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French Open Doubles 2023: Contenders, Odds, and Predictions

Roland Garros is a tournament with plenty of events taking place. Of course, the men’s and women’s singles events will take centre stage – as they tend to do every year. However, the French Open doubles competitions always make for fascinating viewing too. Compared with singles, doubles matches are fast-paced and the strategies employed by various pairs are totally different from what you’ll see with singles.

French Open Doubles

Once again, this guarantees that the Roland Garros doubles competitions are fun to tune in for. And when it comes to upcoming games with tips, I’ve got just what you need right here. Adding to that, I’ve discussed the doubles competitions as a whole throughout. So please, read on and enjoy!

Roland Garros Doubles – June 10th Results & Tips


We have arrived at the penultimate day of Roland Garros 2023. The women’s singles final will be played this afternoon, and the men’s doubles final is also scheduled for this afternoon. Of course, this will wrap up both of those events, leaving just the women’s doubles and men’s singles left to complete on Sunday. So clearly, we are very much at the business end of the championships in Paris.

However, with just a few matches left to play, we can still observe the recent results and look at the betting markets for some top tips. On that note, let me provide the necessary information for each category now.

Interesting Results – June 9th

Since I am focusing on the French Open doubles tournaments here, there are just two results to speak of from Saturday, June 9th. Both of these results relate to the women’s doubles semi-finals, and you can see the outcomes here:

  • Women’s doubles – Fernandez/Townsend beat Gauff/Pegula (2nd seeds)
  • Women’s doubles – Su-wei/Xinyu beat Melichar-Martinez/Perez (6th seeds)

These results have set up a women’s doubles final involving one pair with a protected ranking and the 10th seeds. 

French Open Doubles Predictions – June 11th

Given that there is just one doubles match set for the final day of the tournament, my predictions relate to the women’s doubles final, as you’ve no doubt gathered. On that note, I believe that the following is the best call for the final tomorrow:

  • Women’s doubles final – Fernandez/Townsend to beat Su-wei/Zinyu – 8/15 Odds

I must admit, I was surprised that Fernandez/Townsend beat Gauff/Pegula so comfortably yesterday. This was a result that punters wouldn’t have anticipated – especially not the scoreline of 6-0 6-4. And because of such a commanding victory over the 2nd seeds, I am shooting for Fernandez/Townsend to win the final tomorrow.

French Open 2023 Doubles – June 9th Results & Tips

At the time of writing, the mixed doubles event has been concluded at the French Open. And today, the women’s doubles semi-finals are taking place to determine who will compete for the trophy. I shared my predictions for these games yesterday, and you’ve still got time to wager on the matches if desired. As for the remaining matches, these will be held on Saturday, June 10th and Sunday, June 11th.

But before we get to the weekend’s doubles action, let me cover the matches from yesterday.

Interesting Results – June 8th

The fairytale tournament was completed for the mixed doubles duo of Puetz/Kato yesterday. They pulled through from a set down to beat Andreescu/Venus by a final score of 10-6 in the Championship tie-break. Of course, this is a huge achievement for these two, and they really did deserve the trophy. However, the French Open men’s doubles semi-finals were also played yesterday, and the results were as follows:

  • Men’s doubles – Dodig/Krajicek beat Granollers/Zeballos (10th seeds)
  • Men’s doubles – Gille/Vliegen beat Middelkoop/Mies (12th seeds)

Because of these results, the men’s doubles final will see Dodig/Krajicek take on the unseeded duo of Gille/Vliegen.

French Open Doubles Tips – June 10th

Leading on from the information shared above, the only doubles match scheduled for June 10th is the men’s doubles final. And after weighing up the key points to determine the possible outcome, I’ve landed on the following prediction:

  • Men’s doubles final – Gille/Vliegen to beat Dodig/Krajicek – 13/10 Odds

This might surprise a few people, yet Gille/Vliegen have dropped just one set all tournament. In contrast, Dodig/Krajicek have pulled through numerous three-setters to reach this point. So for me, I’m going for the underdogs, as these guys will be fresher – not to mention the awesome form they have displayed throughout Roland Garros.

