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2024 French Open Schedule and Order of Play – Updated Daily

2024 French Open Schedule and Order of Play – Updated Daily
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Are you tracking the French Open schedule for 2024? With the tournament underway, there’s plenty going on in Paris right now. And my latest French Open preview has plenty of specific information you need to know about this epic Grand Slam.

Away from details about the top seeds, draw, predictions, and other important information, however, I’ve chosen to focus on the schedule today. After all, if you don’t know what’s coming up on the 2024 French Open schedule, those extra details wouldn’t be as useful to you as they could be. 

Therefore, my intention today is to cover the entire schedule to show you what’s on the cards over the two week period in the French capital.

2024 French Open schedule – tournament overview

Roland Garros is already in progress for 2024. This means the top players have flocked to Paris in search of a Grand Slam title. As for the overall French Open schedule, the tournament will be played between May 26th and June 9th – covering an entire two-week period. During this fortnight, events including singles, doubles, mixed doubles, as well as junior and wheelchair events will be held.

Typically, each day of the event is split into day and night sessions, with night session matches reserved for the show courts only. And concerning the start times for each day of play, the action should start at roughly 10 AM UK time for the first week. This moves slightly later for the second week, which is when matches may start from 12 PM onward.

This will always be confirmed by the French Open schedule ahead of time, which brings me to the day by day breakdown for Roland Garros.

French Open schedule 2024 – day-by-day breakdown

If you plan on following the action over the entire two week period, you may wish to track our tennis predictions today for individual matches. These are always well-researched, and they focus on the most exciting matches! But if you want to check out these predictions and cross-reference them with the French Open schedule, you’ll want to know what matches will be played and when.

That’s where a day by day breakdown enters the picture. And while the exact order of play and individual matches won’t be known until a day or two before the day in question, we can still look at the overall schedule to gain an idea. Let me provide such details now.

Week 1 – opening rounds

2024 French Open schedule
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  • Sunday, May 26th

This is the starting point for the French Open schedule 2024. First rounds are played from 11:00 AM onwards, and this is the case for both the men’s and women’s singles events.

  • Monday, May 27th

On Monday, the second day of first-round games continues from 11:00 AM. There’s also an evening session from 20:15, which saw Monfils dazzle the French fans this year. 

  • Tuesday, May 28th

This is the final day of first round matches. Again, games start at 11:00 AM local time, and on this day, the men’s doubles begins too. 

  • Wednesday, May 29th

May 29th is when the French Open draw has officially been halved. That’s because Wednesday marks the beginning of round two matches from 11:00 AM. Additionally, the women’s and mixed doubles events kick in too. 

  • Thursday, May 30th

Day two of round two matches unfolds on May 30th. Again, play should start at around 11:00 AM and there is a planned evening session from 20:15. 

  • Friday, May 31st

With almost a week of play, May 31st is when the third rounds begin. The planned schedule follows the same 11:00 AM start time with a separate evening session. 

Week 2 – later rounds and finals

French Open schedule 2024
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  • Saturday, June 1st

I’ve put week two from this day forward as this is when 7 days of tennis have been played, yet third round matches will still continue on this day. That said, matches will typically run from 12:00 PM onwards from this point in the event.

  • Sunday, June 2nd

On Sunday, June 2nd, 4th round matches will begin for the women’s and men’s singles tournaments. Of course, the pressure starts building from this point on as players are competing to reach the last 8 of Roland Garros.

  • Monday, June 3rd

At 12:00 PM, you’ll be able to watch more 4th round action through the many French Open live streaming options. Additionally, the evening session is planned for 20:15.

  • Tuesday, June 4th

June 4th is when the tournament reaches the quarter-final stage for the respective singles events. This marks the point in the event where the top seeds will face each other.

  • Wednesday, June 5th

The quarter-finals will continue on June 5th. Again, play is split into a day session from 12:00 PM and a night session from 20:15. 

  • Thursday, June 6th

Due to the French Open schedule setting the women’s final on Saturday, June 8th, the semis for this event will be played in the afternoon/evening on this day. 

  • Friday, June 7th

Following what should be a fun semi-finals day on June 6th, the men’s semi-finals will then be played on June 7th in the afternoon/evening.

  • Saturday, June 8th

Finally – finals day for the women’s singles will be played at 15:00 on Saturday, June 8th. Normally, one or two of the doubles finals are played on this day too, although we are waiting on confirmation of that.

  • Sunday, June 9th

The French Open schedule concludes on Sunday, June 9th, with the men’s singles final starring as the main event at 15:00. Much like the previous day, there will also be a doubles final (or two) on this day.

FAQs – French Open schedule

Can I purchase tickets for the days shown on the 2024 French Open schedule?

Yes – we have a whole page explaining how you can purchase French Open tickets for 2024.

When will I know which players are competing on set days at Roland Garros?

The order of play normally comes out the day before, which you can track on the main Roland Garros site.

Can I already wager on the matches coming up on the French Open schedule?

Yes. We have outright French Open predictions along with the daily predictions.

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