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Where to Watch French Open 2023: Live Streaming and TV Options

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The French Open is set to begin on May 22nd, 2023. This is when the French Open qualifying begins for both the men’s and women’s singles. Therefore, this is the date from which you can watch Roland Garros. Many people refer to this as French Open live streaming. However, unless using bookmaker streaming services, there aren’t any streaming channels that you can access legally.

Roland Garros 2023

This means that to watch the French Open, you’ll need to acquire the correct access in your country of residence. In 2023, this is different between the different nations that are covering Roland Garros. And because of that, I’ve chosen to run you through where to watch Roland Garros for all English-speaking nations right here.

French Open TV Schedule

As mentioned above, the start date for the qualifiers is May 22nd. This is then followed by three whole weeks of top-tier tennis. The first week consists solely of the qualifying matches, however. It’s only the middle and third week where the French Open main draw is played. This means that the French Open TV schedule only really kicks in for the middle and third week too. And if you wish to see a breakdown of the schedule for the coming fortnight, check out the details below.

Note that the French Open TV schedule quoted here is for the UK, and where ‘Discovery+’ is referenced, this goes hand in hand with Eurosport 1 and 2.

Sunday, May 28th

  • First round for men’s and women’s singles – Discovery+
  • Day session begins 10 AM

Monday, May 29th

  • First round continues – Discovery+
  • Play scheduled to start at 10 AM
  • First night session scheduled for 19:30

Tuesday, May 30th

  • Final day of first-round matches – Discovery+
  • Scheduled start of 10 AM
  • Night session set for 19:30

Wednesday, May 31st

  • Second-round matches begin – Discovery+
  • Day session (10 AM), night session (19:30)

Thursday, June 1st

  • Second day of second-round matches – Discovery+
  • 10 AM start for day session, 19:30 for night session

Friday, June 2nd

  • Third-round matches for men’s and women’s singles – Discovery+
  • Day session 10 AM, night session 19:30

Saturday, June 3rd

  • Third-round matches continue – Discovery+
  • 10 AM start for day session, 19:30 for night session

Sunday, June 4th

  • Fourth-round matches – Discovery+
  • Day session start of 10 AM, night session set for 19:30

Monday, June 5th

  • Women’s and women’s singles fourth rounds – Discovery+
  • Day session 10 AM, 19:30 for night session

Tuesday, June 6th

  • Men’s and women’s quarter-finals – Discovery+
  • 10 AM day session, 19:30 night session

Wednesday, June 7th

  • Completion of last quarter-final matches – Discovery+
  • Day session 10 AM, night session 19:30

Thursday, June 8th

  • Women’s semi-finals – Discovery+
  • Play starts at 14:00

Friday, June 9th

  • Men’s semi-finals – Discovery+
  • Play scheduled for 13:45

Saturday, June 10th

  • Women’s final – Discovery+
  • 14:00 start time

Sunday, June 11th

  • Men’s final – Discovery+
  • 14:00 start time

French Open TV Coverage

The matches and times shown above reflect the initial TV schedule that is set to align with the tournament schedule. Of course, if there is any adverse weather or something else that affects this provisional schedule, these dates and matches might change. So just keep an eye out for that as the tournament progresses. 

Adding to the standard French Open TV coverage, there are a few other things you may wish to tune in for throughout the coming fortnight. After all, with Grand Slam events, broadcasters tend to go above and beyond to give you the best viewing experience possible. And on that note, we’ve got a few extra programs and notes for you right here.

Key Presenters

As you may be aware, covering the French Open is a team effort. Therefore, it’s no great surprise to see that the top presenters are back for another bite of the cherry this year. So for Roland Garros 2023, you’ve got the dream back once again. These guys include Tim Henman, Mats Wilander, Alex Corretja, and Barbara Schett. And throughout the French Open TV coverage, regular appearances from the likes of Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe, and many others are expected.

Program Highlights

It goes without saying that the bulk of your French Open live streaming will be focused on the matches themselves. However, there is more to tune in for than just daily matches. Make sure you watch out for key analysis coming from Mats Wilander and Tim Henman in ‘The Cube’. This is where the guys break down key player statistics, providing very insightful information. 