French Open Doubles – June 8th Results & Tips

We are almost at the end of the second Grand Slam tournament of the 2023 season. I know – it’s sad to think that Roland Garros is ending, but the action is not over yet. In fact, some would argue that the best of the drama and excitement is yet to come. And since that’s a more positive outlook on the Roland Garros doubles tournaments, let’s roll with that perspective! 

Anyway, there are just a few days left to go until we will know exactly who has been crowned Kings and Queens of these events. But before we get to that, let’s recap the games from yesterday once again and then check out a few predictions for the upcoming matches. It’s all covered below.

Interesting Results – June 7th

The mixed doubles semi-finals were played yesterday at the French Open, as were the French Open women’s doubles semi-finals. Combined, this resulted in four matches being played between the two events. And of these four, I feel that these two were the most intriguing results:

  • Mixed doubles – Andreescu/Venus beat Dabrowski/Lammons
  • Women’s doubles – Su-wei/Xinyu beat Kudermetova/Samsanova (15th seeds)

I picked the first result there as Andreescu/Venus only got into the main draw as an ‘alternate’. So the fact that they are playing for the title today is pretty amazing. As for Su-wei/Xinyu beating Kudermetova/Samsanova, I don’t believe many people would have predicted that – especially not the final score of 6-3 6-2.

Roland Garros Doubles Tips – June 8th/9th

For June 8th, there is just one mixed doubles match scheduled. Yet for June 9th, the two semi-finals will be played for the French Open women’s doubles. Of course, as I’ve been doing each day of the tournament, I’ve checked out the betting markets and supplied the best options for the upcoming games here:

  • Women’s doubles – Gauff/Pegula to beat Fernandez/Townsend – 4/7 Odds
  • Women’s doubles – Su-wei/Xinyu to beat Melichar-Martinez/Perez – 10/11 Odds

Personally, I believe that Gauff/Pegula are looking like the favorites to win the women’s doubles events. They are just too good from the baseline, and their net games have improved dramatically recently. As for Su-wei/Xinyu, their commanding win over the 15th seeds in the previous round shows they are certainly capable of beating the 6th seeds tomorrow.

Roland Garros Doubles – June 7th Results & Tips

Have you been following the French Open doubles events so far? If you have, you’ll know that the last few days have been rather epic. Top seeds have tumbled out of the draw while up-and-comers have really put themselves on the map. Furthermore, we are closing in on the last few rounds for all of the major doubles competitions. Most are at the quarter-final if not the semi-final stage, so it’s getting to the crunch time for those that are still involved.

Below, I will recap the biggest results from Roland Garros that took place yesterday – June 6th. And as I’ve done for each day of the tournament so far, I’ll be sharing my top predictions for the doubles events scheduled for today, June 7th. Read on for full details.

Interesting Results – June 6th

Only a handful of matches were played in the various doubles events yesterday. However, a handful was more than enough to get the crowd out of their seats. Across all three events, there was some amazing tennis played, yet the following two results really stood out for me:

  • Men’s doubles – Granollers/Zeballos beat Koolhof/Skupski (1st seeds)
  • Mixed doubles – Andreescu/Venus beat Arevalo/Kostyuk (7th seeds)

Of course, the fact that the top seeds were beaten in the men’s doubles was the biggest result of the day. The duo of Skupski/Koolhof were taken down by Granollers/Zeballos in straight sets. And following such a performance, you wouldn’t bet against these guys winning the tournament. As for the mixed doubles, Andreescu/Venus were involved in a thriller – beating the 7th seeds in a championship tie-break (10-6).

