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Epsom Derby Dress Code: Get to Know More About Epsom Derby Outfits

As the racing season peaks, folks attending Epsom’s Ladies Day and Derby Day on Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd of June, respectively, are expected to show up in their finest outfits. Your apparel choice matters because it’s a notable day in the horse racing schedule.

Epsom Derby Outfits
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Although it’s first and foremost a sports event, it’s also a social affair that offers a chance to express your style. So if you’re thinking about what to sport for Derby Day 2023, here are some suggestions to get you on track.

Derby Day Attire – Where Fashion Meets the Race

As a newbie to the event, you might question whether there are any specific dress codes to comply with.

Being mindful of this is crucial to avoid any fashion missteps. Given the formal nature of the event, a smart-casual outfit is generally recommended, though the choice largely depends on the specific enclosure:

Queen’s Stand

For the Queen’s Stand, men should wear a black or grey morning suit and a top hat or service dress, whereas women are urged to wear formal attire, including a fascinator or hat. Children are also expected to be dressed smartly. Steer clear of ripped jeans, T-shirts, or sneakers.

Tattenham Straight

The dress code at the Tattenham Straight is somewhat laid-back, but the smart dressing is still encouraged.

Men can wear a shirt paired with tailored trousers, while women opt for a dress or skirt. Sleeveless vests, ripped jeans, sportswear, and sneakers are best avoided.

Duchess’s Grandstand

Here, attendees are advised to dress smartly. Men can opt for denim paired with a jacket to avoid ripped or torn jeans, while women can sport light summer or flowy dresses. Avoid T-shirts, ripped jeans, and sportswear.

If you’re still puzzled about what to do on Derby Day, here are some pointers to spark some ideas:

Dress and Skirts

You can’t go wrong with these options. Women have a myriad of choices, ranging from midi to maxi dresses.

Tailored Attires

A finely tailored suit is always a safe bet and seamlessly transitions you from your workspace to the racecourse. Opt for a lightweight suit, given the climate.


Show off your individuality with a statement piece. Hats, fascinators, or a piece of jewelry can truly amplify an ensemble. For gents, pocket squares, scarves, or braces can enhance your outfit.


Conventional shades like black, navy, and beige are reliable for formal occasions. But don’t shy away from adding a pop of color for an extra dash of sophistication. Vivid colors like red, pink, and green will make you shine in the crowd.

Warm Wear

Despite June generally being warm, it’s wise to carry along a coat or jacket. The unpredictable English weather can sometimes surprise you!

Wrapping Up

The Epsom Derby is more than just a horse racing event; it is a social spectacle and celebration of style and sophistication. The allure of Epsom Derby outfits, the elegance of Epsom Derby dresses, and the flamboyance of Epsom Derby hats all contribute to the dazzling display that is as thrilling as the races. An arena for fashion and sportsmanship to intersect, the Derby offers the perfect occasion to flaunt your sartorial elegance.

The Epsom Derby fashion isn’t merely a sideshow – it is an integral part of the Derby experience, reflecting tradition, personality, and the delight of dressing up for a special occasion. From the smart casuals of the Tattenham Straight to the formal regalia of the Queen’s Stand, every enclosure at Epsom has its unique style and elegance.

Epsom Derby Fashion
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Remember, your outfit choice is more than just personal expression. It contributes to the spirit of the occasion, adding to the collective tapestry of color and style that gives the Epsom Derby its unique charm. So whether you opt for a vibrant dress tailored suit or make a statement with a striking hat, your ensemble is part of the grand spectacle of the Epsom Derby.

So, as you prepare for Derby Day 2023, embrace the occasion to express your style, and remember, the Epsom Derby is not just about the horses – it’s about you as well. Enjoy the race’s thrill, the crowd’s excitement, and the elegance of your attire, which is a vital part of the Derby experience.

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