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Profit Accumulator Review – Are They Still Worth it in 2023?

Head to a search engine and enter ‘matched betting’ and you’ll find a link to Profit Accumulator. That’s almost guaranteed. If you are familiar with their name then this guide will likely give you additional insights. If you’ve never heard of them then by the time you’ve finished reading this review, you’ll be pleased you’ve learned more about them. That’s a promise.

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What is Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator is a website that specialises in matched betting. If you want to strip back any jargon then, think of them as a company that enables their members to make money from sports betting.

There are various ways that they help you in this process, which we will cover in much more detail. For now, just know that they can help deliver you profitable bets. It’s no flash in the pan either. Profit Accumulator was started back in 2014 by Sam Stoffel. As of the time of writing, the site has had over 120,000 customers that have paid for their services since their formation.

How Much Does it Cost?

Yes, Profit Accumulator does come at a cost. It’s a minimal one though and you’ll be guaranteed to more than cover your costs off with ease. You have different payment options to select from too, which means there is something for pretty much everyone.

Firstly, if you’re a little apprehensive about using the tools on offer then take the offer of a free trial. This will get you access to a couple of free bet opportunities and should see you rake in around £40 profit. Your next option is a monthly fee of £29.99. Now, the monthly subscription is something that can have some people feeling a little wary of signing up but you needn’t worry. Profit Accumulator don’t ask for any minimum term commitment so, if you feel like walking away after the first month, then you can do it with no qualms.

Finally, there is the longer term option. This is designed for those punters either know they’re going to go the whole hog or for those that want to give Profit Accumulator a longer term test. The 12 month package will set you back £250, which isn’t an insignificant sum. That said, it does save you nearly £110 compared to paying monthly over the same period.

Casino bonuses are an additional option, included in the Diamond Membership plan for £49.99 per month or £450 per year.

Is Profit Accumulator Legit?

It does seem too good to be true doesn’t it? It’s not though. It’s 100% legit. Put yourself in the mindset of Stoffel back in 2014, the pre-Profit Accumulator days. He spotted the opportunity to profit off from bookmakers generosity and developed the maths behind it. The hard bit was already done. Creating a website and giving punters access to the same opportunities was just an obvious addition to his income.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Profit Accumulator are rated at 4.8 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot with a whopping 87% benchmarking them as ‘Excellent’ whilst 2% believe they are ‘bad’. It’s not a shoddy sample size either with nearly 1,000 reviews at the time of writing.



customer review


As you can see from the above, their rating isn’t just riding off the back of past success. These are recent reviews. The Profit Accumulator platform is always developing and highlighting new offers ensuring they stay at the top of their game.


Products and Services

Training Videos

One of the best things about Profit Accumulator is that it lends itself to everyone. Professional gamblers could create an account and get to work within a few minutes but they’ve not forgotten about the other end of the betting spectrum – the beginners. What they’ve done to assist is create a library of training videos. These act as a complete walkthrough of every part of the platform. Almost anyone could follow them and not only do they cover what can be achieved but also guide you through how it is done.


First things first, as you read this, do not think you can achieve the same thing through odds review sites like Oddschecker. You cannot. Oddsmatcher is built specifically with matched betting in mind and is arguably the most important aspect of Profit Accumulator.

The basic concept of matched betting is a simple one; “back team A to win” and “lay team A not to win”. Generally speaking, before that, you’ll need to place a qualifying bet. This is usually worded as “bet X and receive Y as a free bet” by bookies. It still sounds straight forward. In a world without Profit Accumulator you have to go away and find the games where you’ll a) reduce losses in the qualifying bets to almost zero and, then b) locate the actual matched bet event that will balance out in a positive contribution to your bankroll.

It’s not easy with so many bet types out there. The oddsmatcher solves this problem for you by highlighting all the best events – and the specific bets – that represent the smallest risk and the biggest rewards. Like all parts of the Profit Accumulator site, you’re still afforded total control of what you see. You can toggle filters to limit yourself into a specific timeframe, a certain sport, defined leagues and even different betting types.

On top of that, to save you time and effort, you can quickly force your Oddsmatched event into the calculators available to Profit Accumulator members.


