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French Open 2023 Prize Money – How Much Will the Winners Get?

News has come through in recent days about the astonishing French Open prize money that is up for grabs in 2023. We all expected an increase in the total prize pool, but not many would have predicted such a huge leap. And to give you the exact figure right off the bat, a total of €43.9 million is in the kitty for the 2023 French Open. That’s a little over £38 million, just to give that figure some context for our readers in the United Kingdom.

French Open Prize Money 2023

Of course, since this is the grand total for Roland Garros 2023, this means that €43.9 million will be distributed among the many events held in Paris this year. For a bit of clarity, Roland Garros isn’t just a singles tournament – even if these are the events that get the most attention. People tend to forget that there are also French Open doubles events, juniors, and wheelchair events too. 

However, the prize money isn’t allocated evenly between these events, as you’ve probably gathered already. So to get a little more specific now, let me share the full breakdown of the French Open prize money for 2023.

French Open Prize Money – Individual Event Breakdown

As I mentioned above, the prize money for Roland Garros doesn’t have an equal split between the various events. Both the men’s and women’s singles events receive the bulk of the prize pool, followed by doubles, mixed doubles, and then the other events too. And as promised, let me now share the exact figures with you for the main events right now.

Men’s and Women’s Singles

Rather than giving you just the total sum of cash involved for these tournaments, it’s better to see a breakdown of the prize money per round. Therefore, I’ve included the prize money for each respective round in these singles events below:

  • Winner – €2.3 million
  • Runner-Up – €1.15 million
  • Semi-Final – €630,000
  • Quarter-Final – €400,000
  • Round of 16 – €240,000
  • Third Round – €142,000
  • Second Round – €97,000
  • First Round – €69,000

Note that there is also money for French Open qualifying, although the sums of money involved are much smaller than what you’ve just seen for the main draw. Regardless, let me also share the prize money for each stage of qualifying too:

  • Q3 – €34,000
  • Q2 – €22,000
  • Q1 – €16,000

Men’s and Women’s Doubles

Moving to the second largest event now in terms of total prize money, we have the men’s and women’s doubles tournaments. Just like the singles events, the men and women receive equal prize money for their respective competitions. And the French Open prize money breakdown for these two events goes as follows:

  • Winner – €590,000
  • Runner-Up – €295,000
  • Semi-Final – €148,000
  • Quarter-Final – €80,000
  • Third Round – €43,000
  • Second Round – €27,000
  • First Round – €17,000

Unlike the singles competitions, there is no qualifying draw for the doubles events. Therefore, all of the prize money that is allocated for these events is reflected in the main draw payouts. 

Mixed Doubles

Moving to the last of the standard events in the French Open now, we’ve got the mixed doubles. Since the mixed doubles has the smallest draw out of all of the main events, however, it also has the least prize money involved. Here is the breakdown for your reference:

  • Winner – €122,000
  • Runner-Up – €61,000
  • Semi-Final – €31,000
  • Quarter-Final – €17,500
  • Second Round – €10,000
  • First Round – €5,000

Wheelchair Events

The French Open wheelchair events have also received a boost this year in terms of the prize money that’s been assigned to them. Once again, these draws are smaller than the others I’ve referenced above, so the prize money has been adjusted accordingly. Starting with the singles, here is the prize money for each of the rounds:

  • Winner – €60,000
  • Runner-Up – €30,000
  • Semi-Final – €18,000
  • Quarter-Final – €11,000
  • First Round – €8,000

As for the wheelchair doubles events, the draw is one step smaller than the singles events. Therefore, just four rounds are involved in the tournament, and the following prize money is available at each stage:

  • Winner – €20,000
  • Runner-Up – €10,000
  • Semi-Final – €7,000
  • Quarter-Final – €5,000

Prize Money French Open – Adjustments From 2022

Now that you have a full breakdown of the prize money for each of the events, I figured you might like to know how this compares to 2022. On that note, I can confirm that the total sum of prize money involved here has increased by 13.76% from 2022. This is a rather large increase, to say the least. However, when you look at the French Open prize money for the winners of the singles events, the increase is just 4.55%.

Because of that, it’s clear that the allocation of the prize money this year has been weighted towards the earlier rounds – if not the other events entirely. This is good to see, as it means that the French Open 2023 prize money is being more evenly distributed among those players who need it most.

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