French Open 2023 Doubles Tips – June 7th

There are only mixed doubles and women’s doubles matches scheduled today at Roland Garros – four of them in total. I’ve assessed the matches, as well as the odds, to produce the following predictions:

  • Mixed doubles – Kato/Puetz to beat Sutjiadi/Middelkoop – 17/20 Odds
  • Women’s doubles – Fernandez/Townsend to beat Chan/Chan – 8/15 Odds

Starting with the mixed doubles prediction, Kato/Puetz have been formidable in this event. Amazingly, they’ve yet to lose a set. As for the women’s doubles prediction, Fernandez/Townsend have looked stronger than Chan/Chan throughout the tournament. In addition, their three-set victory over the 8th seeds in the previous round will give them confidence.

French Open 2023 Doubles – June 6th Results & Tips

The first day of the ‘business end’ of Roland Garros has officially been completed. Yesterday hosted a range of great matches. And while many of the top seeds made it through, they had to navigate some troublesome times out there on the clay. In fact, some of the top seeds across the three main doubles events were unable to find the answers required to defeat their opponents. 

But if you missed the results and matches from yesterday, fear not. I will give you a quick rundown of the Roland Garros doubles results from June 5th that not many people would have expected. And once that’s been taken care of, I will provide some tips for the upcoming matches that are scheduled for June 6th. Let’s get right into it.

Interesting Results – June 5th

Given that these doubles competitions are at the 4th round and even quarter-final stages, the number of matches played each day is thinning out. But yesterday, there were still eight doubles matches played in total. Of those eight matches, I found the following three results highly surprising:

  • Men’s doubles – Middelkoop/Mies beat Arevalo/Rojer (3rd seeds)
  • Men’s doubles – Gille/Vliegen beat Gonzalez/Molteni (14th seeds)
  • Women’s doubles – Kudermetova/Samsanova beat Hunter/Mertens (3rd seeds)

In the French Open men’s doubles event, Middelkoop/Mies beat the 3rd seed in straight sets. And Gille/Vliegen did the same to the Argentinian duo – the pair that took out the 2nd seeds in the previous round. This was followed up by Kudermetova/Samsanova dismantling the 3rd seeds to reach the quarter-finals.

French Open Doubles Tips – June 6th

Since there are still matches scheduled for all three doubles competitions today, we can pick an appealing betting market for one game in each event. I’ve scoped out the markets for the matches today. And based on the odds, as well as form and realistic chances of winning, I’ve produced the following three tips:

  • Men’s doubles – Krawietz/Putz to beat Dodig/Krajicek – 3/4 Odds
  • Women’s doubles – Melichar-Martinez/Perez to beat Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo – 8/15 Odds
  • Mixed doubles – Sutjiadi/Middelkoop to beat Chan/Martin – 17/20 Odds

Krawietz/Putz hasn’t dropped a set to this point, whereas Dodig/Krajicek have had two three-setters already. As for the women’s doubles, Sorribes Tormo must be exhausted from her efforts in the singles yesterday. So for me, it has to be Melichar-Martinez/Perez for the win. And for the mixed doubles, Sutjiadi/Middelkoop beat the 3rd seeds comfortably yesterday, so they are clearly in great form.

French Open Doubles – June 5th Results & Tips

With today being Monday, June 5th, we are entering the second week of Roland Garros 2023. The first week gave us some special games with plenty of incredible tennis. And hopefully, the second week of the tournament will give us more of the same. As for the French Open women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles, there is still plenty of tennis left to be played. 

On that note, let me cover the main results from yesterday (June 4th) before sharing my top tips for the upcoming matches today. 

Interesting Results – June 4th

Since all three of the main doubles events have matches each day at the moment, we’ve seen shock results in all of them on June 4th. It was a thrilling day of tennis for those who tuned in. Yet if you haven’t seen the results yet, allow me to point out the most intriguing results from Paris yesterday:

  • Men’s doubles – Middelkoop/Mies beat Glasspool/Heliovaara (5th seeds)
  • Mixed doubles – Andreescu/Venus beat Mattek-Sands/Pavic 
  • Women’s doubles – Bondar/Minnen beat Muhammad/Olmos (12th seeds)