There are several calculators on offer within Profit Accumulator. The main one on offer is the ‘Matched Betting Calculator’. This is free to everyone regardless of whether they hold an account or not. Put yourself into the shoes of a matched bettor. You’ve found the offer you wish to activate. The ‘back’ side of the bet is usually easy. Why? Well, most of the time, the bookmaker will say “if you bet £10, you’ll get a £10 free bet”. Instantly, you know how much to stake on your back bet – it’s £10.

What is more difficult is knowing how to lay the bet off because these stakes aren’t dictated by anything other than the odds in question. Thankfully, by punching in a few key pieces of information – the back stake, the back odds and the lay odds – the matched betting calculator will tell you what your lay stake needs to be along with the liability and overall returns will be.

You can even configure the tool with commission percentages and toggle between standard bets and the different types of free bets available in the market place (i.e. whether or not your stake is returned).

If That’s Free Why Would You Sign Up?

This is a natural question to ask. You’ve just been told that the main calculator is free. Well, in addition to the other things we’ve either mentioned (like Oddsmatcher) or will mention as we move on there are plenty of other calculators for premium members. They’re all built towards winning money as a matched bettor but, as the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. In the world of matched betting, there are plenty of way to beat the bookie and each will require a calculator configured in a different way.

There are calculators built specifically to manage every day bets like accumulators and each-way bets alongside more specific bet types such as ‘Double Delight’ and ‘Hat-trick Heaven’, which are more unique betting markets relating to goal scorer bets by specific bookmakers.

The calculators mentioned here are in no way an exhaustive overview of the many available but it’s important to get a flavour of what is out there. The last one I’ll highlight is their mistake calculator. If you’ve read our guide ‘What is Matched Betting?’ then you’ll be aware that odds movement or human error can see you lose out on that ‘guaranteed profit’ bet. Profit Accumulator’s premium members have access to a calculator that will rescue them from that pit of despair.

Match Catcher

Just briefly, we’ll step away from the sport of football betting. Match Catcher is just one of a few specific pieces of software available to members of Profit Accumulator. It’s used with horse racing where, for example, bookies offer free bets along the lines of “if your horse comes second”. There are more than two horses in a race and you can’t guarantee activating the free bet. Well, ordinarily you can’t. Now you can. By using the Match Catcher you can cover all horses in such a way that your losses will be minute. Those tiny losses form part of the qualifying bet. Now, with your free bet, you can proceed to clean up the profit.

You are still in full control though. You set out various rules such as specific events and minimum and maximum odds that you’re looking to operate within and the Match Catcher does the rest. What that ‘rest’ actually involves is an insane amount of technical coding that runs in the background of the website. It’s a constant crawl of bookmaker odds that when something matching your requirements is found, you’re notified. Less time invested, more money made.

Acca Catcher

The Acca Catcher is very similar to the Match Catcher. The key difference is that this tool enables you to maximise profits on accumulator giveaways rather than horse racing. How does this work? Well, if you’re familiar with what an accumulator bet is then the idea of ‘acca insurance’ is probably not too alien either. Most bookmakers now offer freebies to customers who lose an accumulator by one leg i.e. one bet selection.

With the Acca Catcher, not only can you master how to cover off each part of your accumulator but you can do so on selections at the most profitable combinations – and you don’t do any of the leg work. The other reason mastering the Acca Catcher can come in handy is because betting on accumulators with the traditional bookies will reduce the likelihood of gubbing.


One of the most underrated – or certainly least spoken about – things with Profit Accumulator is their membership base. We’ve already touched on the fact that they’ve had over 120,000 paying members but what we didn’t point out is that this makes Profit Accumulator the biggest matched betting site on the internet. That’s no small feat.

It’s not just a number to brag about to hook you in though. What you need to remember is that everyone on Profit Accumulator has the same goal; they want to make money. Unlike other sports betting markets, be it spotting true value or sports trading, there is no need to be protective of the information to profit yourself. As a result, you have a hugely active forum that posts hints, tips and offers they’ve blindly stumbled across all the time.

On top of that, if the vast array of training material on the site doesn’t make sense you have a very useful community that will happily assist you with any question you might have – no matter how stupid it might seem.

Customer Service

If you’ve read this far then you’re clearly interested in Profit Accumulator. You should be. That said, it’s quite possible that you still have a nagging doubt in your mind. If that’s the case, there is a strong chance that little devil is questioning whether “is it a scam?” or saying “it’s too good to be true”.

