Serbian strikers are ready to instill fear into their foes at World Cup 2022

Cos Serb 1

Few countries participating at the World Cup will boast as much firepower in attack as the Serbian national team. Alexander Mitrovic is a currently top-three scorer in the Premier League, a season after he demolished all sorts of records in the Championship.

Thanks to Mitrovic, Fulham have been a competitive force in the Premier League season, currently standing in a surprising ninth position. Much can be said about Mitrovic’s influence – the results speak for themselves and he usually replicates his club form when he wears his national team’s jersey. He is the first Serbian player to break through the 50-goal barrier and he doesn’t intend to stop there.

Mitrovic was well aware of critics after his Championship heroics for Fulham with many suggesting that would struggle to be as prolific in the Premier League. But, Mitrovic refused to listen to his detractors and he worked hard, built enough confidence to manage the expectations and did what was  necessary to make sure his form continues on a higher level.

His Serbia form is impressive on its own. Mitrovic has scored 50 goals in 76 matches for his country and he was one of the reasons Serbia managed to advance to the World Cup in the first place.


Dusan Vlahovic ascension to stardom

Dusan Vlahovic found himself in the upper echelons of the football world with his form for Fiorentina. He scored 49 goals in 108 appearances for La Viola and earned himself an offer from the mighty Juventus. Fiorentina didn’t win any trophies while Vlahovic was scoring goals, but not many people expected them to do so. He was earning his pedigree knowing full well that one of the big clubs will come calling. His form for Juventus is equally good, he is currently at 17 goals in 36 matches, but when it comes to Juventus, it’s all about winning games and trophies. The Turin side is not doing all that well in that department.

But, Vlahovic is only 22 years old, and his future lies with Juventus. When it comes to his national team, he has already proven his worth by going for eight goals in 16 caps. The main aspect of Mitrovic and Vlahovic is their cooperation.

They work very well playing together. The modern football era rarely sees two central strikers in the first team, but with Serbia, there is little choice but to go that route. Last season alone, they scored 72 goals combined.

Vlahovic and Mitrovic are not the only striking pair that could do some damage for Serbia. Dusan Tadic and Luka Jovic will be looking for their chance, even though Tadic might be better of as an attacking midfielder at this point in his career.

Playing at the World Cup, Serbia will face one of the favorites Brazil, alongside Switzerland and Cameroon. It’s a demanding group that will see Serbia most likely play out for the second position, and a chance to play in the playoff round.

With the strikers they have at their disposal, one has to wonder, is Brazil afraid of what is coming?