Who is Dide? The Masked YouTuber Who is Rumoured to Be a Premier League Star

Who is Dide? The Masked YouTuber Who is Rumoured to Be a Premier League Star

For the past couple of months, football fans across the world have been trying to guess the true identity of a YouTuber called ‘Dide’ who claims to be a Premier League footballer. Dide, who hides behind a mask in both of his YouTube uploads, dropped another track last weekend which has only fueled speculation further.

While the first video was a short recording of him rapping in a car park, the second video was a professionally-produced music video with the supposed Premier League star taking centre stage with many fans praising the quality of the track. With speculation growing, here is everything we know about the infamous Dide.

Who is Dide?

Considering he wears a mask and covers his entire body in clothing, it’s difficult to figure out who the rapper is. All we have at our disposal is his voice and a few nuggets of information that he drops in his rap lyrics. In many ways, it sounds like whoever it is fancies a crack at the Masked Singer.

One of the biggest pieces of information that we know about Dide is that he is a Premier League footballer, which he revealed during his first video upload in February. At the time, the page said “Premier League footballer jumps in the UK music scene with this freestyle video. Keeping his identity unknown by wearing a uniquely designed mask that is covered in roses. He goes by the name…..DIDE.”

While he of course could simply be lying for attention, many people are getting behind him and are taking his word as gospel.

In the star’s first full-length track, “Thrill”, Dide drops more clues about his true identity. Certain lyrics that stand out include “my team stay winning” and “every game is like a final”. These lyrics indicate that Dide plays for a team at the top end of the Premier League table which rules out a number of clubs.

Another key clue is this rapper’s accent. The South London accent is quite strong in both of his uploads which also narrows down the search quite significantly.

Who do fans think Dide is? The number one suspect

Many football fans believe they have already cracked the case with another big clue recently coming to the table. In the music video to ‘Thrill’ the Premier League star references the fact that he is 23 years old which fans believe almost certainly means that the masked rapper is none other than Arsenal striker, Eddie Nketiah.

In fairness, the evidence is quite compelling. His reference to weekly cup finals sticks because Arsenal are chasing their first Premier League trophy in 19 years as does the south London accent with Nketiah being born and raised in Lewisham.

Nketiah has also been out with an injury in recent weeks, which would mean he’d have had time on his hands to record these music videos around London. How well that will go down with Mikel Arteta, who has spoken glowingly about Nketiah at times this season, remains to be seen.

One final piece of evidence is that DIDE is an anagram of EDDI which is just one letter short of Nketiah’s first name.

Other potential names on the list

While most people are convinced that Nketiah is Dide, there are some other names being banded about including Rob Holding and Bukayo Saka. There are also some fans who are simply having fun with the investigation with some people flooding the comments with jokey suggestions, including one person who said:

“Despite his troubles off the pitch, he’s definitely delivering in the studio. Very inspirational. Well done Phil Jones.”

Perhaps the revelation of Dide’s true identity will come at the end of the current Premier League season, which is pencilled in for the end of May. Until then, though, fans will just have to keep guessing.

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