Roland Garros Doubles Tips – June 5th

As the second week commences, naturally, there are fewer French Open doubles matches being played. But this doesn’t mean that you can no longer find value bets for the respective doubles competitions. And based on the matches that are upcoming today, I believe that the following three markets are good calls:

  • Mixed doubles – Stefani/Matos to beat Kato/Puetz – 3/5 Odds
  • Men’s doubles – Gonzalez/Molteni to beat Gille/Vliegen – 3/4 Odds
  • Women’s doubles – Hunter/Mertens to beat Kudermetova/Samsanova – 10/21 Odds

Firstly, Stefani/Matos dismantled the 8th seeds in the previous round, and the duo of Kato/Puetz are not seeded. Secondly, Gonzalez/Molteni just put out the 2nd seeds in a three-set thriller, whereas their opponents had an absolute battle in their last round. Finally, with Hunter/Mertens being the 3rd seeds, the odds of 3/5 to get the win for their match is quite high. And as the 3 seeds, they are obviously expected to wriggle through this match.

Of course, you could back all of these Roland Garros doubles tips if you like. Alternatively, you could place a bet on just one or two of them – it’s totally up to you. Either way, by backing these tips, you can be confident that you are laying a stake on some ‘undervalued’ markets.

Roland Garros Doubles – June 4th Results & Tips

We are officially at the mid-point of the 2023 Roland Garros competition. The singles events have reached the 3rd and 4th rounds, and the doubles competitions are right there with them. This is true for the three major events I’ve been covering so far – mixed doubles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles. Of course, I’m primarily focusing on these three events right here.

And if you missed the doubles games in Paris yesterday, let me bring you up to date by sharing the most intriguing results.

Interesting Results – June 3rd

The number of matches played each day might be thinning out, but the doubles action is just as exciting as it was on day one. Furthermore, as we reach these later rounds of each competition, the top seeds are starting to play one another. As for the most shocking results from yesterday, please see the three results below:

  • Men’s doubles – Gonzalez/Molteni beat Salisbury/Gonzalez (2nd seeds)
  • Mixed doubles – Stefani/Matos beat Zhang/Dodig (8th seeds)
  • Women’s doubles – Bondar/Minnen beat Aoyama/Shibahara (7th seeds)

French Open 2023 Doubles Predictions – June 4th

Looking at the schedule for Sunday, June 4th, there are some great matches set to take place in the various French Open doubles competitions. I’ve looked at each of the three main events ahead of today, and I’ve come up with the following tips:

  • Men’s doubles – Cabral/Matos to beat Dodig/Krajicek – 29/20 Odds
  • Women’s doubles – Bondar/Minnen to beat Muhammad/Olmos – 11/8 Odds

Out of all the matches set to be played today, I feel that these two markets show the best value. Starting with Cabral/Matos, they smoked Purcell/Shelton in the previous round, and they took out the Aussie Open champions in the first round. And for Bondar/Minnen, they beat the 7th seeds last round, and they are looking stronger with each match played.

French Open 2023 Doubles – June 3rd Results & Tips

Ready for another exciting day of Roland Garros doubles action? I certainly am, and today has plenty of top matches on the schedule. Like all days at the tournament at this stage, there is a blend of mixed, women’s, and men’s doubles matches scheduled for Saturday, June 3rd. And with most of the action taking place this afternoon, you may wish to check out my predictions ahead of these matches. These have been shared below.

But first, in case you missed some of the key results from Friday, June 2nd, let me give you the rundown now.

Interesting Results – June 2nd

In the French Open men’s doubles event yesterday, pretty much all of the matches went as expected. This means that the top seeds largely made it safely through to the next round. But when it comes to the women’s doubles and mixed doubles events, it wasn’t the same story. Take a look at the three results below in case you missed them:

  • Women’s doubles – Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo beat Eikeri/Hozumi
  • Women’s doubles – Xu/Yang beat Bonaventure/Udvardy
  • Mixed doubles – Martin/Chan beat Perez/Zielinski (6th seeds)

Hopes were high for Eikeri/Hozumi after they beat the number 1 seeds, but they lost yesterday to Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo. As for Xu/Yang, they came from a set down to win their match with two tie-breaks in a row – winning 11-9 in the third set. And finally, Martin/Chan destroyed the 6th seed in the mixed doubles.

