What will Kai Havertz’s shirt number be at Arsenal?

After weeks of intense negotiations, the highly anticipated transfer of Kai Havertz from Chelsea to Arsenal has finally been confirmed. Both clubs have reached an agreement, and the talented German forward is now set to make his move to the Emirates Stadium in a deal worth approximately £65 million. With the arrival of such a young and promising player at the Gunners, it is expected that countless supporters will eagerly flock to the Club shops to secure their very own jersey donning their new hero’s name.

One topic that has sparked discussions among fans is the number Havertz will wear on his Arsenal shirt. The answer has finally been revealed on Arsenal’s official Twitter account.

Kai Havertz, Arsenal’s new number #29

Kai Havertz will proudly sport the number 29 jersey for his new team. This choice comes as no surprise, as he had previously worn the same number during his time at Bayer Leverkusen and Chelsea. Havertz himself shed light on the reasoning behind his attachment to this particular number, explaining, “When I was young I always used to play FIFA or PES (football video games) with my brother. We always made ourselves in the game. My brother always put the number 29 on his shirt. When I came to the professional game and Leverkusen asked me what number I wanted to have, I asked them which numbers were free. When they said number 29, I said I’d take it because of my brother. I like the number & now I think everybody knows me for it.”

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Arsenal’s former number #29

Interestingly, Havertz is not the first player in Arsenal’s history to don the number 29 jersey. Prior to his arrival, the most recent Gunner to wear this number was Mattéo Guendouzi, who proudly sported the red and white jersey from 2018 to 2020 before departing for Marseille. Preceding Guendouzi, the number belonged to Granit Xhaka, which is somewhat ironic considering that Havertz has been recruited to play as a central midfielder, the same position Xhaka occupied last season. Fans eagerly await Mikel Arteta’s first lineups to discover where exactly Havertz will be deployed on the field. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that another renowned central midfielder, Kim Källström, briefly wore the number 29 jersey during the 2013/2014 season. Additionally, Ashley Cole, who would go on to become a legendary figure in Arsenal’s history, also sported the number 29 during the 2000/2001 season, marking his final year playing without the number 3 on his back in the Premier League.

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With the announcement of Havertz as Arsenal’s new number 29, fans are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. The talented German’s arrival has undoubtedly injected a fresh wave of enthusiasm and optimism into the club and its supporters. As the Gunners prepare for the upcoming season, the hope is that Havertz’s skills and potential will help elevate the team’s performance and allow them to be in the title race once again this season. The upcoming days should be quite interesting for Arsenal, as the club is expected to bring Declan Rice for a record fee and the promising Jurriën Timber. There is no doubt that Arsenal is investing heavily and the supporters have reasons to be proud of their club after years of drought.

Whether it’s his natural talent, his affinity for the number 29, or the support of his dedicated fanbase, all eyes will be on Kai Havertz as he embarks on this exciting new chapter of his career at Arsenal Football Club, a new chapter for the German in London that we hope will be more successful than these last months for him.

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