UCI Road World Championships 2023 Schedule – When Will the Races Take Place?

This is one of the best times of the year if you are a fan of road racing in the sport of cycling. In fact, if you’ve yet to check out the upcoming world championships, I’d recommend looking at my full UCI Road World Championships preview when you can. This contains a ton of key information about the event. However, right here, I will be keeping the focus on the UCI Road World Championships schedule for 2023.

UCI Road World Championships Schedule

Fortunately, the schedule is packed for these championships, so we’ve got loads of high-quality races to watch. As for when the action will begin, the individual races will start on Saturday, August 5th. From here, there will be races each and every day until the UCI Road World Championships come to a close on Sunday, August 13th. With this said, as you might be aware, these championships offer a blend of adult and youth races between these dates.

Not only that, but the races are varied in how they operate too. Some are road races, others are individual time trials, and there is one mixed relay event. This means there is something for everyone. And now, let’s delve deeper into the complete UCI Road World Championships schedule.

UCI Road World Championships Schedule – Event Overview

This year is the 96th installment of the UCI Road World Championships. And over the years, this event has gone through quite a transformation. What started out as an event for amateurs has evolved to become one of the premium events in the sport of cycling. In fact, this time around, there are 13 races involved in the UCI Road World Championships. All of these races are set to be held in Scotland this year, which guarantees some exciting courses and quite spectacular scenery too.

However, in terms of the overview of the UCI Road World Championships schedule, I figured it’s best to let you know what’s happening on certain days. So below, I’ve provided a brief run-through of the events by date. Yet if this isn’t quite specific enough, for those who are interested, I’ve provided the exact races and times in the following section. 

But first, let me provide the overview as promised:

  • August 5th – 2x Races – Junior Women & Junior Men
  • August 6th – 1x Race – Elite Men
  • August 7th – Rest Day
  • August 8th – 1x Mixed Team Relay
  • August 9th – 1x Time Trial – Under-23 Men
  • August 10th – 3x Time Trials – Under-23 Women, Elite Women, Junior Women
  • August 11th – 2x Time Trials – Junior Men, Elite Men
  • August 12th – 1x Race – Under-23 Men
  • August 13th – 2x Races – Elite Women, Under-23 Women

As highlighted above, each of the UCI Road World Championships dates plays host to different races, which is all part of the fun. Additionally, the schedule begins with some of the key road races before moving on to the designated time trials. This way, the UCI Road World Championships remain fresh for cycling fans, and it’s also perfectly designed for the contenders too.

UCI Road World Championships Dates With Races & times

You’ve now got a general overview to refer to for the UCI Road World Championships schedule. But what I haven’t yet disclosed is the exact UCI Road World Championships race times for the dates shown above. Therefore, given that these race times are important, especially if you plan on watching the events, let me provide such details now:

  • August 5th – Junior Women 10:00, Junior Men 13:00
  • August 6th – Elite Men 09:30
  • August 8th – Mixed Team Relay 13:00
  • August 9th – Under-23 Men 14:30
  • August 10th – Junior Women 11:15, Under-23 Women & Elite Women 14:00
  • August 11th – Junior Men 10:00, Elite Men 14:35
  • August 12th – Under-23 Men 12:00
  • August 13th – Elite Women & Under-23 Women 12:00

To quickly clarify, all of the times listed here are UK start times. And if you wish to watch any of the road races, time trials, or even the mixed team relay, you can do so on BBC Two or Three. Both channels are sharing the coverage of the 2023 UCI Road World Championships, which is ideal for UK viewers!

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