Cincinnati Open 2023 schedule and order of play – updated daily

The Cincinnati Masters, otherwise known as the Cincinnati Open, promises to be an awesome event. In fact, as per the general Cincinnati Open schedule, we are essentially guaranteed a full week of top-level tennis. After all, this is a 1000-level tournament with the world’s best players taking part. This is the case for both the ATP and WTA events, which are played at the same time under the banner of the ‘Western & Southern Open’. 

As you’ll see while I work through the Cincinnati Open schedule right here, I will reference the event using both terms – just to avoid any potential confusion! Taking things further, since the goal here is to keep you updated with the Cincinnati Open order of play, I’ll be providing daily updates with the full schedule breakdown. This way, I can make sure that you are aware of what’s on the cards throughout the weeklong tournament. Again, just for clarity, these updates will run from Sunday, August 13th, through to Sunday, August 20th.

Cincinnati Open Schedule

Additionally, to give some extra value to the daily updates, I’ve covered the ins and outs of the Western & Southern Open schedule as a whole too. So if the specifics of the tournament schedule as a whole are of interest, I’d advise checking out the full scope of information shared below. Anyway, let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

Cincinnati Open order of play 2023 – Sunday, August 20th

It’s been a pretty awesome week of tennis, we can probably all agree. And today, it’s time to see the conclusion of three out of the four events played in Cincinnati. Of course, today is finals day for the Western & Southern Open. However, the women’s doubles final was actually played yesterday, leaving the women’s singles, men’s singles, and men’s doubles finals to be played today. Naturally, this means that all three matches are part of the Cincinnati Open schedule for Sunday, August 20th. And believe me, the matches that are due to be played are rather mouthwatering!

For the men’s singles, we have Djokovic vs Alcaraz, which has the potential to be an absolute thriller. As for the women’s singles, it’s Coco Gauff vs Karolina Muchova, and both of these players have had quite a phenomenal week. And finally, as per the Cincinnati Open order of play, the men’s doubles final will be a standalone event played on the second of two show courts. 

It’s all rather exciting, and I’ve shared the exact order of play combined with a bit more match information below.

Center Court – 18:30 start time

Center Court is most certainly where the main action is today. This court is set to host two singles matches – both singles finals, and they both have the possibility to turn into classics. For the women’s singles, which opens up the Cincinnati Open order of play today, the home favorite, Coco Gauff, will be hoping to take out the unseeded Karolina Muchova. And she has already beaten the world number one en route to the final. Then again, Muchova took out the world number two to reach the final.

As for the men’s singles final, it really needs no introduction these days. This is the second final between Djokovic and Alcaraz, and it’s an important match concerning the ATP number one ranking ahead of the US Open. With this said, I’ve provided the matches and start times for you below:

  • Coco Gauff vs Karolina Muchova – 18:30
  • Carlos Alcaraz vs Novak Djokovic – Not Before 20:30

Note that on finals day, the start times of these matches work a little differently than the rest of the tournament. Of course, there are two matches scheduled, yet only the first match has a concrete start time. As for the men’s singles final, they are following the first game, yet they will not start before 20:30 – even if the women’s singles final is over quickly. 

Grandstand – 17:00 start time

Grandstand is the selected court for the men’s doubles final today. And interestingly, the men’s doubles final does not have a single seeded pair involved. Instead, it’s going to be a battle of two unseeded partnerships, and it will either be the Argentinian duo of Gonzalez/Molteni or Murray/Venus that will lift the title. 

The match-up and start time for the only match set for Grandstand today can be viewed here:

  • Murray/Venus vs Gonzalez/Molteni – 17:00

Cincinnati Open schedule – Saturday, August 19th

We are now heading into the penultimate day of the Western & Southern Open for 2023. It’s been a great tournament so far, yet the best is still to come, in my opinion. Of course, I say this because today will host all of the semi-final matches across the board, and there is also one final on the cards today – the women’s doubles final. Therefore, it’s fair to say that this is crunch time for the players who remain, and the Cincinnati Open order of play is full of exciting matchups today. With that said, since there are only semi-finals and finals matches remaining, the number of courts used to host matches is now relatively few in number.