French Open Doubles Predictions – June 3rd

Let’s now look forward to some of the most intriguing doubles games scheduled for today in Paris. Of course, given that this is where I am predicting the results with ‘value’ bets in mind, I’ve left no stone unturned today. On that note, take a look at the following predictions to see what markets you could back:

  • Mixed doubles – Stefani/Matos to beat Zhang/Dodig – 3/4 Odds
  • Men’s doubles – Gille/Vliegen to beat Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin – 11/10 Odds
  • Women’s doubles – Chan/Chan to beat Babos/Danilina – 8/13 Odds

I’ve picked Stefani/Matos to win because they had a great first-round win, and Zhang/Dodig looked a little shaky in their opener. As for my men’s doubles prediction, Gille/Vliegen beat the 8th seeds in the first round and they were prolific in their 2nd round match too. And finally, Chan/Chan are the 14th seeds, so the odds for this pairing are very enticing.

French Open Doubles – June 2nd Results & Tips

As the 2023 Roland Garros doubles tournaments continue to progress, things are getting all the more interesting in Paris. Top seeds have tumbled, underdogs have flourished, and the fans have been entertained by some stunning tennis. As for what’s taken place over the last 24 hours, there have been some intriguing results across all competitions. This includes the men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles events.

So first and foremost, before I get into some tips for the upcoming matches, I’d like to quickly review the top stories from the last 24 hours.

Interesting Results – June 1st/2nd

If you check out the results for the three doubles events from yesterday/today, there are two huge results that you may have missed. To keep things easy, I’ve showcased the two biggest results right here:

  • Men’s doubles – Melo/Peers beat Nys/Zielinski (7th seeds)
  • Mixed doubles – Lechemia/Olivetti beat Pegula/Krajicek (1st seeds)

In the men’s doubles event, the 7th seeds, Nys/Zielinski suffered a surprise loss to the Brazilian/Australian duo of Melo/Peers. This was actually a straight-sets victory too, which has opened up this section of the draw nicely. And other than that, anyone following the mixed doubles events would have been shell-shocked following the exit of the number 1 seeds. 

Pegula/Krajicek went down in a match tie-break at the hands of Lechemia/Olivetti, and Pegula also went out of the women’s singles today. Therefore, it’s been a tough 24 hours for the American star.

Roland Garros Doubles Tips – June 2nd/3rd

Having looked at the French Open doubles schedule for today/tomorrow, I’ve identified a few matches with promising value in terms of the betting markets. To get right to it, I’ve detailed these predictions here:

  • Lechemia/Olivetti to beat Kato/Puetz 
  • Cornet/Parry to beat Kichenok/Ostapenko 
  • Purcell/Shelton to beat Cabral/Matos 

Each of these three predictions has enticing odds, especially since none of them are the obvious favourites. Yet since the predicted winners have all been playing great tennis, I feel they are more than capable of grabbing the win in their respective matches.

Roland Garros Doubles: Results & Tips – June 1st

As of May 31st, all of the French Open doubles competitions have started. The French Open men’s doubles was the first to kick off on May 30th. And this has been followed directly by the first few matches for the women’s and mixed doubles. Of course, this means that we’ve got some results to investigate for all events. Adding to that, while we’ve not even completed all of the first rounds at this point, there have already been some significant shocks. 

I will start by discussing the biggest results from yesterday across these three events. And when you’ve got caught up on the news from yesterday, you may wish to check out my predictions for the Roland Garros doubles games today. Let’s get started.