Thousands of people use the service every week. We get that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to go diving in at the first sign of making a quick buck. Rest assured, Profit Accumulator care about your experience. When their guides and forums can’t help you then they have a customer service team that can.

Unlike many online platforms, their customer care team are easy to reach. They offer live chat, email and telephone services. They will be happy to answer any questions for you regardless of whether it’s in relation to the specifics of your account or about a particular aspect of matched betting that you’re struggling to wrap your head around.

Profit Accumulator Vs OddsMonkey

Let us be honest about this; we’re not here with the intention to smear OddsMonkey. You could go and sign up to an account with them – for the exact same price as Profit Accumulator – and be hugely content with the returns you make. Then again, you don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve had it. A membership with Profit Accumulator will see you become a more successful matched bettor.

Let’s look at the facts:

  • Profit Accumulator were first to market.
  • The sign up bonuses Profit Accumulator offer you equate to an extra £350 compared to OddsMonkey.
  • Each month, both sites highlight ‘reload offers’ i.e. free bets that aren’t born out of signing up with new bookmakers.
  • For example, in October 2019 Profit Accumulator could have helped you make an additional £600 based on what reloads OddsMonkey had offered.

That’s just a few cold hard facts. If you want to dig deeper, in the past Profit Accumulator have accused OddsMonkey of copying their bookmaker offers, but we can’t 100% confirm if it’s true. A lot of bookies tend to run the same promotional offers, so it might have been a coincidence.

Ongoing Reload Offers

You’ve just seen us mention the term ‘reload offers’. These form a fundamental part of a matched bettors game plan if the desire is to win over an extended period of time. When you start to explore matched betting, the standard approach is to talk about sign up offers i.e. register with a new bookmaker for X. There are hundreds of these out there on the internet but you’ll quickly rattle through them when using Profit Accumulator every day. That’s where the ongoing offers – or reloads – come in.

Profit Accumulator constantly crawl the web to pick up free bet offers that are available to existing members. The comparison to OddsMonkey above references October 2019. In this month, Profit Accumulator found reload offers worth £1,900. That’s tax free money! It also excludes any free bets you unlock through things like ‘acca insurance’.


Right, we’ve already mentioned that one of your three sign up options is a free trial. So, what does that involve?

Firstly, it gives you a couple of important walkthroughs. You have an article and a linked video that details the basic concept of Profit Accumulator and matched betting; if you’ve read this far, you’ll have a head start in this area. The next tutorial is providing insight into the world of betting exchanges. The first steps into this world can feel daunting. Don’t stress. The three minute video sums things up nicely and once you start using them you’ll quickly feel like you’ve been using them your whole life.

Now, the good stuff follows; you have two free bets to utilise. The first is with Coral who are currently offering a £20 free bet when you wager £5. The process is split into two elements under the free trial guide. Step one is placing the qualifying bet – this unlocks the £20 freebie. The second step utilises the free bet for a guaranteed profit and you should expect to walk away with an extra £16 in your pocket.

The final component of your free trial is a second bookie offering. This time, you’re looking to take advantage of Betfred. Again, you’ll reinforce the qualifying bet and free bet process to return a healthy profit. You’re initial outlay will be £10; this will unlock a free £30 to bet with and then you’ll bank a tidy £24 profit. You’ll literally make up to £40 profit for 10 minutes ‘work’.

Success Stories

Don’t be alarmed. We’re not going to tell you all about Paul from Manchester who got rich overnight. What we will say though is that there are countless people who have used matched betting to earn decent money. Can you generate a living from Profit Accumulator? People do but it’s challenging. The important thing to remember though is that people have different ideas of success and different starting points too. Success for you might be making £10,000 for a house deposit. Equally, it might be making £500 to have a cheeky weekend away when Covid-19 disappears. Whatever your outlook, you can achieve it with Profit Accumulator.

These are quotes straight from Profit Accumulators website:

success stories


Let’s keep this conclusion short and snappy. Profit Accumulator are a reputable company, the site is affordable, they offer numerous ways you can make profit and there is a three tiered support network – good training guides, a deep and helpful membership forum and a 24 hour customer service team.

If you’re interested in making money from betting online then it’s worth signing up for a trial. Let us know in the comment section about your experience with Profit Accumulator!