Women’s World Cup final: Will there be a bank holiday if England win?

Have you been following the quite incredible run of the Lionesses at the 2023 Women’s World Cup? If not, you should know that the Lionesses are in the World Cup final for the very first time. This is something that the men’s team has been unable to achieve for quite literally decades, and a certain sense of ‘national pride’ has gripped the nation with this run. In fact, the sense of national pride has made its way all the way to Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament. 

Bank holiday womens world cup

How so? Well, there are calls for a bank holiday if the Lionesses do indeed lift the trophy when they play Spain on Sunday morning. Of course, if it was the men’s team that was playing in the World Cup final, many would assume that a bank holiday would be instantly announced if they won – allowing the country to have a bit of a party. Or perhaps a ‘bit of a party’ is a drastic understatement? This is the logic that those hoping for a bank holiday are pushing forward to the UK government. And as it happens, even Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour Leader is in support of a bank holiday should the Lionesses lift the trophy.

Yet, unfortunately, it’s not Keir Starmer that has the final say. It’s Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives that will make the final decision, and it’s not looking overly promising as things stand. Let me give you the full rundown right now.

The likelihood of a bank holiday if the Lionesses win the World Cup

The performances of the Lionesses at the World Cup have gained national attention for days if not weeks already. The King paid them a tribute on Wednesday, the famous ‘Sweet Caroline’ song has been heard playing at the Changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace. And one has to feel that this is just the beginning. Yet back to the matter at hand, I have some bad news for those hoping for a bank holiday if the Lionesses were to win. 

Bank holiday – very unlikely at the moment

As you might be aware, the UK public is never shy about getting their ideas put forward to the government. In fact, when the Lionesses won the Euros in 2022, the UK government was once again pressured to award an extra day off for England football fans and the nation. However, these intentions and ambitions did not materialize, despite that being such a huge win for the Lionesses. Additionally, a petition was created when the men’s team reached the finals of Euro 2020, but this didn’t get enough support for it to be debated in Parliament. 

As for this time around, once again, it’s looking unlikely, if not totally impossible for a bank holiday to be given if the Lionesses win. While yes, Rishi Sunak is under serious pressure to announce a bank holiday, especially from the opposition, the latest stance is that ‘no plans’ are there for a bank holiday. These words have come from the Conservative Party. And since they have the final say in such matters, I can’t see a bank holiday decision coming through in favor of the public – sadly.

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