Interesting Results – May 31st

There was some thrilling doubles action in Paris yesterday. But unfortunately, producing thrilling points doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll win the match. This was particularly evident in the three shock results that we witnessed at Roland Garros yesterday. See the results below:

  • Men’s Doubles – Doumbia/Reboul beat Ebden/Bopanna (6th seeds)
  • Women’s Doubles – Eikeri/Hozumi beat Krejcikova/Siniakova (1st seeds)
  • Mixed Doubles – Pavic/Mattek-Sands beat Rojer/Schuurs (4th seeds)

Of course, the biggest shock of the bunch is the number one seeds losing their opening match in the women’s doubles event. Nobody would have expected such a result, and this makes the duo of Gauff/Pegula the favourites for the title.

French Open Doubles Tips – June 1st

Concerning the schedule for the Roland Garros doubles events today, it consists of a blend of first-round and second-round matches. Then again, it doesn’t really matter what rounds the events are at when it comes to creating valuable tips. Instead, our focus is to generate tips that have appealing odds, while also finding tips that demonstrate a realistic chance of pulling through too.

On that note, I’ve scoured the betting markets ahead of the action today, which has led me to supply the following three predictions:

  • Bolelli/Fognini to beat Granollers/Zeballos
  • Carballes Baena/Munar to beat Harris/Klaasen
  • Errani/Mattek-Sands to beat Fernandez/Townsend

French Open Doubles: Results & Tips – May 31st

The Roland Garros doubles competitions kicked off yesterday (May 30th). The competition we witnessed was solely the men’s doubles, however, with the women set to begin today (May 31st). And already, there have been some shock results and close shaves for some of the top seeds. Speaking of which, as I will be doing throughout the tournament, I’ve discussed the most significant results below. I’ve also provided some French Open doubles tips for the games that are scheduled for today.

So if this is the kind of information you are looking to read through, you’re in the right spot. Let me give you the rundown from yesterday’s matches and share my predictions for today’s games now.

Interesting Results – May 30th

As stated above, it was only the men’s doubles matches that were played yesterday. And not all of the first-round games were played either. This means that there are still many pairings that are set to begin their Roland Garros campaigns today. However, coming back to the results from yesterday, it didn’t all go as planned for some of the top pairings. The number 8 seeds, Mektic/Pavic fell to the Belgium duo, Gille/Vliegen in straight sets. Of course, this has opened up section four of the draw massively.

Adding to the list of seeds who have fallen at the first hurdle, Hijikata/Kubler lost to Cabral/Matos by a score of 7-6, 7-6. Since they won the 2023 Australian Open in January, this is another big shock for the French Open men’s doubles. And it was almost the same story for some other seeds including Arevalo/Rojer (3rd seeds) and Glasspool/Heliovaara (5th seeds). Both of these pairings scraped through in three sets.

Roland Garros Doubles Tips – May 31st

Let’s now divert our attention to the upcoming games for today. I’ve taken a look at the schedule for the men’s and women’s doubles, and I believe that the following two markets are worth backing:

  • Doumbia/Reboul vs Bopanna/Ebden – Bopanna/Ebden to win
  • Niklas-Salminen/Ruusuvuori vs Barrere/Halys – Barrere/Halys to win
  • Paolini/Trevisan vs Barnett/Nicholls – Paolini/Trevisan to win

Bopanna/Ebden has had success in Grand Slams in the past, and they can definitely take the other pair down today. As for Barrere/Halys, these guys will have the full support of the French crowd in this first-round clash. And finally, the Italian duo of Paolini/Trevisan could well take the win against Barnett/Nichols. They are both solid baseline players, and their court-craft is enough to see them through.

French Open 2023 Doubles – Top Contenders for Main Events

To keep things as ‘on point’ as possible, I’ll get right into the main contenders for the men’s and women’s doubles tournaments here. As a reminder, the French Open schedule shows us that the doubles events will start on May 30th. The men’s doubles kick off on this day, followed by the beginning of the mixed and women’s doubles on May 31st. 

So with reference to the top contenders discussed below, you can tune in from these dates onward to see the top players in action.