In fact, while previous days have used four, five, or even more courts to squeeze in all of the matches, there are just two being used today. Naturally, these are both the main stadium courts, and play is set to start at 16:00 on Center Court today. As for the Grandstand Court, play will begin at 18:00 since this court is hosting fewer matches.

Anyway, that’s about all you need to know concerning what’s coming up for the Western & Southern Open schedule today. So now, let’s get into the specific matches to see what you can watch unfold in Cincinnati today.

Center Court – 16:00 start time

Center Court is the main attraction today. There are five matches scheduled to be played here today, and of these five, Center Court will host all four singles semi-finals. As for the other match, to wrap up the day/evening, Center Court will host the women’s doubles final. This shows that the lineup on this court will be pretty magical today, and it’s certainly a court worth watching through the various streaming options if you get a chance.

As for the biggest names involved, you’ve got the 1st and 2nd seeds in both the men’s and women’s singles events. These names include Iga Swiatek, Aryna Sabalenka, Carlos Alcaraz, and Novak Djokovic. As for when these names will be playing and who they are facing, that’s covered in the Cincinnati Open order of play shown below:

  • Swiatek vs Gauff
  • Muchova vs Sabalenka
  • Alcaraz vs Hurkacz
  • Zverev vs Djokovic
  • Melichar-Martinez/Perez vs Parks/Townsend

Grandstand – 18:00 start time

Although Center Court will be the one to host the main singles matches today, it’s a different story entirely for the Grandstand Court. For this show court, there are just two doubles matches scheduled. Both of these doubles matches are semi-finals, and they are both men’s doubles games, as I’m sure you’ve gathered already. However, given that the men’s doubles event has had a fair few upsets, the highest seeds involved in these matches are the 6th and 2nd seeds. 

The other two pairs are not seeded, which makes for quite intriguing matchups in the men’s doubles semi-finals today. As for who is playing who, check out the Western & Southern Open schedule for the Grandstand Court here:

  • Murray/Venus vs Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin
  • Gonzalez/Molteni vs Dodig/Krajicek

2023 Cincinnati Open order of play – Friday, August 18th

The 2023 Western & Southern Open might be drawing to a close, but there is still a ton of great tennis on the cards. In fact, because there has been so much disruption with the weather, the Cincinnati Open schedule is behind where it should be at this point. I say this because while the men’s singles quarter-finals might be all set, the women’s singles are still at the round of 16 stage. Therefore, the winners of these round of 16 matches will likely need to play twice today just so that the Western & Southern Open schedule can catch up. However, if they don’t play twice today, they will likely need to play twice tomorrow.

So it really makes no difference as to whether they play two matches today or not, as they will need to do so within the next 24/48 hours anyway. Anyway, this is a good thing from the perspective of watching as much top-level tennis as possible in just one day. And as you’ll find out by looking at the complete Cincinnati Open order of play below, there are some very exciting matches on the cards today.

With a range of round of 16 and quarter-final games split into men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, and women’s doubles – you won’t be disappointed by what’s to come. Finally, play will commence at 16:00 (UK time) at the earliest and the full schedule can be viewed below.

