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Best betting experts to follow

We’ve all been in the situation where our mates are bragging about the big win they had at the weekend. Even if you know they’re exaggerating, it can make you feel inferior. You spend so much time watching sport, surely it shouldn’t be so hard to find a winner. Well, we can’t make any promises because that’s the nature of gambling but following the best betting experts certainly won’t put you in a worse situation. Here we look at some of the best betting experts to look out for.

What makes someone a betting expert?

Before we dive into the betting experts you should follow, we just want to discuss what separates an expert from someone who just throws out random tips and predictions via social media. Now, we’re not saying that those who operate on social media can’t be experts because, as you read on, you’ll realise that’s not the case.

What we are saying is that just because someone refers to themselves as a ‘tipster‘ and posts bet slips it doesn’t mean they’re an expert. When we talk about betting experts we’re talking about people – or companies – that follow consistent strategies in an attempt to identify winning bets and/or sports trades on a regular basis.

Who are the best betting experts to follow?

6. Alex Ong

We kick off our look at the best betting experts with Alex Ong. Ong’s background is actually in the financial sector with 16 years’ experience in trading; during that time he’s migrated away from the world of finance and began to focus on something he feels more passion for – football. Specifically, Ong trades on football matches.

Now, this is an important note. Ong isn’t someone who will throw you multiple tips per week where you can waltz in on a Saturday morning, place your wager and withdraw your cash in the evening significantly better off. Instead, he looks to educate you in trading strategies that work for him. Again, this isn’t a ‘do it once’ thing because his method is built on consistency; it’s a long term approach.

Thankfully, Ong’s approach isn’t one of all talk. If you’re not interested in learning the methodology he follows then you can simply follow him and jump on the tips he puts out in his live trade videos.

5. Caan Berry

If reading about Ong makes you think all betting experts come from a financial background then a look at Caan Berry should drive home the point that that’s completely untrue. Sure, a look at Berry now will have you saying ‘I can’t do that’ but you can. Berry spent his pre-betting years getting paid peanuts to get covered in grease whilst flipping burgers in a fast-food restaurant, Still, the betting world didn’t call. Instead, Berry did a stint in the army before finally taking the plunge into gambling.

Nowadays, Berry trades in the sports market specifically through the Betfair Exchange. Berry isn’t bothered about what sport he’s trading on – although football and horse racing tend to dominate – with his intentions based around backing and laying bets on the same event in order to ‘get out’ as prices move with a lot of this happening before events have even started.

Berry is prominent on YouTube and operates his own website with both free and paid training materials available.

4. Mike Cruickshank

Mike Cruickshank describes himself as someone who spent years dreaming of being a winning bettor. During that time he spent many a evening looking at different techniques and systems to win bets. Ultimately, he came up empty handed. Rather than plod on with life, he took matters into his own hands and developed a series of tools to sell to people like you. Now, he is one of the most respected sports betting experts out there.

So far, we’ve spoken about long term trading of football and pre-match trading via the back and lay approach; the majority of Cruickshank’s methods tick neither of those boxes. Instead, his training and tips tend to lean towards hedging; this is the process of covering all possible outcomes of a bet to reduce or eliminate your risk.

All of the tools he’s developed come with either very cheap trials or money back offers but, in truth, if you follow his guidelines to the letter, you’re unlikely to have complaints. All of the tools Cruickshank sells tie back to basic mathematics and his guides will talk you through it all. With 10 years’ experience under his belt in the tipster marketplace, it’s hard to knock him.

3. Andy Robson

We’ve looked at a few hard-nosed strategists to this point. Andy Robson is a step towards what most people envisage betting experts to be. That’s not a dig either; we simply mean that his approach is based around publishing tips for different types of sports bets. Well, we say sports, Robson actually focuses his efforts 100% on football tips.

Initially, Robson began offering nuggets of advice on social media. That was in 2015. Now, just six years later, he has built up a following of near on half a million followers who lap up his advice. Generally, his energy focuses on two core betting markets both of which relate to the over/under goals bet type. The first relates to over/under 1.5 whilst the second ups the anti and looks at the 2.5 benchmark. He’ll then combine a series of matches into accumulator tips to give improved odds as opposed to backing his selections as single bets.

2. Football Tips via Tipstrr

Tipstrr is an online website where betting experts can post their tips with the website then providing verification of their credentials rather than just taking the word of someone on, for example, social media who posts retrospective wins. Football Tips are registered on Tipstrr and have posted some impressive returns over the past six months. How impressive? Well, on average, they’ve provided 69 tips per week with a 15.9% return on investment; if you follow their strategy of £25 stakes, that equates to nearly £1,200 per month. It’s worth noting that the value returned does fluctuate with, for instance, November only returning circa £700.

Football Tips focus their energy on a limited range of bet types with their most common tips looking at the both teams to score and over and under goals markets.

1. Mark O’Haire

O’Haire comes from a background of journalism, which turned to writing about sport and on to statistical analysis of football matches where he worked for SportingBet. After being laid off, he decided to move away from the world of work as most of us know it. The man himself uses the label ‘betting analyst’ to describe what he does and it’s something he’s vastly experienced in, however, it’s only over the last seven years that he’s turned from worker to tipster.

O’Haire’s primary focus is one that will resonate with a lot of “want to be gamblers”with the English leagues his bread and butter. In respect of his approach, he takes a measured and statistical look at markets and places a lot of emphasis on bankroll management. This simply means varying your stakes across different bets based on the perceived value. You’ll find O’Haire on Twitter and operating his own website – Welovebetting – where he’ll not only share tips but the workings behind them, which means you can also make your own judgement.

How to decide which of the betting experts is best for you

If you’ve read this far then it’s plausible that you’re scratching your head at all the different options available to you. Do you treat sports like a financial market? Do you start to understand the complexities associated with backing and laying bets? Do you just blindly follow tips given by experts who have a strong return on investment in recent weeks?

It’s easy to think you should be doing a bit of all of those strategies. It’s probably not the wisest move to make though. Although all of the betting experts listed come with different – but equally strong – credentials there is one thing they generally agree on; find the strategy that works for you and repeat, repeat, repeat.

For what it’s worth, our parting note to you is two-fold. Firstly, any of the methods mentioned above can be mastered with the right amount of time, effort and a modest investment. The second pearl of wisdom is to opt for the strategy where you think you’ll enjoy it the most; for instance, if you spend all of your spare time watching football matches then Caan Berry’s technique of pre-horse race trading might be something you struggle to fully get on board with!

There you have it, our guide to the best betting experts in the world of sport.

Just remember, no matter the strategy, it is still gambling so bet responsibly.