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How do booking points work in football betting?

In this article, we will talk about “booking points” in football betting, what they are worth, and more useful information on the subject. We will also give you a list of the best bookmakers for booking points betting, so let’s start.

Booking Points in Football Betting – Definition

Booking points are something that is exclusive to football and it’s kind of a betting market of some sort. You bet on how many cards will be in a match. Each card has specific points and you can bet on the total number of points during the match, or during half of the match.

referee giving out a yellow card booking

What is Each Card’s Booking Point Value?

In football, there are yellow and red cards, so several booking points are assigned to each.

  • One yellow card is ten booking points
  • Two yellow cards for the same player and later a red card as well is thirty-five booking points
  • One red card is twenty-five booking points

You would ask yourself why a second yellow card plus a red card is worth thirty-five points, instead of forty-five points. It’s because the second yellow card isn’t counted even if the red card is later reversed or appealed. A single-player can’t earn more than thirty-five booking points.

Since managers and substitutes can also receive yellow and red cards, you would think that that counts as well, but most bookmakers don’t count it, only when someone on the pitch.

What Information Do You Need for Successful Booking Points Football Betting?

When betting on booking points you need to consider three factors:

  • See the past yellow and red cards received by the team, which will tell you about their type of play and if they tend to be more aggressive or not.
  • Check out the number of yellow and red cards received by each player, because every player is different and if a footballer who tends to receive cards in almost every match is on the pitch, your bet would be different.
  • See who the referee is and if they have a tendency to give more cards during a match or less.

Other Card Betting Markets You Might Want to Check Out

In football, we are used to having many betting options, including, so you won’t be surprised to hear that there are other card markets people tend to wager on like:

  • Total cards
  • Total team cards
  • Card handicap markets
  • Team to get the first or last card
  • The first card (no card, no bet)
  • Red card given
  • Specific team to receive a red card
  • Specific player to receive a card during the match

Each bookie is different and provides various markets in these categories, but if we had to choose the best bookmakers for betting on football cards, they would be Unibet or Bet365. They have a wide range of football betting markets each and provide various markets for a yellow and red card. They also provide competitive odds for these markets and are some of the top bookies out there when it comes to sports betting in general.

What are the Top Bookmakers that Offer Betting on Booking Points?


betfair booking points

Betfair provides plenty of betting markets for customers, especially for football matches. When it comes to booking points specifically, the markets are called “card index markets,” and there are many of them, like:

  • Home team index
  • Away team index
  • Total card index
  • Exact card index
  • First/second half card index and match bet
  • Time of first booking
  • Which team will receive the first booking points?
  • Specific player to receive booking points

The bookmaker also provides plenty of betting features and promotions to keep you interested in football betting, but they don’t have the easiest platform to navigate, especially if you are new to wagering. Don’t forget to check out the Betfair sign up offer if you’re a new customer.

William Hill

William Hill is one of the first and best bookies in the UK and they have a reputation of providing many football markets. If we are talking about betting on booking points, they have a huge range of markets available to choose from including:

  • Total bookings
  • When or who will receive the first booking points?
  • When or who will receive the last booking points?
  • 1st half booking points
  • 2nd half booking points
  • Total home team bookings
  • Total away team bookings
  • Booking points/cards received from/to a specific minute in the game

The bookie is also called “the bonus king” for a reason and on their platform, you can get several football-related or general promotions for new and existing customers. They also provide a high-quality mobile app with a specific mobile welcome offer.


SkyBet is a widely-popular bookmaker, and they do provide plenty of football markets, but just not many booking points markets, like the other two bookies we mentioned. Nonetheless, we had to mention them because the “Each Team Total Booking Points” is one of their most famous football coupons. You should check out their platform because it’s user and mobile-friendly and they have an amazing welcome offer, too.


coral booking points

Coral is also one of the most popular choices for sports betting in the country and they provide an average amount of markets related to booking points or cards. If you already have an account, you should know that they have generous Coral promotions for football competitions, especially if they are popular, like the World Cup or Premier League. The bookie also provides some exclusive betting features you might want to try out.

Final Conclusion Regarding Booking Points Betting

Betting on booking points is quite popular in the UK, but like any other type of betting market, you should read up before placing your wager. There are specific pieces of information about the team/player history that is crucial when placing bets on booking points. There are quite a few bookies out there which offer markets on booking points and even more bookies, who offer markets on cards. The bookmakers we mentioned in this article are some of the best and you can be sure you won’t miss out if you choose to bet with any of them.

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