Center Court

Center Court is definitely where the best action is at once we reach this point in the Cincinnati Open. Since we are now at the ‘round of 16’/quarter-finals stage of the event, many of the matches are then scheduled for Center Court. After all, this is the point at which the top seeds are largely still in the draw, and it’s the point where they then start to compete against each other. This sets the stage for some pretty awesome tennis, and the exact matches can be viewed here:

  • Swiatek vs Vondrousova
  • Hurkacz vs Popyrin
  • Alcaraz vs Purcell
  • Jabeur vs Sabalenka
  • Fritz vs Djokovic


In a change from the Cincinnati Open order of play from previous days, Grandstand will open with a doubles game today. The scheduled match is one of four quarter-finals that will be played today in the men’s doubles. Yet after the doubles game has been completed, the schedule then flips back to the singles events, and there are four of them scheduled for the Grandstand Court today. Please see the full order of play below for an idea of what’s coming up:

  • Mektic/Peers vs Gonzalez/Molteni
  • Muchova vs Bouzkova
  • Paolini vs TBD
  • Mannarino vs Zverev
  • TBD vs TBD

Stadium 3

As you will also notice with the Western & Southern Open schedule for the Porsche Court below, Stadium 3 is solely a doubles court today. This means that all matches are part of the men’s or women’s doubles events. Or to be more specific, the schedule shows one women’s doubles match and three men’s doubles matches, as highlighted here:

  • Parks/Townsend vs Krawczyk/Schuurs
  • Murray/Venus vs Musetti/Sonego
  • Eubanks/Shelton vs Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin
  • Melo/Zverev vs Dodig/Krajicek

Porsche Court

Because the draw is now pretty small in terms of the volume of players left in, the Porsche Court won’t see quite as much action as the others. In fact, this court is only set to host two doubles matches today, and the start time is 18:00 UK time. Then again, some would say that this court has quality over quantity, as both the 1st and 2nd seeds of the women’s doubles events are in action. As for the Cincinnati Open schedule, please see the matches below:

  • Pavlyuchenkova/Stefani vs Hunter/Mertens
  • Krejcikova/Siniakova vs Chan/Olmos

Western & Southern Open order of play – Thursday, August 17th

The Cincinnati Open schedule today is pretty much the best line-up that we’ve seen in the tournament so far. Then again, this is to be expected when you get to the third round, which many of the matches are today. Additionally, there will be some extra pressure today since the winners of these matches will reach the quarter-finals of the Western & Southern Open. So as you can imagine, there will be plenty of high-octane tennis taking place around the grounds today.

As for the Cincinnati Open schedule in terms of start times, play should commence at around 16:00 UK time. This is the case for all courts, and many of the courts that are being utilized today have at least four/five matches scheduled. Of course, this sets the stage for an exciting day of tennis, and you can observe the full schedule for each court through the following breakdown.

Center Court

Given that Center Court is the main show court, as you would expect, the majority of the top seeds are scheduled to play here today. As for the names listed in the Cincinnati Open order of play, you’ve got players like Alcaraz, Djokovic, Vondrousova, Gauff, and Tsitsipas on the Center Court schedule. And such players will compete according to the following schedule:

  • Vondrousova vs Stephens
  • Tsitsipas vs Hurkacz
  • Alcaraz vs Paul
  • Noskova vs Gauff
  • Monfils vs Djokovic


Grandstand is the second of the main show courts at the 2023 Cincinnati Open. And for this court today, there are four scheduled singles matches followed by one women’s doubles match. Three of the top seeds will play on Grandstand today too, as seen with Pegula, Medvedev, and Iga Swiatek – the world number one. Anyway, here is the full schedule for the Grandstand court today:

Stadium 3

Moving on to Stadium 3 now, the Western & Southern Open schedule has four matches on the lineup for this court. All of these matches are singles games, and because these are more balanced matches (on paper), Stadium 3 should host some classics today. Here is the complete lineup for this court:

Porsche Court

When we get to the Porsche Court, at this point in the event, the ratio of singles to doubles matches starts to even out to some degree. This can be confirmed by the fact that there are two doubles matches and three singles matches scheduled here today. As for the biggest names, players like Sakkari, Rybakina, and Sabalenka will compete here later on. Once again, the complete Cincinnati Open schedule for this court is displayed below:

  • Hsieh/Wang vs Pavlyuchenkova/Stefani
  • Sakkari vs Muchova
  • Rybakina vs Paolini
  • Kasatkina vs Sabalenka
  • Krejcikova/Siniakova vs Pliskova/Vekic

