UCI World Championships Events 2023 – From BMX to Mountain Biking

The 2023 UCI World Championships in Glasgow is the biggest cycling event ever and in the space of just 11 days 13 different major cycling World Championships will be contested as over 8,000 elite riders battle for medals and the right to wear the 13 rainbow jerseys that are up for grabs. Do you wonder what the UCI World Championships events are? Are you unsure if UCI World Championships mountain bikes will be part of the fun? Wonder no more as below we give you detailed information regarding all the 13 different cycling World Championships Categories that will form the 2023 UCI Glasgow mega cycling event.

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What are all 2023 UCI World Championships Categories?

2023 UCI Road World Championships

Undoubtedly, the most popular of all the 13 cycling World Championships that will be panning out is the road even. With all of the best riders in the world coming to Scotland to tackle the challenging roads the trills and emotions will run high. With road cycling World Championships indisputably the most popular road racing there is on bikes the emotions and the tensions are bound to run high during the 9 days of racing.

All road races, but the time trial, are set to finish at George Square, Glasgow. The time trial will pan out in a different location though. The historic city of Stirling will host this particular event. Also, both the Men & Women Elite Road Races will start at the Scottish capital Edinburgh and weave their way through the countryside before the thrilling finish in Glasgow. If you don’t want to miss any of the action all you have to do is follow our daily bulletin with all the action that will take place on that day.

2023 UCI Track World Championships

Track cycling has become Britain’s favourite cycling sport simply because British riders always compete for medals and glory in that event. The Track World Championship will be held at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow. It will pan out over the course of 11 days and will see 22 sets of medals, 11 for men and 11 for women being decided.

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With Team GB already amassing over 10 medals, 6 of those golds, in just the first 2 days of the 2023 UCI Track World Championships, the interest for that event is bound to be high. Already, finding tickets for the Velodrome has become a prized commodity.

2023 UCI Mountain Bike Cross-country World Championships

The UCI World Championships mountain bikes will start on August 08th and the last race will be on August 12th. The action will take place at the legendary among mountain bikers for its tricky climbs and sharp bends Glentress Forest in the Tweed Valley.

There will be multiple world championships events, including an electric mountain bike race.

2023 UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Championships

The UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Championship is undeniably the most thrilling event there is. Elite riders tumble down hairy hills filled with tree roots, rocks and all kinds of other obstacles. They do that at speeds of 70-80km/h, all for the right to be crowned king and queen of the hills.

The 2023 UCI Mountain Bike Downhill events will be in the shadow of the iconic Ben Nevis at the Nevis Range Mountain Resort, Fort William.

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2023 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships

The UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships will also be held at the Glentress Forest in the Tweed Valley. This is the ultimate test of endurance for riders as they have to cover 100km of rough and muddy terrain.

This is the shortest of all 13 cycling World Championships as all the action will be congested in a single day. Both the men and the women will race on Sunday, August 06th. The best part is that shortly after the Elite riders set off any amateur brave enough to tackle the same course will be allowed to follow them and see if they can survive this test.

2023 UCI BMX World Championships

The UCI World Championships BMX holds 4 different BMX World Championships all in the same place and here we give you all the categories.

  • BMX Freestyle Park World Championships at the Glasgow Green, Glasgow is basically an audacious display of skill and acrobatics while jumping over ramps, walls and all kinds of obstacles.
  • BMX Freestyle Flatland World Championships¬†at the Glasgow Green, Glasgow is basically break-dancing while standing on a BMX. Fun event and hugely popular in America.
  • BMX Trials World Championships at the Glasgow Green, Glasgow is the ultimate test for bicycle-based technical skills. Riders have to jump, hop and manoeuvre their way through a challenging obstacle-filled course.
  • BMX Racing World Championships at the Glasgow BMX Centre, Glasgow promises to be full of excitement. In many various categories, the BMX’s fastest riders will be taking to the course.

2023 UCI Other World Championships

The UCI’s final 4 World Championship events are as follows: Gran Fondo (a road race for everyone); Indoor Cycling (Artistic Cycling at its best + Cycle-Ball); Para-Cycling Road (para-athletes take to the roads) and Para-Cycling Track (para-athletes show how fast they can be on the same track as the Elite riders).

Key Locations for the 2023 UCI World Championships Events

With over 8,000 professional athletes from over 120 countries contesting 13 different Cycling World Championship over just 11 days roughly in the same location an abundance of sweat, mud, blood, tears and joy are guaranteed. If you want to keep up with all the action and plan your visit here is a detailed list of the locations for all 13 different Cycling World Championships:

  • BMX Freestyle Park (Glasgow Green, Glasgow)
  • BMX Freestyle Flatland (Glasgow Green, Glasgow)
  • BMX Racing (Glasgow BMX Centre, Glasgow)
  • Gran Fondo (Dundee & Angus and Perth & Kinross)
  • Indoor (Emirates Arena, Glasgow)
  • Mountain Bike Cross Country (Glentress Forest, Tweed Valley)
  • Mountain Bike Cross Country Marathon (Glentress Forest, Tweed Valley)
  • Mountain Bike Downhill (Nevis Range Mountain Resort, Fort William)
  • Para-cycling Road (Dumfries & Galloway)
  • Para-cycling Track (Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Glasgow)
  • Road (Road Race Start: Edinburgh / Loch Lomond Road Race Finish: George Square, Glasgow, Time Trial: Stirling)
  • Track (Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Glasgow)
  • Trials (Glasgow Green, Glasgow)

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