Where to watch Cincinnati Open 2023: Live streaming and TV options

The 2023 Cincinnati Open is officially underway. Following a few early first-round games played on Sunday, August 13th, the main events are due to move into top gear today – Monday, August 14th. And with the Cincinnati Open being such a significant event, tennis fans are understandably curious about where to watch Cincinnati Open matches this year. So if that’s what you are also wondering about, I’m pleased to see that you are in the right spot.

Western & Southern Open 2023

Below, I’ve outlined the very best options to access Cincinnati Open live streaming for several nations. These include Australia, USA, UK, as well as Canada. Therefore, if you are based in any of these four locations, you will discover where to watch Western & Southern Open games right now.

Cincinnati Open on TV – UK options

If you are located in the UK and you are eager to watch the Cincinnati Open, you will need access to Amazon Prime. As you may already know, Amazon Prime covers many of the top tennis tournaments around the world. These can be viewed through the Amazon Prime streaming services for those who are ‘Prime’ members. On that note, Prime can be purchased for a price of £8.99 per month, or you can pay an annual fee to snag a discount. 

Where to watch Cincinnati Open games in Australia

Should you be reading this down under, of course, you have different options from the countries listed here. Specifically, since beIN Sport has the rights to the Cincinnati Open in Australia, you’ll need a subscription to this channel/service. Unfortunately, there is no free option to gain access to beIN Sport in Australia, yet the price is reasonable. Currently, you can lock in a beIN Sport monthly subscription for a price of $15 AUD. 

Alternatively, much like Amazon Prime for the UK, you can pay for a year upfront for a cost of $150 AUD – a 20% discount on the monthly fee.

Cincinnati Open live streaming – Canada

In terms of where to watch Cincinnati Open matches in Canada, again, there is just a single option to keep in mind. This keeps things simple, but at the same time, it doesn’t show the same wealth of Cincinnati Open live streaming options that are on the table for viewers in the USA. Anyway, back to the matter at hand – in order to watch the tournament in Canada, you must secure a TSN+ subscription. This broadcaster covers numerous tennis events in Canada too.

So if you sign up for a cost of $20 CAD per month, you can watch a bunch of other top tournaments later in the year.

Where to watch Western & Southern Open matches in USA

Finally, the most accessible Cincinnati Open TV schedule is found in the USA. In fact, tennis fans in the USA have a total of five streaming options that can be accessed to watch the matches. To keep things simple, I’ve shortlisted these five right here:

  • Tennis Channel – $110 / year
  • Sling TV – $51 / month
  • YouTube TV – $84 / month
  • Fubo – $85 / month
  • Direct TV Stream – $100 / month

Interestingly, no matter what streaming subscription you choose, it’s still the Tennis Channel that you will watch the games through. And to keep on top of the matches, I’d suggest checking out our Cincinnati Open schedule page for daily updates!

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