Court 4

When we get to Court 4, which is considered an ‘outdoor court’ at the Cincinnati Open, there are only doubles matches scheduled. Yet with five doubles matches due to be played here later on, Court 4 should post some very exciting games. And you can view the complete lineup here:

  • Koolhof/Skupski vs Murray/Venus
  • Bopanna/Ebden vs Eubanks/Shelton
  • Arevalo/Rojer vs Musetti/Sonego
  • Melo/Zverev vs Hurkacz/Pavic
  • Purcell/Rublev vs Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin

Court 7

Court 7 has the fewest matches of all the courts today, with just 3x doubles matches scheduled. However, there is a top seed involved in every game here, as reflected in the following Cincinnati Open order of play:

  • Krawietz/Puetz vs Mektic/Peers
  • Kichenok/Ostapenko vs Parks/Townsend
  • Begu/Sorribes Tormo vs Hunter/Mertens

Cincinnati Open order of play – Wednesday, August 16th

Although many delayed matches were played on Tuesday, August 15th at the Cincinnati Open, the tournament is still playing catch-up. In short, this means that the Western & Southern Open schedule is packed today. There are 8 courts hosting matches today, many of which have five matches scheduled. Of course, these are split into singles and doubles matches, much like the other days that we’ve witnessed so far. As for the kick-off times, play will begin at 16:00 at the Cincinnati Open, and I’ve covered the full order of play below.

Center Court

This is the main show court at the Cincinnati Open. So as expected, the biggest names are playing on Center Court today. In fact, split between the men’s and women’s singles events, Center Court has the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seeds in the lineup today. And you can view the matchups in the schedule below:

  • Trevisan vs Pegula
  • Swiatek vs Collins
  • Tsitsipas vs Shelton
  • Davidovich Fokina vs Djokovic
  • Sherif vs Gauff


With five singles matches on Grandstand today, this is a great court to have tickets for. And regarding the complete Western & Southern Open schedule for Grandstand, the five matches are listed here:

  • Musetti vs Medvedev
  • Sinner vs Lajovic
  • Zheng vs Williams
  • Li vs Sabalenka
  • Tiafoe vs Wawrinka

Stadium 3

Stadium 3 is still one of the show courts at the Cincinnati Open, and it will host six matches today – as shown below:

  • Humbert vs Paul
  • Sonego vs Fritz
  • Hurkacz vs Coric
  • Rybakina vs Ostapenko
  • Vekic vs Azarenka

Porsche Court

Porsche Court might not have the very highest seeds on the schedule today, but there are many balanced matches to look forward to. On that note, the full Cincinnati Open order of play for the Porsche Court is displayed here:

  • Kasatkina vs Gracheva
  • Vondrousova vs Potapova
  • Sakkari vs Cirstea
  • Kvitova vs Noskova
  • Mertens vs Bouzkova

Court 4

You’ve got some top players showing their skills on Court 4 today, with Ruud and Rune being the highest seeds. As for the full lineup, please see the schedule below:

  • Zverev vs Nishioka
  • Purcell vs Ruud
  • Monfils vs De Minaur
  • Rune vs McDonald
  • Hijikata/Kubler vs Hurkacz/Pavic

Court 7

Court 7 is the most balanced of all the courts today, with 4x doubles matches and 2x singles matches scheduled. Here is the full order of play for Court 7:

  • Parks/Townsend vs Chan/Yang
  • Melichar-Martinez/Perez vs Mihalikova/Xu
  • Martic vs Muchova
  • Paolini vs Bucsa
  • Brady/Muhammad vs Chan/Olmos
  • Begu/Sorribes Tormo vs Hunter/Mertens

Court 8

Court 8 is one for the doubles lovers. As reflected in the Cincinnati Open schedule here, there are six doubles matches set for this court today.

