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Queen Mother Champion Chase History: All Past Winners and Trends

The Queen Mother Champions Chase is one of the highlights of the Cheltenham Festival. And if you want to read about some key history for this one, we’ve got you covered right here.

Queen Mother Champions Chase Winners and Trends Ahead of 2023 Race

If you plan on tuning in for the 2023 Cheltenham Festival, you had better get this race on your calendar. The Queen Mother Champion Chase is one of the leading G1 events held on the second day of the festival. As for its history, the race itself was actually established all the way back in 1959. Because of this, there have been many different Queen Mother Champions Chase winners over the years.

This is the main topic that we shall focus on, first and foremost. Yet after running through the most significant winners of this race, we will then identify some trends that you should bear in mind if betting on the 2023 Queen Mother Champion Chase. So, ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

Top Queen Mother Champions Chase Winners

While there are quite a few horses that have won this race once or twice, there is only one that has ever won it three times in total. Adding to that, the list of Queen Mother Champions Chase winners for the jockeys has two record holders. There are two jockeys who have each won this race on five separate occasions. And if you’d like to read about these jockeys, as well as the most successful horse, we’ve discussed them here.

Cheltenham Race 2023

Most Successful Jockeys – Barry Geraghty & Pat Taafe

With five wins each, both Pat Taafe and Barry Geraghty deserve their place in history. No other jockey has matched this achievement in the entire history of the Queen Mother Champion Chase. And it’s quite cool that these two jockeys competed in entirely different eras too.

Pat Taafe got these five wins between 1960 and 1970. In contrast, Barry Geraghty bagged his five wins between 2003 and 2013.

Most Successful Horse – Badsworth Boy

While those two jockeys need to share the spoils at the top of the tree, this isn’t the case for the most successful horse. Badsworth Boy is the only horse in history that has won the Queen Mother Champion Chase three times. This horse won the event in 1983, 1984, and 1985. So not only did he win it three times, but he also made it a hat trick!

Queen Mother Champion Chase Trends

Thinking about making a bet on the 2023 Queen Mother Champion Chase? It helps to be aware of the more recent trends before doing so. And with that in mind, we’ve highlighted a few important trends for you to read right here.

Success in at Least One G1 Previously

One of the most interesting trends regarding this race is the connection with previous G1 victories. Going into 2023, 18 winners out of the last 20 had won at least one G1 before securing victory in the Queen Mother Champion Chase.

8-Year-Olds Most Successful

The minimum age required for a horse to compete in the Queen Mother Champion Chase is 5 years old. And while the age of the winners has bounced around a bit in recent times, 8-year-olds have been the most successful by far. As for the most successful on a broader scale, horses aged 7-10 have dominated throughout recent history.

Not One for the Favourites

Amazingly, this has been a terrible race for the odds-on horses in recent years. In fact, just 5 of the last 17 Queen Mother Champion Chase races have resulted in a win for the favourite. However, it’s not a race where huge underdogs have come out on top either. That’s because a total of 37 of the previous 38 winners had odds below 12.00.

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