‘No need to be afraid’ – Premier League boss doesn’t fear sack despite record 12 dismissals

‘No need to be afraid’ – Premier League boss doesn’t fear sack despite record 12 dismissals

Premier League boss Jurgen Klopp says he doesn’t fear being sacked, with the Liverpool manager noting he remains in a job because of his past achievements.

The Reds are enduring a very disappointing campaign, with the club currently sitting eighth in the Premier League table.

His comments come following the sackings of Chelsea’s Graham Potter and Leicester’s Brendan Rodgers, with a record 12 Premier League managers sacked this season.

Premier League boss doesn’t fear sack

Liverpool are also out of all cup competitions, and are eight points off the top four following Saturday’s loss to Manchester City.

But Klopp has enjoyed huge success at Anfield, winning club football’s major honours, which include the Premier League and Champions League.

Having taken over on Merseyside from Rodgers in 2015, Klopp has now been in the job for seven-and-a-half years, making him the longest-serving manager in the Premier League.

“If it was my first season it would be slightly different,” said Klopp, as quoted by BBC Sport. “I’m aware of the fact that I’m sitting here because of the past, not because of what we did this season.

“We have smart owners, they know about the situation. There is no need to be afraid, I am here to deliver, I’m not here as a talisman or for murals on house walls.

“I know I’m still here because of what happened in the last few years. I don’t like the fact that I pretty much have to rely on that. Is it right or not? We’ll see in the future.”

Klopp desperate for strong finish

While Liverpool fans will be disappointed that their team is out of all cup competitions, it means they can fully focus on the Premier League, with a spot in the top four not impossible.

There are several other clubs eyeing a Champions League place, but Liverpool have the perfect chance to kickstart a strong run towards the top four when they take on managerless Chelsea on Tuesday evening.

“I’m fully in, there’s no doubt about that, but we have to sort it,” said Klopp. “We cannot continue playing like we do from time to time. That’s not allowed.

“I’m really disappointed about us, that we do these kind of things, but it happened. Now we have to find a way out and that’s what we’re constantly working on.”

Premier League

Klopp reacts to Premier League sackings

As mentioned, a record 12 bosses have now lost their jobs in the Premier League this season, with the previous record of 10 set in four other seasons, most recently the 2017/18 campaign.

The stakes are evidently incredibly high, with very little margin for error, as found out most recently by Potter and Rodgers.

The Blues have dropped into the bottom half of the table, while the Foxes have dropped into the relegation zone, with both clubs clearly believing they can do better under different management.

Commenting on the sackings, Klopp noted: “Some clubs are underachieving this year. We are, other clubs are too. There are expectations out there, rightly so, and if you don’t reach them then you have to accept the decisions.”

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