  • Haase/Khachanov vs Dodig/Krajicek
  • Gonzalez/Molteni vs Ram/Salisbury
  • Navarro/Stearns vs Krawczyk/Schuurs
  • Hsieh/Wang vs Blinkova/Gracheva
  • Mattek-Sands/Potapova vs Pavlyuchenkova/Stefani
  • Kato/Sutjiadi vs Dabrowski/Routliffe

Court 11

Court 11 has the fewest number of scheduled matches today, with just three men’s doubles games as shown below:

  • Krawietz/Puetz vs Auger-Aliassime/Mannarino
  • Purcell/Rublev vs Glasspool/Heliovaara
  • Musetti/Sonego vs Granollers/Zeballos

Cincinnati Open schedule 2023 – Tuesday, August 15th

Well, the tournament didn’t get too far before the weather had other ideas! While a few games that were listed on the initial Cincinnati Open schedule were completed yesterday, many were either interrupted or didn’t start at all. And guess what, with this occurring on the very first full day of the event, the Cincinnati Open order of play today is absolutely jam-packed. In fact, the tournament organizers have needed to introduce an additional court just to fit in the matches that should have been completed so far.

Needless to say, this is the worst-case scenario for the tournament organizers at this point of the event. Yet on the other hand, this is just part of the package when it comes to outdoor tennis tournaments. At times, the weather doesn’t cooperate, and the event organizers simply need to adapt based on what mother nature throws their way. So, what exactly is coming up according to the Western & Southern Open schedule today? Well, I’ve got good news for tennis fans that are hoping to catch the action via the Cincinnati Open TV live streaming options.

Because of the weather delays, there are close to 50 matches due to be played today at the Cincinnati Open. And no – that’s not a typo! There really are that many matches coming up throughout the afternoon/evening in Cincinnati, and some courts have 7 matches scheduled. As it happens, there are 8 courts in use for the tournament today, and matches will begin at 11 AM local time. That’s 16:00 UK time, and due to the sheer volume of games, play will continue into the early hours of the morning I’m sure.

As for the complete schedule, this is revealed below:

Center Court

  • Lehecka vs Fritz
  • Korda vs Coric
  • Zverev vs Dimitrov
  • Jabeur vs Kalinina
  • Stephens vs Garcia
  • Alcaraz vs Thompson


  • Kvitova vs Blinkova
  • Azarenka vs Krejcikova
  • Muchova vs Haddad Maia
  • Ruusuvuori vs Rublev
  • Mannarino vs Auger-Aliassime
  • Keys vs Mertens

Stadium 3

  • Kecmanovic vs Paul
  • Nakashima vs Wawrinka
  • Cacic/Djokovic vs Murray/Venus
  • Norrie vs Monfils
  • Bucsa vs Bencic
  • Noskova vs Samsonova
  • Jabeur/Martic vs Brady/Muhammad

Porsche Court

  • Kasatkina vs Stearns
  • Gracheva vs Wozniacki
  • Martic vs Navarro
  • Vondrousova vs Siniakova
  • Brady vs Vekic
  • Kichenok/Ostapenko vs Muchova/Vondrousova

Court 4

  • Khachanov vs Lucky Loser
  • Evans vs Musetti
  • Hurkacz vs Kokkinakis
  • De Minaur vs Wolf
  • McDonald vs Hanfmann
  • Mattek-Sands/Potapova vs Pavlyuchenkova/Stefani

Court 7

  • Ostapenko vs Pliskova
  • Zheng vs Sasnovich
  • Begu vs Bouzkova
  • Collins vs Pavlyuchenkova
  • Alexandrova vs Cirstea
  • Cocciaretto/Sherif vs Begu/Tormo
  • Dabrowski/Routliffe vs Aoyama/Shibahara

Court 8

  • Humbert vs Fils
  • Davidovich Fokina vs Etcheverry
  • Sonego vs Shevchenko
  • Harris vs Purcell
  • Linette/Pera vs Chan/Olmos
  • Azarenka/Haddad Maia vs Navarro/Stearns
  • Kato/Sutjiadi vs Siegemund/Zvonareva

