best Lucky 15 racing tips are for today’s events? Check out the tips below for a full breakdown.

The odds provided for these markets are accurate at the time of writing.

16:29 Kelso – Augharue – 3/1 odds

Starting the day with a five-star rated horse seems like a good way to get these lucky 15 tips flowing! Augharue is the horse that boasts such an accolade, and he is competing in the Kelso 16:29 this afternoon. As you can also see, he has a price of 3/1 right now, which is very competitive for a race favorite who has finished 3rd and 2nd in his most recent two events. Furthermore, since the going is ‘soft’ and the race is held at the 2m 1f mark, I feel he can dig deeper than the other horses and stick with it to achieve the win.

17:30 Chelmsford – Corinthia Knight – 5/2 odds

Corinthia Knight is a much-improved runner who is competing in the 17:30 in Chelmsford today. He has moved up in the standings recently both in terms of his turf mark and overall form, and today, he is the race favorite at 5/2. Some punters are a little shy, however, from backing this horse for the win since he hasn’t won a race since 2019. But if you look at his last four races, he has finished 3rd twice and 2nd twice, and on both 2nd place finishes, he was less than a length away from taking the win.

19:00 Chelmsford – Asdaa – 11/4 odds

Sticking at Chelmsford for another event, it’s Asdaa, who I am going for in the 19:00 race. This is one seven-year-old who has an impressive CV, which includes nine career wins in total. More specifically, two of these nine wins have come on the track at Chelmsford. Then again, Asdaa has struggled to find wins in recent times, which is why he is only the second favorite today with a price of 11/4. Yet for me, the 2lb drop coming into this race, and because this event is 1m in distance, suggests he can upset the odds and achieve a first-place finish.

20:00 Chelmsford – Last Date – 3/1 odds

Last Date is the final pick to wrap up these lucky 15 tips today, and he has odds of 3/1 for the victory, as you can see. Much like the previous horse I’ve selected above, however, Last Date hasn’t been tearing it up recently in terms of race wins, which is why the odds are so appealing to back this horse. Additionally, he is a CD on this track, meaning he has won here at the 7f distance in the past, and this is always a promising point when assessing any horse. And just to top things off, his last four races have been at Chelmsford, and the most recent two have resulted in 3rd and 2nd place finishes.

Lucky 15 racing tips explained

As you can see above, these are the Lucky 15 tips today that we feel are the most valuable. However, if you weren’t entirely sure of how these tips and respective wagers worked, the information provided wouldn’t be much use. So let us spend a moment to inform you about how Lucky 15 wagers work and what the tips actually mean. In short, Lucky 15 wagers consist of a total of 15 bets – hence the name. These bets are broken down as follows:

  • 4x singles bets
  • 6x doubles bets
  • 4x trebles bets
  • 1x accumulator bet

As displayed here, this results in a total of 15 individual bets. And this means that your chosen ‘unit stake’, meaning the bet size for each wager, is multiplied by 15 to create the total bet. This is the general overview of what a Lucky 15 bet is, and the 4x singles, as well as the 1x accumulator portions, are pretty self-explanatory. However, some punters have difficulty with the 6x doubles and 4x trebles parts of such wagers.

Basically, if you make a doubles bet from the four selections, there are only 6x combinations that can be made. This holds true with trebles, where there are then just 4x combinations of the suggested wagers. 

How these Lucky 15 racing tips were generated

Okay – now you should be feeling confident with Lucky 15 wagers, how they work, and you’ve already got Lucky 15 tips today to bet on. With that said, another important element of these tips relates to how they have been created. Therefore, we want to show you how these tips have been generated so that you can feel assured and comfortable with backing them.

Predictions based on perceived value

When we say ‘perceived value’, we mean that the odds for the chosen horses are essentially not what they should be. For example, if we believe a horse has a 50% chance of winning a race or more, yet the odds are 3.00 (33.33% probability), that would indicate good value for this particular market. 

Recent form of individual horses

Horse racing, like all sports, is very much linked to the formbook in terms of what can happen. Of course, punters use the formbook to analyze how any horse is performing at the moment, and we use it too. With that said, we tend to concentrate on the last five races for any horse when creating our Lucky 15 racing tips. This way, the formbook is recent enough to have an impact.

Chances of winning assessed against other participants

Because horse races consist of many participants, you have to assess the horse you wish to back against others in the lineup. After all, it could be the case that the horse hasn’t been racing great in recent times, yet they’ve consistently beaten those in the lineup for an individual event. This can, and does, provide opportunities to lock in value bets.

Success with respective jockey

Horses do build close relationships with the jockeys that ride them in various races. And this shines through when you see that certain horses tend to race better with particular jockeys compared to others. Therefore, our Lucky 15 tips today always factor the jockey into the equation, as this can influence the outcome.

Performances in the Same or Similar Races

The final element that we investigate when establishing these Lucky 15 racing tips is how a horse performs in specific events. For example, some horses perform better in handicap events, others in hurdles, and others in long-distance races. It all depends on the speciality of the horse in question, which is why it’s critical to look at this before producing any predictions.

FAQS – Lucky 15 tips today

Are these Lucky 15 tips today completely reliable?

In terms of the research that has gone into these tips, absolutely. We’ve worked hard to come up with the best options before publishing these Lucky 15 racing tips. However, the tips cannot be regarded as ‘guarantees’, so just bear this in mind.

What makes these Lucky 15 racing tips better than others?

There are a few reasons we believe that our Lucky 15 tips today are better than others. These reasons include our research process, validation through supporting odds, the scope of races that we cover, and other reasons too.

Are the odds provided for all Lucky 15 racing tips accurate?

Yes. But as you will likely be aware, horse racing odds can swing quite wildly from one hour to the next. These swings are beyond our control, which is why the odds that you might ultimately see for the respective tips might be different from the odds supplied at the time of publication.

How much does it cost to back your Lucky 15 tips today?

Well, it doesn’t cost anything for you to read our Lucky 15 racing tips, which is something we are truly proud of. As for what it costs for you to back the tips, this depends on your chosen stake size. Just remember that with Lucky 15 bets, you are making 15 different wagers bundled into one. So you must multiply your intended stake size by 15x to get the final cost of the wager.

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