The Cube is also where additional interviews with the players take place, and these can also be very entertaining, as you’d imagine. Besides this, if you find that you don’t have much time in the day to tune in, make sure you tune in for a daily recap – always broadcast following the night session.

How to Watch French Open 2023

It’s about time we discussed the main event now – where to watch French Open action. In order to highlight all countries with an invested interest in English-speaking coverage, we’ve bounced around the world to show you how to tune in through the following sections. The top broadcasters and French Open live streaming options are discussed for five English-speaking countries below. 

But if you want a separate option, be sure to check in with your respective bookmaker to see whether HD streaming is an option via your account.

Where to Watch French Open in UK

In the United Kingdom, it is Eurosport that has the rights to broadcast the French Open. So naturally, you need access to Eurosport if you are to engage in French Open live streaming. And for 2023, Eurosport has essentially merged with Discovery+ through its ‘entertainment and sport’ subscription service. This will cost you a grand total of £6.99 per month if you wish to have a rolling plan. Alternatively, you can purchase an annual plan for the price of £59.99, which does save you money in the long run.

However, if you are only planning on using Discovery+ for the duration of Roland Garros, your best option is the monthly plan for £6.99.

Where to Watch Roland Garros in USA

If you are wondering how to watch the French Open on TV from North America, you’ve got more options than most. That’s because there isn’t solely one broadcaster that has the rights to Roland Garros in 2023. Therefore, you can pick whichever option suits you best. Specifically, you can watch Roland Garros through the Tennis Channel. But this won’t allow you to pick and choose your courts/matches, unfortunately. At the same time, you need a Tennis Channel subscription to watch the tournament this way.

Your other options include NBC Sports for the later rounds of Roland Garros. NBC Sports won’t be covering the early rounds, which basically covers the first week, as per the French Open schedule. Yet beyond that, NBC Sports is a good option to catch rounds like the semi-finals and finals. You can acquire this subscription through Peacock for a price of $4.99 per month, which is a fairly good price.

Access French Open Live Streaming in Australia

To watch Roland Garros down under, you’ve got the luxury of a free option and a paid option. Starting with the free option, you can catch the 2023 French Open through Nine Network. Most direct TV services support this channel, depending on your region, but this should cover the majority of potential viewers. As for the paid option, this relates to Stan Sports, which is a paid streaming service in Australia.

There are three tiers you can choose from with Stan Sports too. These cover Stan Basic, Stan Standard, and Stan Premium. As for the respective costs, these are set at $10, $16, and $21, respectively. Note that this is the price per month, and you can cancel anytime you like.

French Open on TV in Canada

If you are based in Canada, you can unlock Roland Garros streaming options through cable TV. The two paid options are TSN or RSN, for which both of these providers have an annual pass and a monthly pass. Of course, the annual pass gives the best value. But if you’re only planning on signing up for the French Open, you are best shooting for the month pass. However, the coverage through these options might not be enough for avid tennis fans in Canada. That’s where other options enter the picture.

Specifically, you could choose to open an account with French Open live streaming partners like SlingTV or FuboTV. These packages will grant access to the Tennis Channel and/or ESPN, but you’ve got to pay for the privilege – just like the TSN/RSN options above. 

Where to Watch French Open in New Zealand

Although New Zealand and Australia share similar broadcasting rights for some sports, there are differences for tennis. So if you wish to watch the French Open on TV in New Zealand, you’ll need access to a Sky Sports package as a minimum. Of course, this is a paid service, and it doesn’t come particularly cheap, unfortunately. While there is a 7-day free trial, to keep your access to Sky Sports beyond this, you’ll have to pay more than $50 per month.

With that said, you can gain access to Sky Sports channels through other online streaming services. Once again, examples of these include things like DirectTV Stream, FuboTV, and SlingTV. However, it’s ultimately your choice as to what your ideal price point is and what kind of access you’d like to have!

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