Tour de France Live Stream – Where to Watch the Race Online?

With the Tour de France being the largest and most grueling bike race in the world, naturally, it draws plenty of attention from fans. Speaking of which, unless you are visiting to watch the race live, you must lock in a Tour de France live stream to watch it on TV. And as you’ve no doubt guessed already, below, I will be discussing the various Tour de France live stream options for various countries around the world. 

Tour de France live stream

So if you want to know exactly where you can watch the remainder of the Tour de France 2023, check out the details below.

Options for Accessing a Tour de France Live Stream – Nation by Nation

Before I reveal the options for watching the Tour de France in all of the major English-speaking countries, I’d like to clarify something. All of the options I am about to highlight are 100% legal in the respective countries. After all, these are options for those who can’t watch Tour de France on TV.

Furthermore, the Tour de France live stream options mentioned can normally be accessed on multiple devices to suit your preferences. This includes standard TVs, laptops, tablets, PCs, and smartphones.

And with that cleared up, let’s jump into the Tour de France live stream services for 2023.

Tour de France Live Stream UK

Since the Tour de France is broadcasted in full by Eurosport in the United Kingdom, this is the best service available for accessing a live stream. However, it’s not your only option, believe it or not. The broadcasting rights are shared among a couple of free-to-view options too, including ITV4 and ITVX. Now, if you go down the ITV4 route, you should be able to access this through your direct TV connection. But if you want to check out the stream through ITVX, you will need to open an account, which is also free.

Coming back to Eurosport, however, you can lock in a subscription to this through Discovery Plus, which costs just £6.99/month. 

USA Tour de France Live Stream Options

Of course, if you are based in the USA and you want to watch the Tour de France, the streaming options are different from the UK. But just like all countries I’ve covered here, there are multiple options for you to pick from. Starting with the best option, this would be Peacock, which is a streaming platform owned by NBC. You can watch with ads for a price of $4.99/month, or to watch with no ads, the price is $9.99/month. 

Alternatively, you can watch the race through a Sling TV subscription. Or more specifically, you’ll need a Sling Blue Plan, which costs $45 per month. 

Tour de France Live Stream Australia

For those based Down Under, you’ve arguably got the best deal of them all. Through direct TV services in Australia, you can watch the entire race through SBS. And if you miss any of the stages or any of the key action, you can always catch up on what you’ve missed via SBS on Demand. This is also completely free for you to sign up with. But of course, if you watch on Demand, while this is linked to the Tour de France live stream service, you won’t be watching the action live.

Canada Tour de France Live Stream Services

Last but not least, I had to cover the loyal Tour de France viewers in Canada here. Now, you might not be able to secure a fantastic deal to watch the Tour de France in Canada, but you’ve still got options, which is better than in some countries! In fact, the best option you have in Canada is to view the race on FloBikes. This is a pretty awesome streaming service that costs $150 per year, which is steep, but it’s worth it if you love cycling!

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