Men’s Doubles

It’s easy to identify the main contenders for Roland Garros doubles relating to the men’s event. This is done by checking out the top seeds, which I’ve highlighted right here:

  • Koolhof / Skupski – Seed 1
  • Ram / Salisbury – Seed 2
  • Arevalo / Rojer – Seed 3
  • Dodig / Krajicek – Seed 4
  • Glasspool / Heliovaara – Seed 5

The men’s doubles competition is up for grabs really, as nobody has dominated in the early part of the season. As for the results from Roland Garros 2022, it was Arevalo and Rojer who took the title in Paris – beating Dodig and Krajicek in the final. However, as you can see, these two pairs are seeded 3rd and 4th, respectively. So both of these pairs are facing stiff competition ahead of them in the second Grand Slam of the season.

Women’s Doubles

The French Open doubles draw for the women is yet to be announced, at the time of writing. But with that said, we do know the teams that have entered, which means we also know who has been seeded where. On that note, let me reveal the top five seeds now:

  • Krejcikova / Siniakova – Seed 1
  • Gauff / Pegula – Seed 2
  • Hunter / Mertens – Seed 3
  • Kichenok / Ostapenko – Seed 4
  • Krawczyk / Schuurs – Seed 5

It’s rather unique that the winners of the 2022 French Open women’s doubles are not even seeded in the draw this year. However, the winners of the 2023 Australian Open women’s doubles are, and they are deservedly the top seeds. So it goes without saying that the pairing of Krejcikova / Siniakova are the main favourites this year. But the tournament should be quite interesting given the other names that have teamed up.

French Open Men’s Doubles – Draw and Odds Discussed

The draw for the French Open men’s doubles has not yet been done. But as you’ve already seen above, there are some heavy hitters on the entrant’s list this year. Of course, Arevalo / Rojer will be hoping to defend their crown in Paris, yet it remains to be seen where they will be placed in the draw. In fact, there is only one thing that is certain for this Roland Garros doubles draw – Koolhof / Skupski will be at the top of the draw and Ram / Salisbury will be at the bottom.

Therefore, the top two seeds will not be able to play one another unless they both reach the final. As for the odds, these have also not been released as of yet. However, I expect the French Open odds to be released once the official draw has been produced. Naturally, this also means that I can only come up with a set of predictions for each round once we know who is playing against who!

French Open Women’s Doubles – Odds and Draw Breakdown

As referenced previously, much like the French Open men’s doubles event, the women’s doubles event does not have an official draw – yet. This should be completed within the next couple of days. And this will allow the first set of WTA French Open predictions to be done for this particular tournament. But until then, we can only work with what we know to be true for this Roland Garros doubles event.

Therefore, what we do know is who the top five seeds are, and that the top two seeds will be placed at opposite ends of the draw. This means that the duo of Gauff / Pegula will be at the bottom of the draw, whereas Krejcikova / Siniakova will be at the top. Beyond that, we will only know where the other seeds have been placed once the 2023 French Open doubles draw has been completed. 

Roland Garros Doubles – FAQs

Can I watch the French Open doubles tournaments?

Absolutely. If you are interested in French Open TV live streaming, you’ll need to lock in a Discovery+ sports subscription. This costs £6.99 per month, and you can cancel the subscription at any time. 

When are the finals of these individual events?

The mixed doubles final is scheduled for June 8th. However, for the French Open men’s doubles and French Open women’s doubles, the finals will be held on June 10th and June 11th.

When will the odds be released for individual Roland Garros doubles matches?

The odds will only be released following confirmation of the draw for each of the individual tournaments. This is when we can start to rack up some exciting predictions while supplying the odds at the same time. 

Will you be providing French Open doubles predictions throughout the event?

Of course. I will be providing predictions following the completion of each round in the Roland Garros doubles events.

What is the format for doubles matches in these events?

For both the men’s and women’s doubles events, the format follows a best-of-three-set match with a match tie-break at 6-6 in the deciding set.

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