Court 11

  • Pera vs Trevisan
  • Wang vs Sherif
  • Linette vs Li
  • Cerundolo/Etcheverry vs Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin
  • Arevalo/Rojer vs Davidovich Fokina/Tsitsipas
  • Parks/Townsend vs Chan/Yang
  • Hsieh/Wang vs Blinkova/Gracheva

Western & Southern Open schedule – Monday, August 14th

The first day of the main draw begins today in Cincinnati, and it promises to be an exciting ride for the fans and players. As for the Cincinnati Open schedule, there are seven courts around the grounds that are hosting matches today. For most courts, there are at least four matches scheduled too – if not more. In fact, there are 30+ matches scheduled at the Western & Southern Open for Monday, August 14th. This gives you a pretty large pool of games to watch if you’re hoping to view these matches through one of the Cincinnati Open live stream options.

As for other key details pertaining to the Cincinnati Open order of play, you should know that play will start at 11 AM in the Cincinnati Open. For clarity, that’s 16:00 UK time. And since the schedule is split into both a day and night session, you can expect matches to continue into the early hours of the morning in the UK. Now, whether you choose to stay up and watch the full Western & Southern Open schedule is entirely your choice. Yet as you will soon realize by the following schedule, there are some big names playing today in Cincinnati.

This is true for the WTA and ATP events, and for those who want to take it even further, you can always check out our tennis predictions today for the upcoming matches. Anyway, that’s completely up to you. But either way, you will want to know how the Cincinnati Open order of play is looking for the opening day, so let me show you right now.

Center Court

There are five games scheduled for Center Court today, and this includes 2x men’s singles matches and 3x women’s singles matches. Here is the lineup:

  • Stephens vs Cocciaretto
  • V.Williams vs Kudermetova
  • Korda vs Coric
  • Zverev vs Dimitrov
  • Svitolina vs Wozniacki


Grandstand also has five matches on the schedule today, as you can see by the following order of play:

  • Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime
  • Isner vs Thompson
  • Muchova vs Haddad Maia
  • Vondrousova vs Siniakova
  • Evans vs Musetti

Stadium 3

Once again, Stadium 3 is hosting five singles matches, and the first two could be very interesting, as detailed here:

  • Safiullin vs Jarry
  • Nakashima vs Wawrinka
  • Sonego vs Shevchenko
  • Alexandrova vs Cirstea
  • Martic vs Navarro

Porsche Court

If you are excited about the women’s singles event, this is the court for you! Porsche Court has 5x women’s singles matches coming up today, as shown here:

  • Paolini vs Kostyuk
  • Naef vs Potapova
  • Zhu vs Kalinina
  • Zheng vs Sasnovich
  • Pera vs Trevisan

Court 4

Court 4 is one of several ‘outdoor courts’ used at the Cincinnati Open, and this one has 4x matches that are split into singles and doubles action. See the schedule here:

  • Ruusuvuori vs Moutet
  • Cerundolo vs Lajovic
  • Eubanks/Shelton vs Gille/Vliegen
  • Glasspool/Heliovaara vs Purcell/Rublev

Court 7

In the same way that the Porsche Court specializes in singles, Court 7 is set to specialize in doubles action today. There are 5x doubles matches involved in the Cincinnati Open order of play here, as revealed below:

  • Lammons/Withrow vs Mektic/Peers
  • Mihalikova/Xu vs Danilina/Kalashnikova
  • McDonald/Tiafoe vs Gonzalez/Molteni
  • Hijikata/Kubler vs Hurkacz/Pavic
  • Mattek-Sands/Potapova vs Pavlyuchenkova/Stefani

Court 8

When we get to Court 8, most of the matches have already been scheduled elsewhere. Yet there are still two intriguing doubles matches scheduled for this court today, and the specifics of these matches are shown here:

  • Garcia/Kostyuk vs Pliskova/Vekic
  • Cocciaretto/Sherif vs Begu/Tormo

2023 Cincinnati Open schedule – tournament overview

Given that the provisional Cincinnati Open schedule acts as a guide to the entire event, it makes sense to dive deeper into this before we continue. On that note, you should know that the tournament has already begun (at the time of writing). That’s right – the Cincinnati Open qualifying matches are being contested today. And when all is said and done, we will know which players have earned a spot in the main draw. Therefore, as you may have gathered already, the Western & Southern Open schedule for the main draw kicks off on Monday, August 14th.

This is just one day after the qualifying draws are completed. So for some qualifiers, they will need to get straight into the thick of things the very next day. However, this does depend on where they’ve been placed in the draw. Yet once the main draw does begin on August 14th, this is where the full Cincinnati Open schedule begins. From this point, it’s all main draw matches until the tournament draws to a close on Sunday, August 20th. 

So there you have it – the complete Western & Southern Open schedule. But what about the day-by-day breakdown of what you can expect throughout the week? Well, I’ve provided a complete guide for each day in the following section.

Western & Southern Open schedule – day by day

Now that you are fully aware of the period that the Cincinnati Open covers, you may still be curious about the day-by-day breakdown. After all, there are several events taking place during this seven-day period. In fact, there are four events in total, and these include the men’s doubles, women’s doubles, men’s singles, and the women’s singles. Therefore, you have plenty of matches to look forward to within these events, and you can even view these through multiple Cincinnati Open TV live streaming options. 

Yet if you are planning on watching the event, or even just tracking the progress of the individual tournaments, it’s handy to know what to expect on each day. So without further ado, let me cover the full Cincinnati Open schedule on a day-by-day basis right now.

Monday, August 14th

On the opening day of the Western & Southern Open, there will be a ton of matches to watch. That’s because the singles draws consist of 56 players each, which is the case for the WTA and ATP events. Additionally, there are 28 pairs involved for the Cincinnati Open doubles tournaments too. So clearly, there are many players scheduled to play in this tournament, and around half of them will play on Monday, August 14th. Therefore, this is the day for which the first rounds will be played.

Tuesday, August 15th

Given the scale of the draw sizes for the Cincinnati Open, the first rounds won’t only be played on Monday. In fact, the first-round games will also be played on Tuesday, August 15th, too. However, for those who played their opening rounds first, they will then compete in their second-round games on Tuesday. This could be in the day session or night session, depending on the Cincinnati Open order of play. 

Wednesday, August 16th

When we get to Wednesday, August 16th, it will only be second round matches that are played. This is true for the singles events, as well as the doubles events. But if there are any adaptations to the Western & Southern Open schedule due to weather or other issues, the singles games will take priority. So if this occurs, the doubles draws might be slightly behind schedule.

Thursday, August 17th

As you can probably guess, when we get to Thursday, August 17th, it’s time for the ‘round of 16’ matches. This is technically the third round of matches, but given the draw size, they can also be called ‘round of 16’ games too. 

Friday, August 18th

Assuming the Cincinnati Open schedule goes as planned, Friday, August 18th, will be the day on which we get to watch the quarter-final matches. Of course, you’d expect at least some of the top Cincinnati Open seeds to be involved on this day. And given some of the names who are involved like Djokovic, Alcaraz, Swiatek, and more, this should be a great day of tennis.

Saturday, August 19th

Once the quarter-final matches have been completed, the natural progression of the event will then take us into the semi-finals. Therefore, on Saturday, August 19th, it’s the semi-finals that will feature in the Cincinnati Open order of play. 

Sunday, August 20th

Last but not least, Sunday, August 20th, is the date at which the top dogs get to battle it out for the Cincinnati Open title. Normally, the doubles events are played first followed by the singles events. However, I’d suggest staying tuned to view the order of play for this date, which I will be posting once it gets released.

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