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Can you bet on French Open qualifiers?

If you want to bet on Roland Garros qualification matches, the markets are now live. We’ve got all you need to know about this topic right here. 

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Bet on French Qualifiers – A Quick Overview

May 22nd is the beginning of the 2023 French Open. This is the day that the French Open qualifications officially kicks off. And because the draw is now released, with plenty of matches to follow, this means that you can bet on Roland Garros qualifiers right now. There will be a ton of qualifying rounds played for the men’s and women’s singles this week. And when all is said and done, those who win three qualifying rounds will make the main draw.

This is a huge achievement for whoever the qualifiers turn out to be. Yet when they qualify, they will then see which position they have been given in the main draw. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The goal is to focus on how you can bet on the French Open qualifiers. So let’s zone in on this right now to give you the most relevant information.

Roland garros qualifying
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Bet on the French Open Qualifying Rounds – Key Information

As referenced above, Roland Garros officially begins on May 22nd. This is one week before the main draw begins, allowing time for all qualifying matches to be played. And given that the qualifiers are taking place this week, now is the right time to address the most relevant information for this stage of the tournament.

French Open Qualifier Dates

You already know that the qualifiers are scheduled to start on May 22nd. This is, of course, a Monday. And because this is the start of the qualifiers, this is when you can bet on the most matches. After that, as players make their way through the qualifying draw, the number of matches thins out. Ultimately, qualifying is due to be completed on Friday, May 26th.

Men’s and Women’s Qualification Draws

Interestingly, both of the qualifying draws for Roland Garros consist of 128 players. This is the exact same number of players who are involved in the main draw. However, the draw isn’t played to completion, which is different from the main draw. Instead, players must win three matches in a row to qualify, meaning that 16 players can qualify from each draw.

Requirements to Qualify

The one and only requirement to qualify for the main draw of Roland Garros is to win three qualifying matches. Since the qualifiers work as a knockout event, if a player loses, they are out. With that said, there is one other route to the main draw for maybe one or two qualifiers who don’t win all three matches. These are known as the ‘lucky losers’, and these are given at random for players who lost in the final round of qualifying.

Markets to Cover When You Bet on Roland Garros Qualifiers

Getting a bit more specific now, let’s talk about your betting options for French Open qualifiers. Besides the number of matches and dates for the qualifiers, you’ll want to know what markets are open to you. So let’s now turn our attention to three popular markets:

Individual Winner

As is the case with all tennis matches, there can only be one winner. And since this is the most simple of all tennis betting markets, this is the primary market you’ll want to look at. It’s a straight-up choice of player 1 or player 2 for the individual winner, so the choice is yours.


Commonly found in the ‘main markets’ section, you’ll also see handicap options at most bookmakers. This is the market to look at if the individual winner market doesn’t show much value. And in terms of how it works, this can give you a set or games handicap concerning the favourite or the underdog.

Set Betting

If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, you may wish to look into set betting. This is something that applies throughout the event when you bet on Roland Garros. Yet because the qualifiers are played as the best of three sets, you’ll always have 4x set betting markets on offer. You could choose player 1 to win by 2-1 or 2-0 in sets, and the same applies for player 2.

roland garros qualifying
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Some Bookmaker options for the French Open

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French Open Qualifiers – FAQs

Can I bet on Roland Garros using bonuses?

Yes. You can make a wager on French Open qualification with free bets, money-back incentives, boosted prices, and more.

Do I have to bet on the French Open with pre-match markets?

No. If you’d prefer, you can wait for the qualifiers to begin and then investigate the live betting markets.

Can I place wagers on French Open qualifiers from my mobile?

Yes. You can use mobile apps from top betting sites, or use their mobile sites to bet on the qualifiers.

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